Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

magnolia 290319A chance to try out a Dare to Blossom Circle in a playful, light-hearted way - and you are sure to experience some deep insights along the way.

Take some time, just a little, or as long as you want, to reconnect with your playful spirit. Your Inner Child may sometimes need your help to heal, but right now she is taking you by the hand and inviting you out to play.

She wants to inspire you to let go of any expectations, and to have fun, to create, to doodle, to sing, to dance, to daydream. To lie on your back on the grass and watch the cloud shapes pass over as you give them names - is that one a castle? Or a dinosaur? How about that one? And then to turn over and observe the miniature world below you, creating a story in your mind with tiny people, fairies, talking ants.... who knows what magic is happening in between the strands of grass and the daisies?

During the month of May, that fertile time of blossoming and blooming, of birds nesting and baby animals emerging, let us celebrate abundance. Celebration has been the theme of May over the centuries: May Day in Padstow with the drumming and song and the prancing 'Obby 'Osses. Flora Day in Helston with the ladies and gentlemen dancing in long dresses and evening suits with top hats. Many other May Day traditions all celebrate this magical month.

I invite you to join a small band of like-minded folk to celebrate in our own way. We will share in a private Facebook group where I will share some prompts and suggestions for creative play, and in a weekly Zoom call with my regular process with the Dare to Blossom cards and the Magic Carpet Ride guided visualisation.

We begin on Wednesday 1st May, the live gatherings will be at 7.30 pm BST each Wednesday, for five weeks (a bonus due to how the dates work out!). The calls will be recorded so you can watch if you cannot join us, or watch again.

The price is £80, book through the PayPal link below or contact me to pay via bank transfer - or if you are a regular 'Magic Carpet Rider' contact me to receive your discount.