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A new month, a fresh start.
Sending out beautiful pdf reports to the Point of Focus members as a companion for the unfolding of the month ahead. So delicious to be invited to do that for people. (You can sign up to join us through the link above - any time before the 8th August you will receive your report for August. After that your subscription will begin in September)
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And, so, I drew some cards for myself too. Light. Patience, Understanding. There will be a photo here - my patience is being sorely tested by technical and broadband issues as I try to write this.
Maybe an abstract or a photo will work.....? No. Ah, 'Understanding' found a away around it.

Welcome to some reflections on a walking meditation on the cliffs

Recently I have been working with several of my professional 'support team' - coaches and specialists of various sorts. My aim is to become more clear about the offerings I put out in the world, to enable people like you to understand what they could do for you, the difference Dare to Blossom can make to your life. And, if not of interest to you, to enable you to suggest them to people you know.

As is often the case, my coaches remind me of things I already know. This principle - which I often explain to others, is that it is impossible to see what is right under your nose. Physically - (try it) - and metaphorically, it is necessary to use a mirror. My mirror is the people I choose to work with, who, like the expert coaches they are, reflect back to me the things I cannot see, and provide a sounding board.So, last night I drew up a Point of Focus Report for myself (click the link to find out more). This begins with three Rediscovery Cards, here are mine:

Thinking through my plans to restructure the coaching service I offer, under the working title 'Stepping into Your Power', these words  make perfect sense, and made me laugh.

Last year I wrote some thoughts on 'curiosity' in a blog piece. These are the words I began with:

"Are you curious? Do you wonder about the world around you? Do you wonder about the world within you? Do you still ask those questions as the three-year old you did - why? Why? Why?

In this Issue: 

Reflections: Rest
Events: workshops in London and Cornwall
Video testimonial: Nicci Bonfanti

Reflections: Rest

I began writing this for you sitting in my garden on the first really warm day we have had here this summer, very late for Cornwall. So hot in fact that I was sitting in the shade in a delightful spot on our terrace, surrounded by birdsong and flowers with bees buzzing gently and busily.

The subject of 'rest' comes up so often for me, is that true for you as well? So many of us seem to feel tired all the time - and for good reason, we cram so much into our lives: jobs, businesses, families, children's activities, sports, hobbies, social media - the list goes on.

How interesting (I wrote, as I sat out in my garden last week) - how interesting, having chosen this title, this subject for my reflections this month - now I am lost for words to offer you. Maybe my brain needs to rest as much as my body? To disconnect, to have some time to be unfocused, to meander, to just be.

During the hot weather I took the chance to walk in my favourite spots on the cliffs, and, now that at last it is warm and dry enough - to sit there. To just be - to listen to the sounds: the waves breaking on the rocks below, and - further in the distance, on the beach. The various seabirds calling as they wheel and swoop - kittiwakes, fulmars, herring gulls, black-backed gulls, plus the jackdaws and pigeons that also nest on the steep cliff with layers forming a high-rise accommodation of ledges. The wind has been very strong too so that has been a noticeable sound - and a feeling too, the force of the moving air blowing through my hair and against my body.

May Day Magic Coaching - special offer
May Day Magic
May 1st - May Day - is a very special time here. In Padstow the annual celebration begins the evening before with the 'night singing' heralding the arrival of May Day, when the 'Osses come out to dance in the streets. Serenaded by the band of accordions and drums and the singers with the Teaser leading, each celebrates the festival of abundance, fertility and fecundity that is spring and summer.If you search on YouTube you will find dozens of clips of people's videos, here is the local page where you will find information and videos. I particularly like this one of the childrens' 'Osses.
To celebrate, I would like to offer you a little piece of your own May Day Magic - two thirty minute life coaching sessions on Zoom video-conferencing, at the price of £50.  Book your place using the PayPal button before the end of 31st May. Once you have made your payment, the return link will take you to my calendar to schedule your first thirty minute session.
If you change your mind and cancel, you will be taken to the scheduler where you can, if you wish, book a free consultation to find out more before deciding if this is for you.
Reflections: Unfurling

PowerPower: what does this word mean to you? The word keeps on coming up, often from the pack of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards when I am working with people in coaching sessions.

It seems that the theme of all my explorations this year, for myself and with others, has been just this: Power. How do we unleash it, unfurl it, stand true in our own power within? Is your first reaction to reject this word? Many of us associate power with domination, control, fear, misuse, harm to others, violence.