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Time sensitive announcment: your chance to join the October Dare to Blossom taster Circle
Reflections: Shifting Seasons

Silver Tent Radio Interview with Joni Advent Maher
Ways to connect and Dare to Blossom
News on my new book "The Pathway to Power"

Time sensitive announcment: your chance to join the October Dare to Blossom taster Circle
This is appearing at the top here as I wanted to offer you a chance to join the Circle that opens on 1st October. I know many of you choose to subscribe here instead of following my work and news on Facebook if you prefer not to be involved there.

The latest circle has a private Facebook group, and the key part of the magic happens during the weekly live group calls on Zoom video-conferencing, so it is perfectly possible to be actively involved without venturing there. Some of you do choose to join Facebook groups for a specific purpose such as this.

The Circle runs for five weeks and is a taster for the 2019 Dare to Blossom Mstermind Circle. There is no commitment to join that, though last year's taster resulted in everyone deciding to follow through the process with me throughout 2018, which has ben an honour and a joy.

So, what is it? The topic for October is "Spiritual Business Planning for the Creative Soul." We will explore how to be involved in running your business - whether you are a sole trader as I am, or have a larger enterprise with employees - and stay connected to your creativitiy and your spiritual heart.

We will do this using my tried and tested tools ad processes: the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, the guided Magic Carpet Ride visualisations, and the gradual unfurling of the Dare to Blossom Power Flower. My prose poem 'Compass Rose Speaks'  also forms an integral part of each live gathering.

The full details of the programme can be found on my 'Workshops and Events' page. The price for the full five weeks, one for the centre point Peace, and one each to unfurl each of the petals in turn, with the calls and recordings, is just £50. Originally I had this bundled with a one to one coaching call with me, but on feedback from people interested I have separated them, and you still have the choice to buy your coaching at the same time.


Reflections: Shifting Seasons

October, here in Cornwall, is harvest time. Wherever you are in the world there is a feeling of change. The seasons are stifting. From summer to autumn, or from winter to spring. Both shifts are equinoxes, the time when the hours of day and the hours of the light are (approximately) equal.

At these times, whether spring or autumn, the weather often becomes wild and stormy. That has certainly been the case here in Cornwall this autumn. We have experienced several days of vigorous winds, heavy rain, and pounding seas on the coast.

Today, that has all cleared, the weather fronts have passed away as the atmosphere of this magical planet swirls around us.

Out on the cliffs today the air feels different; the grass is already greener, regrowing after the dry summer. The sea is calmer, yet full of movement and energy. 

Writing now, sitting in my garden on a mellow September day, I feel into what is shifting for me. Some of these shifts are consolidations, the coming together of all my ways of working into a coherent whole, each part supporting the other. Together the whole being 'greater than the sum of the parts'.

Other shifts are letting go, moving on from things that once served me well, yet now have come to the end of their time for me. I am honouring those things, and those people, I am leaving behind, thnaking them for the part they have played for me. Knowing we may meet again in different circumstances.

Looking forwards now as I step through the doorway of the Equinox, into a new seaon in my life, as well as the next season of this year.

For you, in your journal or meditation:

  • What is shifting for you just now?
  • What are you leaving behind, and what is staying with you?
  • How will you choose to step through the doorway?

Silver Tent Radio Interview with Joni Advent Maher

It was a joy recently to interview my friend and wonderful wise woman Joni Advent Maher for my Silver Tent Radio Show. (listen in here)

Joni describes herself as a mystic and spiritual midwife. She also hosts a regular podcast: Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow: Conversations on Money, Transformation and Feminine Sovereignty.  

Ways to connect and Dare to Blossom

Once again, a summary this month, follow the links for more details on anything you are drawn to explore.

Root and Branch Listenings are available at any time as a one-off, or as a quarterly subscription, you will receive your personal Listening four times a year. I have recently sent out the September Equinox.Listenings, if you order before the end of October you can receive your own. After that the next issue will be in December.

The next workshop here in Cornwall is on 17th November, at the Blue Lotus at Scorrier. Last time all the spaces were taken so if you are interested contact me soon. We are coming back full cycle to the centre point of the Power Flower, so the title is 'Full Cycle - Being You - Return to Peace'. Click the link for full details.

News on my new book "The Pathway to Power"

The news is..... writing is proceeding, very slowly. Yet, just today, as I was writing in the garden, the shape suddenly became much more clear. Who knows how this will pan out in terms of squeezing in writing into a busy working life, and who knows what shape this book finally will be - the book itself may 'know', but I certainly do not just yet. I am grateful for your support in tall the various ways you each offer that, which are many and various. Just reading this is support in itself.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

Reflections: Fresh Beginnings
Inspirational video
Ways to connect and Dare to Blossom
New edition of "The Essential Guide to Cervical Cancer"

Reflections: Fresh Beginnings

September - for many, a return to school, or to work, or other study after a summer break. A time of fresh beginnings: maybe new surroundings, new friends, new colleagues.

