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Reflections: Mellow Moments
Events: The Vibrant Living Show,  Dare to Blossom Workshops in Cornwall, plus the 2017 global online programme
New book: "The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards Companion Guide"
Unusual gifts
Inspirational links

Reflections: Mellow Moments

It is amusing me that I chose this title for my reflections this month. I am not sure if I feel particularly 'mellow' just at this moment. I have embarked on finishing a whole lot of projects that have been hovering around, incomplete, for a while. The creating part is relatively easy for me; grappling with various online editing systems is not.  

However, sitting here at my computer, the blank page in front of me, ready to write to you, I looked out of my window at the autumn sunshine in my garden. And, remembering the harvest we have been gathering, the walks I have been enjoying, and the anticipation of slowing down for a couple of days this week to spend time with family - yes, taking a deep breath, I can feel a little of the mellowness creeping in for me. So I set this as an intention: to allow myself some mellow moments, to seek them out. To enjoy the autumn sunshine when it appears, especially as it has today, following torrential rain and winds.

The autumn colours are only just emerging here in Cornwall and I have yet to take any new photos, so I will share these from past years:

Many years ago, when I ran Pydar Crafts, my business making copper enamel jewellery, one of my most popular lines was an autumn leaf brooch. I don't have one myself which is rather sad, but I can remember the people who visited my stall at the craft shows. They would spend such time and care choosing the perfect one for a gift - there was a selection of colours: from red and bronze to green and yellow. Being handmade, no two were exactly alike. A beautiful memory, a mellow moment.

If you are in the USA, many of your autumn moments may involve pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving. As well as colours these may bring back the smells of your mother's baking; the texture of the pumpkin flesh as you carved it out; the tingles of delight as a child as you saw the scary face you had made illuminated by the candle inside. My husband and I don't grow the big pumpkins any more, though we did have some whoppers one year. Here is a photo taken at the Eden Project one year when they had just had a pumpkin carving day and these creations were on display.

So, where have these meanderings on 'mellow moments' taken me today? The enjoyable memories for one. And a sense of resting in that sense of completion of the cycles of the year, the harvest time, the leaves having done their jobs. The earlier sunshine was replaced by a shower and that in turn has now given way to a brighter sky again, with the trees lit against a backdrop of dark clouds. 

For you, for your journal or meditation practice:
- allow yourself to reminisce on some 'mellow moments', maybe browsing old photos as I have done
- what memories emerge for you?
- what gifts can you find within?

Events: the Vibrant Living Show, Dare to Blossom Workshops in Cornwall, plus the 2017 global online programme

I will be exhibiting, and giving a talk (at 1 pm, entitled "Will you dare to blossom?") at the Vibrant Living Show on 12th November from 10-4 at Heartlands, Pool, Cornwall. Further details here, or on Facebook here.

Winter Magic Carpet Ride - Review, Reflect, Re-Vision

Two workshops are coming up for the closing months of 2016, both on the theme of 'Reflect, Review, Re-Vision', looking back and choosing what to take forward to the new year ahead. Full details are here on the website page.

Saturday 19 November, at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier, Redruth

As the year closes, join us at a new location for a morning of shared reflection, to review and re-vision the year, and look forward to the future. We will share creative visualisation, writing exercises, discussion, laughter - all those ingredients that people tell me make big breakthroughs possible for them. The freedom of the imagery of the magic carpet, combined with the Rediscovery Cards will allow you to experience a reconnection with your intuition, your inner wisdom. 

As usual, arrive at 9.30 to settle in for 10 am start through to 1pm, as usual, and the price per person is £25. Book Here.

Monday 12 December, at The Business Space, Launceston.

This event is a little different as the room there has been kindly donated by Annie Mitchell from Bamham Farm Cottages. This is being promoted in conjunction with Gemma Massey from TME Networking, and the plan is to hold a two hour workshop using the tried and tested 'Magic Carpet Ride' formula, with time for networking before and afterwards.

Arrive from 9.15 am, through to 12.30 pm.The price for this one-off event is £20 per person. Book here.

