Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

flower with wordsSeveral people took up my offer to help me test the 'Power Flower' process to deepen into using the Rediscovery Cards. Here are three pieces of feedback I received:

"I had a session with Mary Lunnen today. Very helpful since I am on the cusp of a major life change, with many decisions to make. Where to start and how to proceed? Whew. Overwhelming.

There were five cards in a Dare To Blossom lay out. I was absolutely amazed with the cards that showed. I even checked with SRT what the accuracy was for me. 100%. The really cool part is that you can continue to work with these cards. I laid down to rest and they showed themselves to me with more information. This system is very neutral and can work with any belief system, as well as business. Mary gave plenty of time for me to interact. Not surprising to find she is also a life coach.

It was very magical to work with a lovely lady in England, so yes she can help anyone of us. Oh the magic of the Spirit using modern tools like the internet." Jay

"I was lucky enough to participate in a free offer from Mary, which was intended to be a one-to-one video conference.Sadly my end of the link wasn't able to connect properly, so after much trial and error, we ended up having a telephone one-to-one instead.

It was lovely to hear Mary's voice, she has a very calming aura, and I was very taken with the whole process. We started with Mary's "flower" image, with the 5 P words, and I was invited to select them in my own preferred order. Each time I selected one of the P words Mary, as if by some sort of telecommunication (in the spiritual sense), selected a word from her pack that was very appropriate to my take on each subject, she then allowed me the space to investigate and express my feelings for each word, so in reality I was allowing myself to put my inner feelings into thoughts and then words.

It was a very liberating experience, which I enjoyed immensely. Mary then took a photo of my "flower" with the words in place and sent it to me by email, so that I now have a permanent record of a lovely experience and I feel able to move forward towards my ultimate goal. Thank you Mary." Joy 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Mary through the Power Flower session, which involved pulling a discovery card for each part/petal of the power flower. It was fascinating to see the way the cards worked within the context of the flower. Mary offered supportive insights and relevant examples to guide me to deeper understandings. The flower feels like a powerful container for the cards’ energy and guidance. Thank you for the opportunity!" Jenny