Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Dear Mary,

This is not a polite little thank you note for your rediscovery cards, but a full-on raving fan letter! It has been such a positive experience using them in my journaling - affirming, insightful and fruitful. They are a terrific resource. Aside from the benefit of using them they are delightful in their own right - beautifully produced and lovely to handle. I've taken to carrying them around in my bag in case I have a spare few minutes to sit and

draw one out to reflect on or write about.

As someone with a particular faith I have found that they dovetail very well my other practices of prayer and contemplation, and that often my writing blends these elements together to nourish and sustain my spirituality.

So a big thank you for devising and creating them, and I hope they continue to be a blessing to all those who have acquired and use them.

Best wishes,