This week, (as I write it is the last week of August), I received one of those 'Facebook memories' telling me it was nine years since I began a new job on 25th August 2009. This was with Outset Cornwall, a new programme to provide 'business start-up support' in the county. In March that year I had been made redundant from a local college when an earlier version of such a programme had come to the end of the funding.

In all I spent twelve years doing that sort of work in the two organisations. It was a joy and a privilege, and a time of deep learning and some uncomfortable lessons too.

In June 2015 the second contract with Outset Cornwall ended and most of us were made redundant. I decided to focus on Dare to Blossom Life Coaching, which I had been running and developing all that time alongside being fortunate enough to be paid as an employee to be a business coach and trainer. Despite being offered work back with Outset Cornwall a year later when the programme restarted in a different form, I took the decision to create my own work, to follow my heart more truly than I found possible as an employee. Another fresh beginning.

A note to add here: I have also followed my heart in the jobs I have done over the years, for example, following my experience or cancer, when I moved into health research and took a cut in salary. Fortunately, many people are able to do change roles and follow their hearts in organisations, as not everyone is suited to self-employment. In my business coaching roles, even though one of the 'measures' was the number of people who started a business, I felt the coaching had been a success when someone realised that this route was not for them. In my private coaching, a key theme is to 'start where you are' and examine what can be easily changed to make wherever that is a more fulfilling and happier place for you, before embarking on any big changes.

When I look back on the three years and three months since then - so much has changed, emerged. So much has truly blossomed for me, and through my work, for others. As I prepare new offerings for September; as I continue to work on my new book; as so many ideas flow around me - sometimes all those potential new things, fresh beginnings, can feel overwhelming. And so, it can be valuable to look back, to see how far I have come. To notice how I did that: one step at a time. Sometimes those steps were sideways; sometimes backwards; sometimes retracing, back to a fork in the road and making a different choice. All along, the petals have been unfurling, row after row, layer after layer.


'Compass Rose Speaks'

I am your Compass Rose. My centre point is Peace. Balancing, grounding.

Look up! Look North, to your Guiding Star. Your Purpose.

From the East comes the rising sun. Passion, potential.

South is the source of nature's powers. The flowing rivers, the rising tides, the ever-changing oceans. The wind that shapes the land. The power that is arising in you.

West is the land of the setting sun. Progressing forwards into the night. Anticipating the promise of a new day. Return your attention to your centre point, Peace. Balanced, grounded.

I am your Compass Rose. 

© Mary Lunnen 2018

I speak this piece in every meeting of the current Dare to Blossom Mastermind Group. I have been asked to share a recording of this.

You can listen on Soundcloud here.

The LightIn recent conversations, and then in my meditation this morning, this idea has emerged."Spiritual Business Planning for the Creative Soul".

What is your first reaction to those words? Many people say they are not 'in business'.

So - maybe substitute the word 'Life'? "Spiritual Life Planning for the Creative Soul"?

Others may say they like to be spontaneous, not to plan. My response to that is: I have found over many years, if I have some sort of structure, I see it more like a map than a plan, then that gives me the flexibility and freedom to be spontaneous.


Reflections: The (rocky) Pathway to Power
Inspirational video
Ways to connect and Dare to Blossom
New art commission, and summer art sale

Reflections: The (rocky) pathway to power

This month I am deep in writing for the new book. Since July's newsletter the title has changed, from 'Stepping into Your Power', to 'The Pathway to Power'. The content and the form of the book seems to keep shifting too. Every so often I feel that I am stumbling along a rocky path. In truth, some of those rocks are boulders, too big to see around, or over, to the other side, to see where the path may continue.

As I write that, the phrase: "Maybe the obstacles in your path are your path?" comes into my mind. So, maybe some of the rocks I feel I am stumbling over are actually the parts that have the deepest message? For me, and for others when I find the courage to share. I keep being inspired by the words from one of the critical friends who read my first coaching book* :

"Dare to be you, stop hiding behind the coaching, challenge the readers to dare to be themselves."

Here I am, ten years later, responding to that challenge. Thank you if you read this.

*(Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity,  signed copies are available direct from me)

GlorybushbudReflecting today on why people choose to work with a life coach, and how they select the person they wish to help them.

My style, developed over the last 15 years, is not for everyone. If you want someone lively and talkative, you may prefer a coach who is more 'directive'; one who gives you homework; who challenges you robustly.

This piece, which I unearthed in a journal from 2015, may describe a little of what you might find if you do choose to talk to me. And, you can do that for a "get to know each other" chat at no cost other than your time and attention. Details of that to follow.

"Mary is gentle yet tough, patient yet persistent. She has called on my help often: in times of illness, bereavement, fear. She has learned that she really does have the wisdim within to deal with anything.