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Reflections: Slowing Down
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Reflections: Slowing Down

This month I really have no idea yet for a theme for these reflections. At least, I didn't when I began. AS I reached the place in the set-up where I am asked for a subject line, the words 'Slowing down' popped into my head.

Sometimes it feels, especially at this point - the end of November - as if the pace of life is speeding up .If you have much to do to prepare for Christmas celebrations that will almost certainly be the case. For friends in the USA who have just finished with Thanksgiving for another year, I have no idea how you manage two such large events in quick succession.

And - for me, it still seems that slowing down is precisely what is needed. It will be time soon to plan for the new year ahead and all that I may wish to bring into action in 2017. Now, even in the midst of busy times, can be an opportunity. My recent workshop at the Blue Lotus, and the forthcoming one in Launceston (see more below) - prompted thoughts on 'Review, Reflect, and Re-Vision'. My personal spelling of 'revision' indicating that the time is not yet come to plan, simply to gain perspective on the year past, and see  more clearly the things that I wish to continue into next year.

I also see, now, as I write, that this is a continuation of the autumn theme of reaping the harvest of the year, winnowing the golden grains from the chaff. Continuing in the sense of reviewing what those golden grains represent; choosing which to store carefully away; which to plant soon; maybe which to gift to others. Writing, as always, in my own experiencing, in real time, here - talking with you through the screen, through these words - this may resonate with you. Or it may not, it may for you be a piece of chaff. Either way is perfect, the offer is there to share this fleeting experience, which I do freely in the knowing that in so doing you may find a nugget of gold of your own.

For me, this process cannot happen without slowing down. In the way that the pulse of the natural world slows in winter. As the plants become dormant, withdraw in self-protection against the cold, preserve resources for fresh growth in the spring - so we human beings need some time to turn inwards to ourselves.

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Reflections: Mellow Moments
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Reflections: Mellow Moments

It is amusing me that I chose this title for my reflections this month. I am not sure if I feel particularly 'mellow' just at this moment. I have embarked on finishing a whole lot of projects that have been hovering around, incomplete, for a while. The creating part is relatively easy for me; grappling with various online editing systems is not.  

However, sitting here at my computer, the blank page in front of me, ready to write to you, I looked out of my window at the autumn sunshine in my garden. And, remembering the harvest we have been gathering, the walks I have been enjoying, and the anticipation of slowing down for a couple of days this week to spend time with family - yes, taking a deep breath, I can feel a little of the mellowness creeping in for me. So I set this as an intention: to allow myself some mellow moments, to seek them out. To enjoy the autumn sunshine when it appears, especially as it has today, following torrential rain and winds.

The autumn colours are only just emerging here in Cornwall and I have yet to take any new photos, so I will share these from past years:

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Reflections: allowing the flow
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Reflections: allowing the flow

Laughing at myself a little ruefully as I write this:it is now 4.30 p.m. on Monday. I intended today to be a writing day. I said to someone this morning that I would be working on the latest book, then I remembered that I needed to start work on this newsletter to send out to you on Friday. And then.... well, you know the story, with your own variations: shopping, doctor's appointment, going back to collect medication as the dispensary wasn't open, emails to deal with, accounts to update, a friend to contact. Not procrastination exactly, but a version of it. (You may have seen this TED talk before? Inside the mind of a master procrastinator by Tim Urban)

The title 'Allowing the flow' popped into my mind as I was setting up the outline for this month's missive to you. Now I come to write about it, I need to explore what I mean by that. Or do I? Maybe it doesn't matter what I mean, or anyone else, by those words, they are simply words. Today I have seen two pieces in my on-line meanderings - both inspiring and thought provoking: one from Nick Williams on resistance. (This is a link to a Facebook Live piece, I am not sure if it will be accessible to you, if not you will find Nick writes about this subject in his blog too).Then this afternoon Lucinda Drayton shared this piece on Surrenderfrom her blog last year.

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Reflections: Reap your harvest
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Reflections: Reap your harvest

Here in Cornwall, this is the time of harvest. In the fields around my home, the combine harvesters are working, bringing in the crops to store for winter animal feed, or to send off for use elsewhere. In the hedgerows, there are blackberries, hips and haws. Seeds of all descriptions. Here in my garden, we have an abundance of produce: tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes (some becoming marrows before we have time to eat them), runner beans, apples ripening on the trees.

Reviewing my year, I am looking at what is ripening from all the seeds I have sown, the delicate green shoots tended, in some cases sacrificed by 'thinning out' - letting go of some ideas to focus on other, stronger, ones.

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Reflections: Evolving
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Reflections: Evolving

So much has happened over the last month: I wrote a piece a while ago, to include here, and that has been superseded by events. Things feel as if they are moving too fast for me. In some ways that is great; at times I feel I need to take a step back, to consciously choose to step aside from the fast flow. I feel as if I could lose my footing and be swept away.

curious cat

Are you curious? Do you wonder about the world around you? Do you wonder about the world within you? Do you still ask those questions as the three-year old you did - why? Why? Why?

Or, have you lost that sense of awe, that inner explorer, that curiosity? Have you been told too often that 'curiosity killed the cat'? Or that it is safer to keep your head down, not ask questions, look at the ground as you walk? To let your dreams go and stick to the daily humdrum?

Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Coaching can help you rediscover that inquisitive, adventurous self. You may make many changes, or very few, but you can be sure that you will view life differently. You will respond differently to the challenge 'Live a life you love. Start here, start now -  if not now, then when?'