Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Cloud angelTake off into 2019 on your Magic Carpet

Join us for four weeks in the first Dare to Blossom Mastermind Circle of 2019. Rather than giving ourselves 'resolutions' for the new year, we will be taking an overview of our wishes and dreams and potential for the months ahead. Mapping out the geography so we can explore our individual pathways to power. No one can predict the future, and, in truth, most of us would not wish to do that.

What we can do is really, truly, connect with our hearts and fly with our souls to explore where our magic carpets may take us.

You may choose to join me, as a group of people did in 2018, for the whole year of journeying together - you do not need to decide until you have tested the water (or should that be the air?) and shared some time together.

To help you consider if this taster circle is truly for you, here are some questions and answers to help you. If you have any others, please contact me to arrange a time to talk, or simply click on the 'Book Now' passionflower to access my calendar and book a complimentary consultation.

The Early Bird Price runs untll Friday 21st December - just £99, including the one to one with me. To book now, 

PF book now button

use the PayPal link, or read on for more details before deciding if this is for you.

Choose with or without one-to-one

Why? If you long for a quiet safe place to explore, to share with kindred spirits, and to reconnect with your own inner wisdom - you will find that here.

When? Four weeks, beginning on Friday 4 January, through to Thursday 31 January. There will be four live group calls: provisional times are 9.00 am (UK time) on Fridays 4 January and 18 January; 2.30 pm on Tuesdays 8 January and 22 January.

**UPDATE: following the introductory circles, it seems that most people prefer Friday mornings, so we may choose that as our regular meeting day, at 9.00 or 9.30 am UK time.**

Once the group gathers we may decide to alter those times slightly to suit as many people as possible, and I may add in a bonus call on the final day, Thursday 31 January) The calls will be on Zoom, and will be recorded for you to listen again, or to catch up if you miss any.

flower with wordsFor a third year, we will gather at the peaceful location of the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre near Scorrier, just west of Truro. Six mornings spent in good company, unfurling the petals of the Dare to Blossom Power Flower as we cycle through the seasons of the year.

Join us for one or all of these dates, each is self-contained as well as part of a whole. Continuing the tried and tested process, we will share magic carpet ride creative visualisations, flow writing exercises, discussion, laughter, maybe a few tears - all those ingredients that people tell me bring insights, inspiration, ideas. In some cases big breakthroughs are experienced in business, career or life in general.The freedom of the imagery of the magic carpet, combined with the Rediscovery Cards will allow you to reconnect with your intuition, your inner wisdom.

Practical details: 

Six events, starting at 10 am and running through to 1 pm, on Saturdays every other month at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.

Full details and booking links are below, the first event is on Saturday 19 January. We begin our new turn around the sun with Peace. The centre point, grounding, balancing. Booking for this workshop only and full details here. (read more to book the whole series and save £72).

pink clouds mandalaBeginning another trip around the sun by connecting to our inner wisdom, our hearts,  in our centre point, Peace. We will root ourselves strongly, ready to open to what the new year will bring. 

In the words of my poem "Compass Rose Speaks":

"My centre point is Peace. Grounding, balancing."

Using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, flow-writing, guided magic carpet ride visualisations, along with sharing, laughter and quiet moments - you will find this workshop transformational as a stand-alone event and a strong grounding for further work together.

Your Quest for....?When you have a quiet moment and you sit still with your thoughts what it is that is missing from the heart of your life?

Perhaps your first thought, was to laugh out loud at the thought of having a moment to be quiet.

What would it mean to you, to have a quiet moment in the midst of caring for others, be it children, family or work responsibilities. For some this can feel like an impossible dream.

What is missing? Is it peace? A sense of purpose? Maybe you feel you lack passion or power? Do you feel like you are not making progress, that things are stagnating, and you feel stuck?

Maybe some or all of those? Maybe it is something else?

I am Mary Lunnen and I was like you until I discovered the power of coaching. When I invested time and money into self-discovery things changed for the better.

I would like to invite you on a magical journey where you rediscover who you really are when you stand in your true power and care for those you love without neglecting your own needs and wants.

Sun on the seaAre you an employer or a manager? Do you spend a lot of time helping your staff stay motivated and work well together? 

The Dare to Blossom at Work programme is based around the tried and tested processes using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards to prompt new ways of thinking.

Individual coaching helps people gain focus and clarity. This means that they enjoy their work more and thus contribute to their role in your team more effectively.

Group coaching – either in a workshop setting or during group video calls in a mastermind format – builds relationships and understanding of individual styles of working.

The first stage is for you to book a complimentary meeting with me to discuss your requirements.

Dare to Blossom hand drawn(Browse the Workshops and Events page for current dates available to book.)

Maybe you would like to attend a Dare to Blossom workshop but there is not one listed in your area? You may have found the piece about Dare to Blossom at Home events but not want to invite people to your home?

We can talk together about you helping me with your local knowledge and contacts - these are invaluable in finding a suitable location, with a room that offers a kitchen where we can make our own drinks and bring lunch to share. And once that is arranged, to help me tell people about the event and attract the perfect group to come along and join us. Does this sound like something you would love to do? If so contact me now and we can start thinking about making it work.

Or, maybe you are thinking more along these lines: "Oh, I'm not sure, I've never organised an event before. Not sure this is something I can take on. I am so busy with work/business/family......." And maybe all of those - and before you know it you have talked yourself out of an idea that seemed perfect at the beginning.