Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Trevone 250121 smallThis simple four week circle, will offer you two Zoom gatherings each week, on Tuesdays at 9.30 am, and Thursdays at 2.30 pm - both UK time. You are welcome to attend both if you wish and if time zones work for you. We will also have a private Facebook group where we may share if we wish. However, if you prefer not to be on Facebook, this will be a great opportunity for you to take part in a regular  Circle, as my intention is to allow us all plenty of space. The more focused Circles have great value (and there will be a new six-week, deep-dive in April) - and there is a beauty and a literal breathing space afforded by keeping things very simple for this month of March. There will be a theme for each week, and daily prompts to remind is to come back to that place of being, of breathing, even if for a moment. I will share more details as soon as they emerge.

If you are ready to book your place, the price is £88, here is the Buy Now Button, or read on for more details, including how to pay by intalments or bank transfer

We begin on Monday 1st March, with the first Zoom on Tuesday 2nd, and run through to the end of the month, with the last on Thursday 25th. I am offering two free taster circles before then, on Thursday 18/2 at 2.30 pm, and Tuesday 23/2 at 9.30 am.

Contact me to book your free place at either of those tasters, or if you would like to arrange payment in instalments or to pay by bank transfer. If you are a member of the Stay Connected Group, then there is a discount for you, contact me to arrange.

If you are new to the Dare to Blossom community, there is a simple flow in each Zoom gathering: we share 'hellos' as we gather - very much as if we were arriving at a physical venue somewhere. Finding the way, and where to park. Locating the door into the building, and the right room. Helping ourselves to a hot drink, maybe a biscuit or some fruit. Finding a seat and chatting with those already there.

Then I begin with the 'Compass Rose Speaks' meditation to bring us all into our centre points, and then draw Dare to Blossom Cards for each of us. After that we set off on a Magic Carpet Ride guided visualisation. On our return, we share insights if we wish - always in these circles the choice is yours, to share as much or as little as you wish.

Here is the current simple schedule:

Space to Be: Space to Breathe

Week 1: Being Here

Week 2: More Space

Week 3: Being and Breathing

Week 4: Keeping the Space

Daily flow each week:

Monday: Settling in with a weekly card drawn from one of my collection

Tuesday: A group card, and our first gathering on Zoom, 9.30 am

Wednesday: mid-week check in

Thursday: A second group card, and our second Zoom gathering, at 2.30 pm

Friday: Reflect and Celebrate.

Please note: the two Zoom gatherings will depend on whether there are enough people interested in each time, we will decide as a group when we have gathered to begin.

Will you join us? Take some space for yourself, space to be, space to breathe.