Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Mary’s ‘Unfolding Your Power Within’ workshop was a day of delights! I’ve worked with Mary before, both in one-to-one sessions and on workshops and I’m always touched by the deceptive simplicity of her work, which takes one surpisingly deep. Through working with the Dare to Blossom cards, using the Power Flower spread, and a mixture of flow writing, group discussion and creative visualization, in the form of a Magic Carpet ride,  we were each taken on an inner journey of connecting with what lies within.

For myself, there were moments of wry recognition and laughter, at what emerged as well, as surprises and ahaa! moments. Also a curiosity at exploring some of the threads which had come together in a new way and  a willingness to allow for the unfolding of, as yet, unknown possibilities. I came away with a deeper sense of my own creative potential and just a week later did some recording work with a musician friend which took our co-creative efforts to a new level. I warmly recommend Mary’s work and encourage you to grant yourself the gift of experiencing it for yourself.

Anna, London