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Reflections: allowing the flow
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Reflections: allowing the flow

Laughing at myself a little ruefully as I write this:it is now 4.30 p.m. on Monday. I intended today to be a writing day. I said to someone this morning that I would be working on the latest book, then I remembered that I needed to start work on this newsletter to send out to you on Friday. And then.... well, you know the story, with your own variations: shopping, doctor's appointment, going back to collect medication as the dispensary wasn't open, emails to deal with, accounts to update, a friend to contact. Not procrastination exactly, but a version of it. (You may have seen this TED talk before? Inside the mind of a master procrastinator by Tim Urban)

The title 'Allowing the flow' popped into my mind as I was setting up the outline for this month's missive to you. Now I come to write about it, I need to explore what I mean by that. Or do I? Maybe it doesn't matter what I mean, or anyone else, by those words, they are simply words. Today I have seen two pieces in my on-line meanderings - both inspiring and thought provoking: one from Nick Williams on resistance. (This is a link to a Facebook Live piece, I am not sure if it will be accessible to you, if not you will find Nick writes about this subject in his blog too).Then this afternoon Lucinda Drayton shared this piece on Surrenderfrom her blog last year.

In this Issue:
Reflections: Reap your harvest
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Reflections: Reap your harvest

Here in Cornwall, this is the time of harvest. In the fields around my home, the combine harvesters are working, bringing in the crops to store for winter animal feed, or to send off for use elsewhere. In the hedgerows, there are blackberries, hips and haws. Seeds of all descriptions. Here in my garden, we have an abundance of produce: tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes (some becoming marrows before we have time to eat them), runner beans, apples ripening on the trees.

Reviewing my year, I am looking at what is ripening from all the seeds I have sown, the delicate green shoots tended, in some cases sacrificed by 'thinning out' - letting go of some ideas to focus on other, stronger, ones.

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Reflections: Evolving
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Guest Blog: 'The Willow's Raven'Summer Special Coaching Package

I have put this at the top of this newsletter to make sure you see it in case it is of interest. You may already be aware of this as I wrote a blog post about it, entitled 'Curiosity'. The key details are below, the offer expires at the end of August, but as long as you book your place by then, you can use the sessions at any time.

“If not now, when?” coaching offer

A one-off package of four 30 minute Skype 1:1 coaching calls, plus tailored exercises and email support

PRICE: £100 (ten places only available, during July/August)

Contact me directto book, or to arrange to have a Skype chat first so you can decide if this is for you. At the time of writing, two places have already been taken up.

Reflections: Evolving

So much has happened over the last month: I wrote a piece a while ago, to include here, and that has been superseded by events. Things feel as if they are moving too fast for me. In some ways that is great; at times I feel I need to take a step back, to consciously choose to step aside from the fast flow. I feel as if I could lose my footing and be swept away.

curious cat

Are you curious? Do you wonder about the world around you? Do you wonder about the world within you? Do you still ask those questions as the three-year old you did - why? Why? Why?

Or, have you lost that sense of awe, that inner explorer, that curiosity? Have you been told too often that 'curiosity killed the cat'? Or that it is safer to keep your head down, not ask questions, look at the ground as you walk? To let your dreams go and stick to the daily humdrum?

Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Coaching can help you rediscover that inquisitive, adventurous self. You may make many changes, or very few, but you can be sure that you will view life differently. You will respond differently to the challenge 'Live a life you love. Start here, start now -  if not now, then when?'

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Reflections: the balance of dark and light
New writing: a collaboration and a prose poem
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Reflections: the balance of dark and light

Everywhere in life there are opposites: hot/cold, night/day, summer/winter, sweet/sour, wet/dry, up/down, north/south, east/west, and black (or dark) and light. Some of these are observable, many are subjective: one person's 'hot' is another's 'cold' (or cool at least).

As human beings trying to make sense of our lives the tendency is to make judgements based on past   experience. This can mean that what is happening to me now, in this instant, the only moment that is actually 'real' - this instant is seen through a filter of assumptions. These may, or may not serve me well. Some have been acquired through my own physical experiences, and others learned from those around me. If all those people who influenced me as I was growing up as a young child believed that a certain thing was 'good' and another thing 'bad' - it can be very hard for me to un-learn those prejudices - in the sense of 'pre-judgements. (I find it interesting that I have to explain that - am I 'prejudiced' against the word 'prejudice'? And, I feel I need to say, I am very purposefully writing in the first person today to do my best not to assume that anyone else makes the same 'pre-judgements' as I do). 

What I can be doing is making assumptions that one thing is 'right' and therefore the other, the opposite, must be 'wrong'. I come to see more clearly now that usually I benefit from some of each quality. This is necessary to enjoy the temperate maritime climate here in Cornwall  - I love the sunshine, and I know that rain is needed to enable the land to remain as green and fertile as it is, so I wouldn't say rain is 'bad'.

So, when it comes to black and white or dark and light, as in the title of these reflections today, there are so many centuries of culture, tradition, superstition, story-telling behind me, that it is an interesting exercise to tease out some of what I feel about those terms. The picture shows our 'yin yang' garden just after it was freshly laid last year. 

A special blog post today to as part of the 'blog tour' to mark the publication of this collaborative book, the second in the series of '365' books by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. There is an interview with the two of them below so they can tell you more about their work in their own words.

I have found it such an unexpectedly wonderful experience being involved in this book project. The life of a writer is often a lonely one as you may know yourself. Beset with doubts and worries about being 'good enough'. In this collaboration, yes, we each paid a 'fee' to be part of it, and for me, regardless of the success in sales and publicity for my business, the community has been worth every penny spent. Jodi and Dan have provided private FaceBook groups where the contributors have been able to get to know each other; read and give feedback on each others' submissions; and make new connections around the world.

Why did I sign up? I wanted to share my own experience  of grace more widely and I wrote about a chidhood moment that has spread ripples throughout my adult life. What does 'grace' mean for me? Something that is hard to define in words: a feeling of coming home to myself, of belonging, of just being in flow. This photo is just one of many I could have chosen to illustrate this feeling for me, a fleeting moment as the sunlight shone through the clouds.Sun on the sea

Here is the link for Amazon UK:

365 Moments of Grace: Volume 2 (365 Book Series)

When you buy, there is a page here where you can access the bonus gifts (available until 31 August) created by the contributing authors – including guided meditations, ebooks, and ecourses.

I am not listed there myself - but you can always take up offer of a complimentary 20 minute Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Coaching consultation to find out moreabout how the process can help you move forward in your life. Just contact me here to book.

Below you will find the interview with Jodi and Dan. As the title suggests, there are 365 pieces in the book, and when my copy arrives I plan to use it as a daily inspiration.

There is another new book in the series being planned "365 Life Shifts" Click on this link to learn more. I have already signed up to contribute two pieces, maybe you will join us and become part of another best-selling book? "365 Moments of Grace" reached number 1 spot in several Amazon categories around the world.


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