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May Day Magic Coaching - special offer
May Day Magic
May 1st - May Day - is a very special time here. In Padstow the annual celebration begins the evening before with the 'night singing' heralding the arrival of May Day, when the 'Osses come out to dance in the streets. Serenaded by the band of accordions and drums and the singers with the Teaser leading, each celebrates the festival of abundance, fertility and fecundity that is spring and summer.If you search on YouTube you will find dozens of clips of people's videos, here is the local page where you will find information and videos. I particularly like this one of the childrens' 'Osses.
To celebrate, I would like to offer you a little piece of your own May Day Magic - two thirty minute life coaching sessions on Zoom video-conferencing, at the price of £50.  Book your place using the PayPal button before the end of 31st May. Once you have made your payment, the return link will take you to my calendar to schedule your first thirty minute session.
If you change your mind and cancel, you will be taken to the scheduler where you can, if you wish, book a free consultation to find out more before deciding if this is for you.
Reflections: Unfurling

PowerPower: what does this word mean to you? The word keeps on coming up, often from the pack of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards when I am working with people in coaching sessions.

It seems that the theme of all my explorations this year, for myself and with others, has been just this: Power. How do we unleash it, unfurl it, stand true in our own power within? Is your first reaction to reject this word? Many of us associate power with domination, control, fear, misuse, harm to others, violence.

Point of FocusOn Monday afternoon I posted this on the Dare to Blossom Facebook page, I will add to this as the week unfolds:

A Point of Focus report for you: the process anyway. During this week, I will draw and post a card on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - as I will be doing for the group who join me in the "Global Magic Carpet Ride: Unfurl your inner wisdom" in May.

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Reflections: Coherence and Integration
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Reflections: Coherence and Integration

Coherence: the situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way
Integration: the process of combining two or more things into one
(definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary on-line)

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Reflections: Life Shifts
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Reflections: Life Shifts

This newsletter is coming to you early this time, as I am part of a blog tour to celebrate the publication of a new collaborative book with Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. This is the second in their series of 365 Books where I have been a contributing author.

The title of the new book is 365 Life Shifts, and I have two pieces of writing included this time. Both are about pivotal events in my life. Alongside these are another 363 chapters from numerous other writers, all sharing from their hearts with the intention to help others. So, this piece is of course to play my part in spreading the word about our joint project with contributors from all around the world. (You may spot me in the collage below, if you click anywhere on the photo it will take you to my Amazon page to order, and do come back and read some more.)

The title offers me an intriguing topic for my regular 'reflections' piece........ see more below.

So - where will this prompt of 'life shifts' take me? The sub-title is 'Pivotal moments that changed everything'.. We all have those in our lives. Sometimes it is clear that a big change is happening - when we experience redundancy, illness, bereavement, divorce, childbirth, or maybe simply a change of where we live (though that is not necessarily simple in my experience).

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Reflections: harmony and coherence

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Reflections: harmony and coherence

Sitting here to write to you, there are a multitude of thoughts swirling around. So many recent conversations - with people for whom I am acting as coach, and others with people coaching me - have brought so much richness. In truth in any conversation the sharing of ideas, intuition, wisdom is a two way exchange.

Themes are emerging for me this year of pulling threads together, of bringing all my work into harmony, creating a coherent whole out of what has seemed for some time to be scattered. Artwork, photography, writing, coaching, working with people through the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards, speaking to groups in person, live on air or through recordings, running workshops.

Last month I wrote about unleashing the power within: that thought has been settling, percolating and evolving. The workshop programme here in Cornwall throughout this year has been part of this (more on this below), as will be a new on-line magic carpet ride circle.

Recently I have seen the phrase 'deep dive' mentioned several times in different contexts, by various people. It is becoming more and more central to the way I see my work emerging into a new phase of harmony and coherence.