Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Another story, from a member of my family:

Mary gave me a lovely pack of Dare to Blossom cards for Christmas (or was it my birthday?).  While I was using them myself, my two daughters - then 8 and 5 years old - wanted to join in. 

For the 5-year-old,

this was a great way to practice her reading and word recognition and meanings of words, as well as colours. With my 8-year-old, we had some great discussions about what the words meant and also used them for spelling practice, picking five words a day for her to learn to spell. Later on, we also used them for her to be able to choose a card that described how she felt - or more positively (usually when things weren't going so well!) - how she would like to feel.  The girls also made up card games to play with each other, which usually involved grouping them into colours.