Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

ImageWelcome, welcome. This page contains details of the 2019 On-line Mastermind Circle, "Your Pathway to Power". If you are looking for the workshops, make sure you click on the main 'Workshops and Events' tab, and then simply scroll down to see all the details of where you can join an event in person.

Do you long for a place where you will be truly accepted just as you are?

Somewhere you can arrive with the whole of you - the messy, tired, disorganised, tearful you? The show-off, 'look at me', celebrating success you? The lonely, cursing, dissatisfied you? The curious, questioning, growing-but-a-little-bit-scared you? The powerful, intuitive, imaginative you?

Over almost two years now, I have been honoured to share time with an extraordinary, delightful, group of women. During 2018, we have shared in the 'Stepping into your Power' programme together. Following the unfurling of the Dare to Blossom Power Flower in alternate months throughout the year. Meeting in our private Facebook group and in person in ourZoom video-conferencing space to share the reflections sparked by the Rediscovery Cards I draw for us as a group and for each person. Taking our Magic Carpet Ride guided visualisations together and exploring the insights we gain there for ourselves and truly seeing each other in all our glorious human being-ness.

"Thank you Mary for holding such a safe space for us to be, so beautifully. I have gained so much clarity and understanding over the year and every one of your Dare to Blossom cards has illuminated wisdom and meaning for me. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone and Mary’s enduring care and support is consistent throughout." 

"Thank you all for an amazing journey for the past twelve months. It has been fabulous getting to know you and sharing your life journeys in this beautiful way."

"Being with you all and Mary’s guidance I feel this year's challenges transformed me."

During 2019 we have flowed through four circles, each lasting four weeks, with the September offering well underway as I write this. February - Peace. April - Purpose. June - Passion. July - Power. September - Progress. The final Circle this year will be Return to Peace, in October.

flower with words

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*And remember, if you have been part of one of these circles before, you will qualify for a 'regular's' discount, so contact me before booking.*

Booking for October (Return to Peace) is open now, more details here. As places are limited, if you would like to be sure of your space in our Circle, simply contact me for more information or to book now. The price is £100 for this last Circle of 2019.  Read on for full details, or jump to the 'Return to Peace' page here.

So, the details: as with all my work, we will be using some tried and tested processes. The opening meditation with 'Compass Rose Speaks'*. The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards. The Magic Carpet Ride Guided Visualisations. The Dare to Blossom Power Flower. Each Mastermind Circle will focus on one of the points of the flower; each will have exercises and suggestions for explorations for you.

(*Click the link to read the words of my meditation, or listen on Soundcloud. The 'compass rose' who speaks to you, is the voice of your inner wisdom.)

For each Circle there will be a common flow through each day of the four weeks:

Monday: Setting intentions for the week

Tuesday: A group card to add to the theme for that month

Wednesday: Check-in day - a chance to connect and review how your week is going

Thursday: A second group card.

Friday: Celebrations and the live group call at 10.00 am UK time.

flower with words

October: Return to Peace - "Return your attention to your centre point, to Peace. Grounded, balanced."

If you would like to talk before you join us, please book a complimentary one to one call with me - we can have a chat over a cuppa in Zoom videoconferencing.  Just pop back to the Welcome page here and click the 'Book Now' Passionflower.

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