Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

(The next London workshop is on 24th February, details available in due course)

Join us to for one or all these dates, each is self-contained as well as part of a whole. Continuing the tried and tested process, we will share creative visualisation, writing exercises, discussion, laughter - all those ingredients that people tell me make big breakthroughs possible for them. The freedom of the imagery of the magic carpet, combined with the Rediscovery Cards will allow you to experience a reconnection with your intuition, your inner wisdom.

This year we have been exploring the Dare to Blossom Power Flower - allow your petals to gradually unfurl. The pathway to your true power is in rediscovering and reclaiming your inner wisdom and coming home to yourself.flower with words

The first layer of unfurling is nearly complete - just one Saturday remains at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre. We start at 10 am and run through to 1 pm.  

18 November Progress: harvesting  - For more details and to book Click here

If you have any questions please contact me, if you prefer to talk, simply book a complimentary consultation. You will find my calendar here.

In 2018 we will be exploring this process to take us stepping into, and standing in, our power. Dates are already booked for London (24 February) and for a full programme circling through the seasons once again at the Blue Lotus.

More details to follow, here are the dates for your diary: 20 January, 17 March, 19 May, 7 July, 15 September, 17 November.

"Thank you Mary for gently leading and guiding us in wonderful, inspirational, empowering, enjoyable morning. Like all those who have mastered their crafts you made it flow seemingly effortlessly but have put in hard work to make it so.

I really do feel full of a peaceful calm energy. Much to reflect upon. I'm going to start on your books now.

New beginnings, new hope, new growth, new future."

Progress smallWe finish unfurling the petals, (for now at least, until you decide on another spiral), with Progress. In late autumn/early winter the harvest has been brought in, we are taking stock, looking back at the year. And looking forward to the next year ahead.

What progress have you made this year? How far have you come? Where next?

Using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, flow-writing, and guided magic carpet ride visualisations, along with sharing, laughter and quiet moments - you will find this workshop transformational as a stand-alone event and the next step in further work together.

Click here to watch a video interview with someone who has attended more than one workshop with me. Here is a little snippet:

"...the container that you created in just ten minutes of writing. It was so powerful that I went away with a real feel about accessing my true self. I felt really connected to myself....."

Dare to Blossom hand drawn(Click here for the events in Cornwall, or simply browse the Workshops and Events page.)

Maybe you would like to attend a Dare to Blossom workshop but there is not one listed in your area? You may have found the piece about Dare to Blossom at Home events but not want to invite people to your home?

We can talk together about you helping me with your local knowledge and contacts - these are invaluable in finding a suitable location, with a room that offers a kitchen where we can make our own drinks and bring lunch to share. And once that is arranged, to help me tell people about the event and attract the perfect group to come along and join us. Does this sound like something you would love to do? If so contact me now and we can start thinking about making it work.

Or, maybe you are thinking more along these lines: "Oh, I'm not sure, I've never organised an event before. Not sure this is something I can take on. I am so busy with work/business/family......." And maybe all of those - and before you know it you have talked yourself out of an idea that seemed perfect at the beginning.

Dare to Blossom Rediscovery at Home Parties

Invite your friends to a half-day workshop in your home to enjoy conversation, reflection, creative activities, insights, and plenty of laughter (with perhaps the occasional tear or two).

Using the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards as prompts I will guide the proceedings in a way to suit you and your guests.

Garden at homeThe person hosting the event receives a free place if they can ensure that a minimum of four paying guests will be attending, at a cost of £25 per person within Cornwall (we can discuss prices for workshops in other areas). You provide tea, coffee, water, and any other refreshments you wish.