Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

One of the joys of my coaching work is that I can work with anyone, anywhere, using the magic of the telephone and systems such as Skype. I do have to rely on you speaking English as language skills are not one of my strengths - for which I apologise.art light

Over the years many people have written testimonials, often unsolicited - such as the 'fan letter' from Fraser that popped up in my email one day out of the blue. They all mean so much to me, and none more so than Fraser's as he was my first life coach and the person who introduced me to all this.

Thank you to every one of the people who has graced me with their trust. You have helped me shine my light more brightly in the world, and so doing, I hope I have helped illuminate the way for others.

“I have found my sessions with Mary to be a good balance of ideas for the practical things I can do, and the bigger picture reminder of what I want to achieve. This has helped clarify the direction  I want to take and also sparked ideas of how to get there. Mary helps as a reminder to stay true to my experiences and has allowed me to be comfortable with who I am and having balance in life and my work.” 

Mary’s ‘Unfolding Your Power Within’ workshop was a day of delights! I’ve worked with Mary before, both in one-to-one sessions and on workshops and I’m always touched by the deceptive simplicity of her work, which takes one surpisingly deep. Through working with the Dare to Blossom cards, using the Power Flower spread, and a mixture of flow writing, group discussion and creative visualization, in the form of a Magic Carpet ride,  we were each taken on an inner journey of connecting with what lies within.

Support"I wanted to tell you that my brother will not pick any or touch any of my cards ever, but he was willing to pick one of your cards yesterday and he got support which he immediately associated with me and the fact he felt he had to support me yesterday also the purple colour he associated with me and the things around me in my bedroom and he also had a purple hand towel he noticed. He thought he would reshuffle the pack to see what else he could pick and he picked support again although he shuffled well.

I have worked with Mary on a number of occasions, using the Dare to Blossom cards, and always found her gentle enquiry and wisdom have taken me on intriguing inner journeys. I also have my own pack of her lovely cards which I use regularly whenever I want to tap into the energy of what's unfolding. However, recently I was lucky enough to have a 'Power Flower' session with Mary which has felt like a much more amplified experience.

Mary uses a 'spread,' like petals of a flower, around a central point, corresponding to key words. She began the session by asking if there was a specific issue or area of my life I wished to work with. morning glory

Finding myself at a transition point in my life, and uncertain about my direction with my work, i chose to focus on that. She also said I could start anywhere in the spread and I elected to start in the centre, and then work through each of the petals, drawing my own cards for each position. With each card drawn, Mary prompted me as to what resonances and associations the word - and the colour - had for me and how it related to the theme of that position on the spread. I must admit I laughed out loud a few times as my cards reflected the themes that have been emerging for me over the past few months. 

Seeing them pulled together in that way gave me a clearer sense of what might be important to me, and what I needed to explore, and incorporate, in navigating the next stage of my journey.

flower with wordsSeveral people took up my offer to help me test the 'Power Flower' process to deepen into using the Rediscovery Cards. Here are three pieces of feedback I received:

"I had a session with Mary Lunnen today. Very helpful since I am on the cusp of a major life change, with many decisions to make. Where to start and how to proceed? Whew. Overwhelming.

There were five cards in a Dare To Blossom lay out. I was absolutely amazed with the cards that showed. I even checked with SRT what the accuracy was for me. 100%. The really cool part is that you can continue to work with these cards. I laid down to rest and they showed themselves to me with more information. This system is very neutral and can work with any belief system, as well as business. Mary gave plenty of time for me to interact. Not surprising to find she is also a life coach.

It was very magical to work with a lovely lady in England, so yes she can help anyone of us. Oh the magic of the Spirit using modern tools like the internet." Jay

kk 08 16"I thoroughly enjoy working through the Rediscovery Cards with Mary. As a fellow coach I really appreciate her process and value the coaching experience. Every coach should have a coach!

With her Rediscovery Cards Mary engages all the senses and creates a unique and powerful experience.  She helps me go deeper, find connections and create new ideas.