Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Magic Carpet**Enrolment is now closed for this circle, come back soon for details of a new short programme in July, followed by the next 'deep and slow' exploration of the Compass Rose, beginning in September **

Five years ago, at the end of May 2015, my employment with Outset Cornwall ended after nearly six years. After all the complications and heaviness of being made redundant, saying goodbye to colleagues, packing up the office - after all that, I knew I intended to focus on my own business, Dare to Blossom.

I also knew that first I needed to rest, and to play. And so, the idea of a Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride popped into my head - workshops and my first ever online group programme. Little did I know then that the idea, the concept, of the magic carpet would chime so strongly with so many people. Over the years since then I have led many people in dozens, possibly hundreds, of magic carpet ride visualisations.

The process has proved incredibly powerful, and extraordinarily varied: people who come to regular groups report a different experience each time. Sometimes people simply rest, and sometimes even fall asleep. Sometimes people meet loved ones again. Sometimes people return with practical messages for their life, their business, their career. Some people don't find a magic carpet: 'means of transport' have included a sack (to be hopped in as in a schooldays sack race!), a lift, a space ship, all manner of flying animals (mythical and otherwise), and many others.

To celebrate I am offering you the opportunity to join me in exploring with curiosity what the magic will bring us this time. We begin on Monday 25th May at 7.30 pm (UK time) We will spend the next six weeks together in a private Facebook group (if you prefer not to use that I can send you the prompts by email). The weekly Zoom calls on Mondays aat 7.30 pm UK time are the key part of the process for everyone, they are recorded so if you cannot join us live, you can watch later. And people find it invaluable to watch again.

flower with wordsWelcome to 2020, what a year it is turning out to be....

The next workshop, scheduled for Saturday 4 July, will probably be an online event once again. Power: South, connect with Source.

We will begin at 10.00 am and finish around 11.30 am. The fee to attend will be £22,  which includes a recording and photos of your individual cards. I will set up the booking link a little closer to the date.

There is no way of knowing right now when, or even if, we will be able to meet in person again at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier, near Redruth. I will review as time goes on. Wither way, each workshop is self-contained: you can attend one, several, or come along for every one.

Here are the details for the planned dates for the rest of this year::

Power: South, Connect with Source Saturday 4 July

Progress: West, A New Day Saturday 12 September

Return to Peace: Saturday 14 November

Hello dear friends,

Dance in the Flow of LifeIt may seem strange that this should appear under "Workshops and Events", although those of you who have been interested in the Global Online Circle for this year, or who have joined me in past years will know that I usually run a regular group throughout the year.

At present my plans for this keep changing: As work on the book that emerged unexpectedly in January, 'The Powerful Voice of the Quiet Ones: reflections on an introvert's life." draws to an end and it is about to be published, my thoughts return to the bigger piece of work I have been writing for around two years now.

This has the provisional title of "The Power of Your Compass Rose" and is intended to guide people through the process that so many of you have joined me in over the last two years, and longer.

At the same time I have had little interest in the programme I had planned for this year. In energetic terms I find this so interesting (even while it is disappointing in terms of practicalitues such as income). Why is that? Ithas been well supported for two years. Was it because my focus was elsewhere, on the other book? Is it that something new is wanting to emerge? Something totally different maybe?

I have no answers to those or to the many other questions running through my head.

Your Quest for....?When you have a quiet moment and you sit still with your thoughts what it is that is missing from the heart of your life?

Perhaps your first thought, was to laugh out loud at the thought of having a moment to be quiet.

What would it mean to you, to have a quiet moment in the midst of caring for others, be it children, family or work responsibilities. For some this can feel like an impossible dream.

What is missing? Is it peace? A sense of purpose? Maybe you feel you lack passion or power? Do you feel like you are not making progress, that things are stagnating, and you feel stuck?

Maybe some or all of those? Maybe it is something else?

I am Mary Lunnen and I was like you until I discovered the power of coaching. When I invested time and money into self-discovery things changed for the better.

I would like to invite you on a magical journey where you rediscover who you really are when you stand in your true power and care for those you love without neglecting your own needs and wants.

Sun on the seaAre you an employer or a manager? Do you spend a lot of time helping your staff stay motivated and work well together? 

The Dare to Blossom at Work programme is based around the tried and tested processes using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards to prompt new ways of thinking.

Individual coaching helps people gain focus and clarity. This means that they enjoy their work more and thus contribute to their role in your team more effectively.

Group coaching – either in a workshop setting or during group video calls in a mastermind format – builds relationships and understanding of individual styles of working.

The first stage is for you to book a complimentary meeting with me to discuss your requirements.

Dare to Blossom hand drawn(Browse the Workshops and Events page for current dates available to book.)

Maybe you would like to attend a Dare to Blossom workshop but there is not one listed in your area? You may have found the piece about Dare to Blossom at Home events but not want to invite people to your home?

We can talk together about you helping me with your local knowledge and contacts - these are invaluable in finding a suitable location, with a room that offers a kitchen where we can make our own drinks and bring lunch to share. And once that is arranged, to help me tell people about the event and attract the perfect group to come along and join us. Does this sound like something you would love to do? If so contact me now and we can start thinking about making it work.

Or, maybe you are thinking more along these lines: "Oh, I'm not sure, I've never organised an event before. Not sure this is something I can take on. I am so busy with work/business/family......." And maybe all of those - and before you know it you have talked yourself out of an idea that seemed perfect at the beginning.