Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

GlorybushbudReflecting today on why people choose to work with a life coach, and how they select the person they wish to help them.

My style, developed over the last 15 years, is not for everyone. If you want someone lively and talkative, you may prefer a coach who is more 'directive'; one who gives you homework; who challenges you robustly.

This piece, which I unearthed in a journal from 2015, may describe a little of what you might find if you do choose to talk to me. And, you can do that for a "get to know each other" chat at no cost other than your time and attention. Details of that to follow.

"Mary is gentle yet tough, patient yet persistent. She has called on my help often: in times of illness, bereavement, fear. She has learned that she really does have the wisdim within to deal with anything.

Reflections: Procrastination or Stepping Up
'Compass Rose Speaks'
Workshop 7 July in Cornwall
Concessionary coaching place during July and August

Procrastination or stepping up? As I sit in a shady spot in my garden during our current glorious June weather, I have been reflecting on this. We are now past the solstice - past midsummer here, past midwinter if you are in another part of the world. Half of 2018 has already passed by - time for action?

For the whole of this year I have been saying, to myself, and to others (including on my email signature) that I have a work in progress, a new publication for 2018. As I have just observed, half of 2018 has gone, so if I am to achieve the goal I have set myself, I need to get a move on, as the saying goes. My intention was to be writing sections all year, as the groups I work with on the slow steady version of unfurling the Dare to Blossom Power Flower have been flowing through the seasons.

My inner critic has been shouting at me that I have done 'nothing', and yet, that is not true. Not only have I been writing steadily (just maybe not in a file labeled 'book draft'), but I have an immense library of unpublished writing, not to mention other work in blog archives and the like, on which I could draw.

In a recent meditation, flying on the magic carpet ride visualisation that I so often facilitate for others, I realised, or, rather, was shown, that the flower symbol has much more depth and richness, and potential, than I have noticed so far. The simple graphic of the flower with a centre point and four petals has proved potent and powerful, for myself, and for others.

Reflections: Flow
The Midsummer 1:1 Coaching Programme, Events, and TalksReflections: Flow

My first thought for this month is about how cyclic my experiences are. Does this happen for you? Over the last few weeks I found myself struggling, maybe trying to fight against the flow of a metaphorical river. Busy, busy - promoting the workshop in Devizes on 16th June, worrying that no one had booked. Writing new material for the fourth annual June Global Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride Circle that opens on 18th June.... and worrying if anyone would be interested.

Those of you in business will know how your work, and your income, ebbs and flows. Smiling at myself sharing those words, and how vulnerable it feels.Choosing to change my focus to how much I am enjoying the flow of the regular Dare to Blossom into Joy Mastermind group:

In April we focused on 'Purpose': in June we move on to 'Passion' (in the Dare to Blossom Power Flower that you will have seen here). During May we have simply been spending time together, occasionally in our private Facebook group, and regularly every Friday morning at 9.00 am.Each week, I draw three cards for each of us, and lead a Magic Carpet visualisation.

Last time my three cards were:


A timely reminder to take a pause in the 'doing' - to simply be for a while, to return to meditation and the magic carpet visualisations. People in the groups I work with receive extraordinary insights and practical prompts for action - and recently I have not allowed myself the time to do this myself.

And to surrender - to surrender to the flow. To allow myself to enjoy the beautiful early summer weather here. To sit on the rocks on the headland and watch the waves breaking below. To allow my eyes to feast on the amazing show of wildflowers on the cliffs this year: the cold spring seems to have brought them all into flower together. To hear the cries of the kittiwakes nesting on the rock ledges by the imposing arch of 'Porthmissen Bridge'. To watch the fulmars wheeling in the thermal currents.

Reflections: Laughter

My first reflection is to simplify this newsletter, for this month at least. So for May, there is just this article. Plus a link at the bottom to find out more about workshops etc and to meet up (in person or online) for a cuppa and a chat.

If you are reading this, you have already found your way to my website, in order to help subscribers find their way around I have recorded a short video. If you would like to see that too, here is the link to my YouTube channel. You will probably laugh at me as I sneezed energetically in the middle. Maybe I will record a new version but not today. 

If you prefer the other format with all the information in detail within the newsletter do let me know, and any other feedback and suggestions are always very welcome. Just reply to this email and I will be delighted to hear from you.

I know that many of you who read this prefer not to be on Facebook, for those who are, you can always link up through that medium also and you will find a lively community developing in the 'Dare to Blossom into Joy' group where I share a card of the day and some photos.

And so, back to Laughter - such a big part of my life, and my work.

Reflections: Purpose

One-to-one Coaching
Events and workshops

Reflections: Purpose

This was the theme of the last workshop here in Cornwall, and we will be exploring 'Purpose' in the April Dare to Blossom into Joy Mastermind group, just about to begin on April 2nd (more about that below, and there is still time to join us if you wish).

So, 'Purpose', what does that word, that concept mean to you?

What is your first response to the word?

To the colour?

What else is there?

And, what else?

Reflections: Growth
Events, workshops, and your individual Dare to Blossom Quest Experience

Reflections: Growth

This month I have left writing this until the very last minute, so, although I should get this out on 28th February, by the time you read this it may already be March. Here in the UK, even in normally mild Cornwall, we are just entering a very cold spell. This often happens in March, though not for a few years now. Some years back it was below freezing for about ten days. The fountain in our pond, which we left on to aerate the water for the fish, created an amazing ice sculpture as the water gushing from the top froze around it and a frozen cascade grew and grew. It must have been a while ago as it was before I had a digital camera, so I have no photos at hand to show you.

The subject for these reflections - growth - will, I hope, be a chance to reflect on green shoots, rather than ice accumulating. It is also the theme for the last week of the 'Peace' Mastermind group (in the Stepping into Your Power programme) that has been running through the month of February. This has been the first of five in-depth months as we journey through the year together. In April we unfurl the 'Purpose' petal together. 

The chance for you to apply to join the Mastermind group will be opening soon, just as soon, in fact, as I can get the information ready. February has been a wonderfully busy month, culminating in a trip to Surrey to exhibit at the Holistic and Mystic Show at Dorking. I was also invited to be a speaker on the talks programme there, and I was delighted to share a little of the Dare to Blossom story with those who joined me, along with offering each person their own Rediscovery Card to take away with them. For those of you not able to visit, here is the interview I did for their blog.

I was lucky enough to be taken to some scenic spots - we had lunch in the village of Forest Row, I loved this building - it was actually a pizza restaurant, but I think I managed to get a shot without any signs to distract you from the beautiful architecture.