Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

I have worked with Mary on a number of occasions, using the Dare to Blossom cards, and always found her gentle enquiry and wisdom have taken me on intriguing inner journeys. I also have my own pack of her lovely cards which I use regularly whenever I want to tap into the energy of what's unfolding. However, recently I was lucky enough to have a 'Power Flower' session with Mary which has felt like a much more amplified experience.

Mary uses a 'spread,' like petals of a flower, around a central point, corresponding to key words. She began the session by asking if there was a specific issue or area of my life I wished to work with. morning glory

Finding myself at a transition point in my life, and uncertain about my direction with my work, i chose to focus on that. She also said I could start anywhere in the spread and I elected to start in the centre, and then work through each of the petals, drawing my own cards for each position. With each card drawn, Mary prompted me as to what resonances and associations the word - and the colour - had for me and how it related to the theme of that position on the spread. I must admit I laughed out loud a few times as my cards reflected the themes that have been emerging for me over the past few months. 

Seeing them pulled together in that way gave me a clearer sense of what might be important to me, and what I needed to explore, and incorporate, in navigating the next stage of my journey.

I left the session not with answers, but with questions - not just about my future direction, but about what really matters to me, who I truly am and how I want my life to reflect and express that. Over the subsequent weeks, I found myself re-visiting old memories, childhood experiences and recurrent interests. It was as though the kaleidoscope of my life was rearranging itself in a more discernible pattern through the lens of the session. I began to understand myself better and be more aware of those aspects of me that had not had room to come out and play, within the context of my working life, although I recognized they were emerging through some new ways of exploring my creativity, within a creative partnership with a friend. I've now decided to train in a new area, which is calling me, and will open up another set of possibilities for me.

Mary's work taps into a different level of 'knowing' within us - more organic and right-brained, rather than linear and left-brained. It has a playfulness and simplicity which is nonetheless profound and enriching.  I'm curious that my experience, following the session, was one of unfurling, rather like the petals of a flower as it progresses from bud to bloom - following the trajectory of the session, and the archetype of 'Daring to Blossom'  which is the essence of Mary's work. I love the synchronicity of that, the spirals within spirals which may make up the blueprint of the great mystery of Life. My 'Power Flower' remains in a prominent position, in my study, as I continue to explore what it has to show me and I'm certain I will be returning to this illuminating work again. Thank you, Mary!

Anna Colmer