Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Magic Carpet**Enrolment is now closed for this circle, come back soon for details of a new short programme in July, followed by the next 'deep and slow' exploration of the Compass Rose, beginning in September **

Five years ago, at the end of May 2015, my employment with Outset Cornwall ended after nearly six years. After all the complications and heaviness of being made redundant, saying goodbye to colleagues, packing up the office - after all that, I knew I intended to focus on my own business, Dare to Blossom.

I also knew that first I needed to rest, and to play. And so, the idea of a Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride popped into my head - workshops and my first ever online group programme. Little did I know then that the idea, the concept, of the magic carpet would chime so strongly with so many people. Over the years since then I have led many people in dozens, possibly hundreds, of magic carpet ride visualisations.

The process has proved incredibly powerful, and extraordinarily varied: people who come to regular groups report a different experience each time. Sometimes people simply rest, and sometimes even fall asleep. Sometimes people meet loved ones again. Sometimes people return with practical messages for their life, their business, their career. Some people don't find a magic carpet: 'means of transport' have included a sack (to be hopped in as in a schooldays sack race!), a lift, a space ship, all manner of flying animals (mythical and otherwise), and many others.

To celebrate I am offering you the opportunity to join me in exploring with curiosity what the magic will bring us this time. We begin on Monday 25th May at 7.30 pm (UK time) We will spend the next six weeks together in a private Facebook group (if you prefer not to use that I can send you the prompts by email). The weekly Zoom calls on Mondays aat 7.30 pm UK time are the key part of the process for everyone, they are recorded so if you cannot join us live, you can watch later. And people find it invaluable to watch again.

We will explore the Compass Rose, beginning in the centre flower with wordspoint, in Peace for the first week, then one week each for the North point: Purpose, East: Passion, South: Power, West: Progress, and returning for the final week to Peace. To find out more about the Compass Rose Speaks meditation have a look here. There is another celebration involved as it is two years since I wrote the poem and since then it has continued to deepen in power every time I speak the words - which is at the beginning and end of every Zoom call, not to mention many times for myself when I need to ground and centre myself.

**Enrolment is now closed for this circle, come back soon for details of a new short programme in July, followed by the next 'deep and slow' exploration of the Compass Rose, beginning in September **

The price is £78 for the full six weeks of the programme. If easier for you, please contact me to arrange payment by instalments, I will be very happy to do that for you. 

In the past I have shared a schedule for the Circles I have run, in advance. Most recently those were the two year-long Dare to Blossom Mastermind gatherings where we explored one part of the Compass Rose for a whole month, spread over the year.

This time, the "Curiosity and Celebration" programme is a compressed version of that - devoting six weeks (one week to each part), rather than a whole year. We will still have plenty of time to share and explore - be curious, and celebration our magic carpet rides - so I have drawn up what I like to think of as a map for the geography of our journey.

Those who know me will have heard me say I simply provide some structure, the true magic happens in the gaps, in the conversaitons, in those insights prompted by words you - or someone else - speak in the moment.

So the map, the geography, gives us an idea of where we will travel: the precise route, the places we discover and stop to explore, will emerge as we go along. Once I begin to set up the group to invite you in if you decide to join us, then you will find this there as a document for you to refer back to, with some other information, such as the Zoom links for the Circle calls.

For now, here is an idea of the map, the plan:

A map for our “Curiosity and Celebration” Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride.

 Note: all times are given for the UK, you can check your timezone at https://www.timeanddate.com

Facebook private group opens during the week beginning 18th May, I will invite each of you in as you decide to join us for the following six weeks.

Each week has a topic, and a weekly flow of prompts.

Week One: Peace

Week Two: Purpose

Week Three: Passion

Week Four: Power

Week Five: Progress

Week Six: Return to Peace

Each week on Monday we open with our circle call  on Zoom at 7.30 pm, this is recorded and shared with those in the group, even if you are not able to be present I draw cards for each person. We will explore the theme for that week with gentle curiosity.

Tuesday: a group card for the topic that week.

Wednesday: mid-week check-in, how are you doing?

Thursday: a second group card

Friday: celebrate and review.

Each day I will add a prompt or question for reflection, maybe connected with the cards on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Maybe something that has arisen during our conversations.

Each member of the Circle has their own space within our group, that I call your Magic Carpet. This is a place where you can share your thoughts, feelings reflections. Where you can collect together anything that has piqued your curiosity and your explorations. Where you can celebrate, and invite others to do that with you also.