Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

StarThe final gathering this year at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre at Scorrier.

From “Compass Rose Speaks”:

"Return your attention to your centre point, to Peace. Grounded Balanced."

We are returning full cycle to our starting point, also an ending point, and yet again, the beginning of a fresh new cycle. In truth, there is no beginning, no end, simply the flow through the seasons, through that spiral of 'time'. We often appear to return to the same place, and yet things have changed. During September we looked at Progress, and what that means to us.

It matters not at all if you have taken part in previous workshops or are new to these practices, you are so welcome to join us as we gently explore and journey together during the morning, receiving insights from our own inner wisdom. The starting and ending meditations with The Compass Rose, and the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards help us with this, as does the deep process of the Magic Carpet Ride visualisations.

The magic truly happens in the spaces between: the quiet times, and the shared conversation and laughter.

The price per workshop is normally £45, for this final event of 2019, I am offering anyone who would like to join us a place at the 'regulars' rate of £33.  Contact me  for more details and to book and arrange payment.