The information for all events is on the Dare to Blossom website as usual. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Return of the Light - Illumination for 2017: Global Online Magic Carpet Ride Circle

Early notice of the next on-line Magic Carpet Ride Circle. Join a global group to explore how you wish to illuminate your year ahead in 2017 - whether business, career, health, relationships, creativity - any or all of these, you will receive insights and support here. More details and booking link here.

We start on Saturday 7th January, and run through five full weeks together, closing our circle on Friday 10th February. Each Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm GMT there will be the opportunity to join a group check-in call to share our experiences. This will be recorded in case you are not able to join us, and for you to listen again if you do as there will be many rich seams to explore through this process.

Each week you will receive a new guided visualisation to help you access your own inner wisdom. We will use the prompts of the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards and a daily practice each week through a closed Facebook group where we can gather as if in a room together and support each other. 

I know that many readers of this newsletter do not wish to be involved with Facebook, if there is enough interest, I could, as before, set up an email group - and you would still of course be very welcome to join the live group calls each Tuesday. Please
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if this appeals to you.

The Early Bird price is £25 so book now to reserve your place. After 7 December the price will be £30.

New book: "The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards Companion Guide"

Regular readers here must have lost count of the number of times I have mentioned work on a book as a companion to the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards. And maybe understandably wondering if I would ever actually write and publish this. Well, the news is that at last I have ceased dithering over it and taken the 'just do it' approach.

This means that the first proof copies I ordered are already out of date before they arrive, as I immediately thought of lots of additions to make and a better design for the cover. However, the second batch of proof copies have been ordered, with the inclusion of a foreword by Nick Williams, author of The Work We Were Born to Do (and 13 other titles). I don't remember when I read his first book, but know it was before I became a life coach myself. Nick's work and his way of being present so authentically in his writing and his videos (recently broadcasting live every day on Facebook) has been inspirational. So, when he agreed to write the piece I was delighted and honoured.

The books will be available to buy direct from me, either as a stand-alone, or in a package with the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards. Later the book will be available from Amazon and other booksellers' sites, as well as from Lulu.com, the self-publishing service I use. Here is the link to my Lulu page there where the new book will be listed in due course and here is a low resolution mock-up of the cover: 

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to keep going with writing this book, it has turned out nothing like I expected, and, in some contrary way, at the same time, just as I hoped. I know that makes little sense, along the way somewhere the original idea I had after my year of blogging about one card a week, has split into two books. This is the first, the simple companion. Written not to tell you how to interpret the cards, simply to provide a little structure, in the form of prompts and examples of other people's reactions - to help you develop your own individual way (or ways) of accessing your inner wisdom. I am so grateful to the members of the Facebook group who have given me permission to use their comments anonymously. Thank you once again if you are reading this.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering - I don't know what the second book will be about yet, or when it will emerge. Right now I want to get away from the computer and focus on some new art pieces for my stand at the Vibrant Living Show, and displays at the workshops. And there is seasonal celebration and time to rest at the turn of the year to prepare for as well.

Unusual gifts

As well as my currently available three books (soon to be four as you will have seen), you could also look at my original artwork, and the greetings cards featuring my designs and photographs. Another way to buy is via my page on Redbubble. Here you can choose a design to be made into a print, a greetings card, a tote bag, phone case - a whole range of products. This can be a good way to order, especially if you are based in the USA, as that is where Redbubble prints them. (So, if you are in UK, and order a big package, as I did, please be aware you may be charged customs duties, plus an administration charge.)

I have so many friends who make the most amazing and beautiful things, that I am hard-pressed to choose any to feature here, so here is a website that highlights a number of different small UK producers, it is called "Wow Thank You." And there is the Made in Cornwall site being set up too.

Inspirational Links

This month's featured blog is Barb Parcells with Flower Bear's Garden. In her piece she mentions a Youtube interview with Natalie Goldberg on the thirtieth anniversary of her book Writing Down the Bones,  one of my early inspirations. I am watching it now as I write - another mellow moment. I love what she has to say about art too,and her reflections and stories.