Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

sunrise people to editWelcome, welcome,

If you are here, ready to find out how to become a Weaver of Shadow and Light, know that you are truly already a powerful weaver.

Whether we do this consciously or not, each of us weaves our lives, moment by moment, day by day. Sometimes our weave is unbalanced, distorted even, by the efforts we make to hide those parts of us we feel are wrong, or shameful, or not acceptable. Too much, too little. Too loud, too quiet. Too tall, too short.

We judge ourselves all the time, as we also judge others around us. All of this is natural, and yet, when we become more aware, and consciously choose the threads we choose to weave, we can alter this.

We can welcome all parts of ourselves with love and care. We can weave those 'darker' shades in amongst the light to add depth, to add balance, to add beauty.

Personally, I am often afraid of the dark - whether that is literally the dark of night, or the emotional shadows that I hesitate to uncover.

Yet we cannot be whole without them. I know, have always known, that I am a weaver - someone who creates connections for people. Someone who weaves stories in words, through photographs, in art, in energy. And it is only fairly recently that I have come to appreciate how I can use my weaver's skill to help myself, and others, particularly in these strange times we are living through. Or, maybe that is especially now?

Read on to find out more. If you already know you want to join me, pay below via PayPal or contact me to pay by bank transfer and/or in two instalments for the six week Circle that begins on 26th October.

Your Quest for....?When you have a quiet moment and you sit still with your thoughts what it is that is missing from the heart of your life?

Perhaps your first thought, was to laugh out loud at the thought of having a moment to be quiet.

What would it mean to you, to have a quiet moment in the midst of caring for others, be it children, family or work responsibilities. For some this can feel like an impossible dream.

What is missing? Is it peace? A sense of purpose? Maybe you feel you lack passion or power? Do you feel like you are not making progress, that things are stagnating, and you feel stuck?

Maybe some or all of those? Maybe it is something else?

I am Mary Lunnen and I was like you until I discovered the power of coaching. When I invested time and money into self-discovery things changed for the better.

I would like to invite you on a magical journey where you rediscover who you really are when you stand in your true power and care for those you love without neglecting your own needs and wants.