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November is my birthday month, so I am offering you a birthday gift in the form of 20% reduction on the price of the original paintings on this page

The mounted ones are easy to post, the framed ones take special packing but I have sent them successfully - just contact me to arrange that.

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If you see one you would like to buy, write to me via the Contact page and I will invoice you direct (don't use the PayPal links or you will be paying full price).

Art has been a big part of my life from an early age. I could, and maybe later I will - share many stories of my childhood creative activities inspired by my extremely artistic family. Over recent years photography has been an absorbing pastime and many of the images have found their way on to my Facebook pages and into my Dare to Blossom newsletters.The Tree ready to write

Encaustic (wax) art was a part of my crafts business in the 1980s and 1990s, and recently I have returned to this medium, as well as using paints, pastels and pens.

During 2015 I set up Dare to Blossom Art as a container in which to present some of this work. Original paintings are for sale, and also greetings cards showing prints of these, (such as in the photo to the right) and of flower and scenery photographs. At the moment details of the greetings cards are to be found in small thumbnails below, and on the business Facebook page Dare to Blossom Art. 

Although I have chosen a name for each piece, every person who views them sees different things, like pictures in the flickering flames of a wood fire. What do you see? The abstract paintings are often used as a focus for meditation or creative writing.

Prints of some of my work are available on Redbubble, as well as cards, journals, bags and other products.

Phoenix PrintRecently, I was asked if I sell prints of my original wax paintings. The answer is, now, yes!

Here is the first available, "Phoenix Rising" - the original sold very quickly and I am publishing a limited edition print run of fifty. As I write now, several have already been sold. Click through to read more and to purchase your print.

If you are interested in prints of any other original pieces, just ask and I will look into that for you.




 Original work, in a 'rustic style' wooden frame (painting 6"x4", frame 10"x8")

A semi-abstract flower blooms in a soft-green spring landscape.

Price: £55 plus postage and packing. Please contact me to discuss collection or shipping to ensure your picture arrives undamaged.

Follow the link to view more paintings...

Here you will find images of the current selection of greetings cards using high quality prints of my original art. Each card is £2.50, or £10 for any five cards, plus postage and packing. While you are choosing, make sure you visit the flower and scenery photograpic selection too.

In due course I will set up a shopping cart system here for you. At the moment, simply email me with details of the cards you would like to buy and I will weigh them to calculate the best shipping price and send you a PayPal invoice. If a design is out of stock I will ask if you would like an alternative or await the arrival of new stock.

Dragon FlightFloatingPink BlossomingGolden BrightThe Light Within

The Tree ready to write

Blue DepthsPurple MazeRed Blue Caverngreen sprite