Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Anna treeCan you hear? Your inner wisdom is whispering to you. Maybe the noise and bustle of everyday life is drowning out the voice?

People often ask me if I use the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards for readings. I say no, they are about you rediscovering your own inner wisdom.

And, people ask me to share the wisdom I have gained through all the experiences of over 65 years in this life so far - and I say, I listen to people. So, this offering is called just that 'Listenings'.

The price is £37.00, with the option to add on a 30 minute one-to-one conversation/coaching call with me via Zoom video-conferencing, and receive both for £74.00 (the usual price for the call alone is £45.00). Oh, and the process of Listening, writing up what I hear, and compiling an illustrated pdf review for you takes between one and two hours. There is also the Four Seasons subscription at a reduced price of £21 (or £58 with the coaching call.). Simply scroll down this page to read about that.

Below you will see some questions and answers. Below that is the link to book a one-off Listening (with or without the coaching call).

And, below that again, you will find the details of a subscription for four Listenings a year, at a special price, along with a more detailed description from me and some testimonials.

Q. What is it?

A. A Listening is a little like a reading in that I draw seven cards for you, as shown in the picture of the tree shown here. Three at the roots, one for the trunk, three in the branches.

Q. So, why is it a 'Listening'? 

A. I literally 'listen' to what the words, and the colours have to say for you. A message from your own inner wisdom. 

Q. Surely, I can do this for myself, why pay you?

A. Yes, you are right. Why indeed? For the same reason that coaching works so well, sometimes the 'busyness' of daily life creates so much noise that we cannot hear ourselves think.

If you already know you wish to book your Listening, here is the link. Alternatively, read on to find out more, hear about others' experiences, and how you can subscribe for four Listenings a year, 

Choose Review & illustrated document only or + coaching call

The Four Seasons Subscription

For each season, at each turning point of the year. Each solstice, mid-summer and mid-winter. Each equinox, spring and autumn. At each of these points a Root and Branch Listening will arrive for you. I will have tuned in, drawn the seven cards, and 'listened' to the messages they send me for you, to help you reconnect with your own inner wisdom. To be your mirror, your sounding board.

The price for a Listening if booked as a one-off, is £37. If you sign-up to a subscription, each one is just £21. You will be billed automatically each quarter, for £21, and you can end the subscription whenever you wish, with one month's notice. If you are interested in receiving a one-to-one coaching session in addition, the subscription is £58 per quarter. Contact me if you would like this option.

Depending on when you subscribe, you will receive your Listening on or around the date of the equinox or solstice each quarter. 

More reflections if you would like to read in detail:

Can you hear? Your inner wisdom is whispering to you. Maybe the noise and bustle of everyday life is drowning out the voice?

In everything I do, (coaching, writing, facilitating groups) I help you hear yourself think. Give you time and space to see, to feel, to rediscover your own inner wisdom.

Here is an offering, another way I can help you through my companionship on this path. A path I have spent many years exploring, at first not realising that all the while I was finding my way home to myself.

“Root and Branch Messages from your Inner Wisdom” Listenings will arrive as an illustrated pdf review document. At your invitation, I will tune into your greatest, most wonderful, most vibrant self and send the messages back to you loud and clear. You could call this a ‘reading’: I prefer a ‘listening’ if it needs a label.

It is about you being truly seen, being heard, being witnessed – so you can truly be, be you.

Using the image of the strongly rooted tree, I will draw seven cards for you from the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Pack. Three at the roots of your tree, one for the trunk, and three for the spreading branches above.

The insights offered will be for you, in that moment of time, as best as I can interpret them. For you to accept, or not, as feels right for you. They will encourage you to tune in yourself and draw your own inner wisdom out even more than now.

This inward process has emerged for me to offer you now for good reasons. I have been made to slow down, by – as so often happens – my body telling me to do so. To rest, to meditate, to walk, to just be. So much of what I do, for myself and with others – is about daring to blossom. Unfurling the petals of the Dare to Blossom Power Flower. Daring to step into your power – being out in the world.

This quiet reflective time has encouraged me to see that this, this Listening, is a necessary counterbalance. See, for a moment, see yourself as a powerful oak tree. Look within, deep down into your roots. Connect with the earth , Mother Earth who grounds, roots and nourishes you. As you connect, you draw up that strength, that nourishment – up inside your trunk. Growing stronger, standing firm and true. Up into your branches – spreading, flexing, moving. Listening to your inner wisdom.

A process I am journeying with myself right now. Would you like to join me?

Before launching this, a number of people stepped forward to test this service, for this I am deeply grateful.

Santina Kerslake's first response was: "Mary, I did the first read through, teary eyed and lump in throat I wanted to say I LOVE, LOVE this. It speaks to me but as you so wisely advised I will reread it with journal in hand and go deeper."

Sophia Noora sent these reflections after she had spent some time with her Listening: "I like the way Mary works. She’s profound and deeply dedicated to working with others and see us into blooming. It’s not a coincidence that she’s come up with this tool, "The Root and Branching Listening”, because she’s very aligned with Nature. Through her work, she nurtures our connection with Nature and the Nature within us. She reminds us that we are Nature Walking. Her cards point in a direction that will enhance our self-awareness right now and I experienced how the combination of the cards, specifically chosen for me at this present moment in time, resonated completely with me and also moved synchronistically with things happening in my life just now. Thus, her listening is a useful tool appropriate for me in this very moment."Dance in the flow of live

Thank you,

With love, and listening,