Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Do you feel the time is now right to find what your true purpose in life is? How you can best use your voice? For many, me included, the idea of 'power' itself, let alone having, and using, my powerful voice, is a challenge. Maybe downright terrifying. (As is 'daring to blossom' at times.) 

And yet, do you feel 'is this all there is?' Especially after the experiences of 2020 so far, which have affected us all in one way or another, you may be feeling a call from your heart. A voice asking you to step up, to speak your truth. At the same time, you may wish to run and hide under the duvet until that voice goes away?

I am here to help you explore this, to find and hear, truly hear, the voice of your inner wisdom, the sound of your guidance system, your internal compass. You may find your voice is just for you, no one else. You may use it with those closest to you, in writing, in art, in creating a welcoming home. You may wish to be heard more widely: on a local, regional, national, international stage. There are no rights or wrongs here, simply a gentle, yet powerful exploration.

If you have attended on of my Taster Circles, or even better a group programme, you will already be familiar with the processes I use. This six week programme takes you through those same processes, on a one to one basis. This means that we can delve deeper, travel more widely, have more time for you to listen to your powerful voice within. She is always there - always ready to be heard. The 'noise' - literal and otherwise - that daily life throws at us often means we cannot hear.

Meeting together on a Zoom call means you have a dedicated time and a quiet safe space to hear yourself think. You will find yourself speaking the words you need to hear. Words that were always there, answers to your own questions. You will receive a recording of the conversation, of the voice of your inner guidance, for you to come back to any time. 

The normal rate per hour for coaching with me is £90, I am offering you the chance to sample this programme at 10% discount, which is £81. So, for the six sessions, taking you around the Compass Rose, starting in your centre point, Peace, visiting North - Purpose, East - Passion, South - Power, West - Progress, and Returning to Peace - the price is £486 (reduced from £540). 

You can spread the six sessions over any time span you wish, most people like to leave two to four weeks betweek each conversation.

Contact me to book a complimentary consultation call.