Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen


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I love the simplicity and the depth of the Rediscovery journey. For me, it is no longer about looking 'out there' for wisdom, guidance or insight, but instead digging deep and mining the rich seams of my own self, so that I can come more fully into the wholeness of my being. Mary, with her focused attention and presence, holds the space for whatever needs to emerge from deep within myself, and bears witness to that in way that is both potent, and powerful.

We began my last Rediscovery session with a simple centering exercise which brought me strongly present to my own core. Then I drew a Rediscovery card and Mary gently asked what the word, and the coloured background, conveyed to me. Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of resonance with where I am at in my personal journey. 'What else?' she asked and an image from my childhood emerged - vibrant and intense - which I was able to reflect on, and enjoy, accepting its significance without necessarily understanding it.

'Is there anything else?' A pause,

while I groped for another image, knowing something else was there, but unable to see it. I felt it though, something huge and shadowy stirring in the depths, which we both acknowledged, in all its formlessness. How powerful it is simply to witness what is there and allow it to emerge in its own time. I experienced a huge wave of emotion, and then a deluge of words and images, as an ancestral issue that I've been carrying made itself known to me. What followed was a profound and tender healing journey which left both me, and my ancestor, in a place of greater lightness, compassion and understanding.

In closing the session, I drew another card which confirmed the place of completion and resolution in which I'd arrived. I'm full of gratitude for Mary's skill and sensitivity in assisting me with this work of excavation and retrieval. Her presence felt deeply honouring and affirming, allowing me to honour and affirm the wisdom of my own being. What a gift is that!