Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Bosvigo garden seat croppedAfter a beautiful Circle in November, here is an invitation to the next gathering on Friday 4th December at 11.00 am UK time. 

We will use the processes that are familiar to many of you, the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards and the Magic Carpet Ride guided visualisation, to explore whatever is arising for us on that day.

I have been asked to set up a 'light touch' circle - one where there is no commitment to a regular private group as with my in-depth circles. Of course people receive big insights from those, and - it is not always the time to do that in practical terms. Also, many people, especially those of you who subscribe to my monthly newsletter, as many of you do that precisely because you do not wish to be involved in groups on Facebook.

So, here is an invitation to a 'pay as you go' monthly circle on Friday mornings at 11.00 am UK time. The fee is £20, you will receive a photo of the cards I draw for you, and a recording of the call (only sent to those present live).  Read more to see the dates for 2021 for your diary.

A chance to gather, as if sitting chatting in a beautiful garden, and simply share some time together. We will use the processes that are familiar to many of you, the Compass Rose Speaks opening and closing meditation, the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards and the Magic Carpet Ride guided visualisation, to explore whatever is arising for us on that day. If you are thinking 'I am not familiar with those...' and would like to know more, please contact me. We can always chat on Zoom over a cuppa - and that is a chance to set up that service if it is new to you.

Contact me to book and arrange payment by bank transfer, or simply use the Paypal link here. 

Power of the seaThis programme ran twice in the second half of 2020, with several people choosing to continue straight on with another turn around the Compass Rose (see more below).

Perhaps you have read my recent book, The Powerful Voice  of the Quiet Ones, a memoir and some reflections on stepping into your own power. For many, me included, the idea of 'power', let alone having, and using, my powerful voice, is a challenge. Maybe downright terrifying. (As is 'daring to blossom' at times.)

And so, this six week programme, in a private Facebook group and with weekly Zoom gatherings, will take us gently into this. A powerful process,  not simply an intellectual exercise; or a whimsical game - even if the visualisation with the title of 'Magic Carpet Ride' may seem so.

Indeed, it is a deep healing, and a blossoming. My coaching philosophy has always been start right here and take small steps, whilst acknowledging the past that has brought me to this place. Not to dwell in the past, but to acknowledge and to be grateful for the learning, and then let go. 

In case you are like me, and find it irritating to have to scroll right to the bottom to find out 'how much' - the fee for the six week programme, including access to the private Facebook group and recordings of each Zoom call, is  £108,

Contact me for a chat on Zoom if you would like to know more, or book your place here if you are ready.

Price: £108, contact me to arrange payment by instalments if that is helpful for you. If you have taken part in previous programmes you are eligible for a discount.

If you are ready to book now, you can do that here, or read on for full details.

morning gloryWelcome, welcome,

The first of these Circle programmes is now underway and powerful magical weaving is emerging. The next Circle begins on Monday 18th January 2021 and ends on Friday 26th February. The progression for the New Year has a different feel to it already. We share weekly gatherings on Zoom on Thursdays at 2.30 pm UK time. Full details are below. You may be keen, as I always am, to know the price before reading more, it is £108 for the full six weeks with a private Facebook group, weekly and daily prompts, and recordings of each Zoom gathering. There is a discount for you if you have participated in previous in-depth circles. And the option of paying in two instalments.

(If you are new to this way of exploration,  you may be interested in trying the light touch 'pay as you go' monthly circle on Zoom, the next opportunity is on 4th December at 11.00 am UK time,  here are the details.)

There is also a free Taster Circle on Thursday 10th December at 2.30 pm UK time, contact me to book a place, or find the event on Facebook here.

So, if you are here, ready to find out how to become a Weaver of Shadow and Light, know that you are truly already a powerful weaver.

Whether we do this consciously or not, each of us weaves our lives, moment by moment, day by day. Sometimes our weave is unbalanced, distorted even, by the efforts we make to hide those parts of us we feel are wrong, or shameful, or not acceptable. Too much, too little. Too loud, too quiet. Too tall, too short.

We judge ourselves all the time, as we also judge others around us. All of this is natural, and yet, when we become more aware, and consciously choose the threads we choose to weave, we can alter this.

We can welcome all parts of ourselves with love and care. We can weave those 'darker' shades in amongst the light to add depth, to add balance, to add beauty.

Personally, I am often afraid of the dark - whether that is literally the dark of night, or the emotional shadows that I hesitate to uncover.

Yet we cannot be whole without them. I know, have always known, that I am a weaver - someone who creates connections for people. Someone who weaves stories in words, through photographs, in art, in energy. And it is only fairly recently that I have come to appreciate how I can use my weaver's skill to help myself, and others, particularly in these strange times we are living through. Or, maybe that is especially now?

Your Quest for....?When you have a quiet moment and you sit still with your thoughts what it is that is missing from the heart of your life?

Perhaps your first thought, was to laugh out loud at the thought of having a moment to be quiet.

What would it mean to you, to have a quiet moment in the midst of caring for others, be it children, family or work responsibilities. For some this can feel like an impossible dream.

What is missing? Is it peace? A sense of purpose? Maybe you feel you lack passion or power? Do you feel like you are not making progress, that things are stagnating, and you feel stuck?

Maybe some or all of those? Maybe it is something else?

I am Mary Lunnen and I was like you until I discovered the power of coaching. When I invested time and money into self-discovery things changed for the better.

I would like to invite you on a magical journey where you rediscover who you really are when you stand in your true power and care for those you love without neglecting your own needs and wants.