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West Coast 1Your Aotearoa Quest: Travel in spirit with me around the Compass Rose to New Zealand and back.

On 18th November I will be leaving England to travel to New Zealand. First I will fly East to Singapore. Then South to Christchurch. I leave there on 5th December, first North to Singapore again and then West to England (and further west still from Heathrow Airport to Cornwall).

So, yes, this description of the compass directions is wildly approximate as a means of navigating the surface of the earth – and yet for me it is significant as a metaphor for the journey I will be embarking upon.

So many people have said how much they would love to come with me: “Can I stow away in your suitcase?!” And then: “I’ll be with you in spirit.” – that those comments sparked an idea for a special offering for those of you who love following the metaphor of the Compass Rose. (If you are unfamiliar with my meditation poem, you can read or listen here).

For each person who books their place on the Quest I will scribe your name on a card. That card will represent you, and yes, you will travel in my suitcase around to the opposite side of the world. I do not yet know exactly where my journey within New Zealand will take me, mostly in the South Island around Christchurch where my sister and her family all live.IMG 6054

Definitely over the mountains to the wild West coast. Maybe up the East coast and out to sea on a whale-watching trip. Maybe to Wellington at the southern tip of the North Island where I hope to be speaking at the HerStory conference.

Your card, the representation of you in spirit, will travel with me. You will be present as I write in my journal (a beautiful new one bought especially for the journey). You will share in the things I experience.

**Ticket sales have closed now, thank you for your interest.** 

I do not know yet how much Wi-Fi access I will have to share with you during my travels, I hope I will be able to share some photos with everyone as I usually do at home.

For anyone who is feeling the call to join in, to accept that this invitation is to enter the unknown of a new journey with me, I cannot right now tell you exactly what you will receive on my return.

I know that you will one day find an envelope in the post. It will contain your card, the one with your time scribed upon it. The one that has travelled with my on the Quest to Aotearoa. The card that will hold a special magic for you. In addition, I will compile a pdf document that you will receive electronically with messages that are for us all, and maybe some nuggets for you personally.West Coast 2

Are you with me? Are you happy to book your place, pay the fee of £22, and allow the process to unfold without knowing what it may bring?

**Note:  I have decided to leave the booking open until 10th November.**

I will be closing bookings on 3rd November, my birthday by coincidence, so I will have two weeks before I pack and leave Cornwall. Two weeks to prepare your card and all the others to travel with me. Two weeks to allow the magic that will connect us all to begin working. I will draw four Rediscovery cards for you in a ceremony with my She Listens Goddess, and her little magic carpet, one for each point of the compass. I will send those with you along with the card with your name on that will have travelled around the world with me.Goddess and Magic Carpet

This will therefore be a slow process, one that I know will be deep and rich for each of us. I cannot yet say when you will receive your card in the post, or your pdf. I do not know how long it will be upon my return before I accomplish those things. I know that they will all be achieved in perfect timing, sometime around the turn of the year. Maybe before Christmas, maybe afterwards, maybe the travelling card via real mail first, followed by your electronic document.

You may wish to share a conversation with me to dive into the magic more deeply, you may sign up for that now if you wish by using the drop-down menu on the PayPal button. Alternatively, you can wait and see how you feel, the offer will be open into 2020 for you to book a one to one on Zoom.

Compass Rose Speaks'

I am your Compass Rose. My centre point is Peace. Balancing, grounding.

Look up! Look North, to your Guiding Star. Your Purpose.

From the East comes the rising sun. Passion, potential.

South is the source of nature's powers. The flowing rivers, the rising tides, the ever-changing oceans. The wind that shapes the land. The power that is arising in you.

West is the land of the setting sun. Progressing forwards into the night. Anticipating the promise of a new day. Return your attention to your centre point, Peace. Balanced, grounded.

I am your Compass Rose. 

© Mary Lunnen 2018

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