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Reflections 1: The Winds of Change
Reflections 2: "Your Powerful Voice" Online Programme, plus "Percolating and Germinating"
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Reflections: The Winds of Change

March is not yet here, yet the wild winds are blowing in that tempestuous way that often welcomes in this month - one of growth and green shoots here in Cornwall. Last month I also wrote about change, and so much seems to have happened since then. As I wrote recently on my website (read more here), I found myself needing to 'live the questions' as I made the decision to cancel what has been my regular group programme throughout the year, and leave space for the new work that is emerging following the publication of The Powerful Voice of the Quiet Ones. To let that go before the new shoots were able to emerge for something fresh.

All the advance orders have now been dispatched and new orders are trickling in. At the same time, it is becoming clear to me that publishing the book, as well as clearing the way for the Compass Rose Speaks book to be finished, is the beginning of my work with 'The Powerful Voice' not the end. More on that below.

If you are in the southern hemisphere, you may be coming into autumn, harvest time, Another time of equinoctial winds, even with a different feeling. Here in Cornwall we are having a normal sort of early spring, with lots of gales and rain and the occasional sunny, but colder, day.

I know that I often resist change. I can be comfortable in a routine, with knowing how things will flow, with plans for many months ahead. I enjoy feeling that security, a sense of control - which is of course often a false one. My life has often been turned upside down by unexpected events. Sometimes difficult ones, sometimes joyful surprises. Over the years I have become a little more accustomed to coping with changes. Often it feels as if these are blown in by a gale of wind.

Recently the real life gales have been so strong, and have brought so much rain along with them, that I have hardly been out walking. I love the wind on the cliffs, when it is strong but not so violent that I feel unsafe. It is exhilarating and enlivening. Last time I visited my favourite spot I found a big change that meant I was unable to walk there and visit the fulmars. (I wrote about them last month too.) Here is a photo from another recent visit, of the cliffs next to the rock arch that is known as Porthmissen Bridge. The ledges are where the fulmars nest, along with kittiwakes and gulls, jackdaws and pigeons.

Writing this now, I realise how unsettled I feel about that change, how much it has rocked my happy routine. The farmer has filled in all the parking places with huge piles of earth - absolutely his right to do that, he owns the land. I don't know the reason, but I can imagine he may be tired of people abusing the privilege of free parking - often people stay in their camper vans there for days, even weeks, at a time.

That day, when I first found I couldn't park, I went to another favourite place, which would have been a much longer walk down the valley to the cliff edge. I put on my boots, my coat and scarf, hat and gloves, and set off. I soon found that the wind was funneling up the valley, so strongly that I could hardly stand. I turned round and went back to my car. It was only when I got back there that I realised it was also raining - the wind had been so strong that it had been flying across horizontally and I hadn't noticed.

An interesting experience, I will need to explore and find new places to go, as well as taking a longer route to reach the places where the fulmars fly. That may mean going for fewer, but longer walks. Now I am taking time to reflect, I can see a potential there, and a sense of curiosity - what new discoveries await?.

This example of a change feels quite a small, insignificant one, yet as I write those words I know that isn't so - this is quite a big change for me. I also know that I have adapted to so many changes throughout my life. I will choose to lean into the wind and enjoy the energy as I await the emergence of the new.

For you, suggestions for your journal reflections or meditations:

  • What are the winds of change blowing away for you right now?
  • What are they bringing your way, towards you?
  • How will you choose to respond?
  • What new discoveries will you explore?

Reflections 2: "Your Powerful Voice" Online Programme, plus "Percolating and Germinating"

I know that a new programme is about to emerge from this work, the book is simply the beginning. When I began writing this newsletter for you, I imagined having a full programme planned and ready to announce here, with dates and times for a weekly Zoom circle. 

However, I have realised that I need some time: some time to rest, time to enjoy the progress of the book out around the world. I have been receiving messages back from people, sometimes with photos of their books. Soon, I hope that reviews will be shared too. I have been delaying a 'launch party' until the book is listed on Amazon, but it seems to be a slow process: it is there now, but states it is 'unavailable' - so am following that up with Lulu.com. (Here is the link where you can buy the book from them if that is easier than ordering a signed copy from me, and it may save on shipping costs if you are outside the UK. You can also leave reviews there.)

Here is a photo of the copy that has arrived in Ontario, Canada - through snow that has been unusually severe even for that part of the world (the press are calling it 'Snowmageddon'!)

(Photo with thanks to Gail Johnson Morris)

So, with all that is going on, it feels important to take that time, and to allow the new programme to emerge in its own time. You may well receive one of my occasional 'special bulletins' with news in due course, or maybe it will be in the April newsletter.

In one of the Zoom calls this week where people joined me to give support and feedback, these two words came up 'Percolate' and 'Germinate'. I love the thoughts that emerged as we discussed these words: Percolate, as well as a way of preparing coffee, also has the more general meaning of "filter gradually through a porous surface or substance." For me, that feels like letting go, letting things wash over me, letting the porous substance absorb whatever needs to be let go of, to allow it to be used as fertiliser to enrichen the soil.

I have chosen these two images as they seem to illustrate, first the 'percolating', and then the 'germinating processes. The first I drew a number of years ago, after a coaching call with Amy Palko. It was on a different theme, yet today, looking for ideas to illustrate these thoughts, it feels good. The new growth is using the wall as a support, rather than it being a barrier. Maybe the wall also helps with the 'percolation' process?

The second photo was taken on one of my annual bluebell walks in the woods near Lanhydrock House, I loved the new shoots sheltering at the base of the beech tree. Allowing them to germinate in the rich leaf mould that collects there.

For me as well, in the rich 'soil' of reflections, through which has 'percolated' the experiences of my every day life, new ideas, new seedlings can germinate. Again I turn to the dictionary for definitions: "Germinate: begin to grow and put out shoots after a period of dormancy." And: "come into existence and develop."

For some time now, people have been asking if I have thought of running a writers' group. Ideas are germinating for me - maybe a group where we will explore "Percolate and Germinate", before going more fully into the Powerful Voice work.  Or maybe two separate but complementary spaces? "Percolate and Germinate" to do just that - nurture the tender shoots of new ideas, whether in writing, art, music, business, or any other area of our lives. "The Powerful Voice'"when we are ready to step out, step up into our gentle power?

I will reflect some more on this and feel into how it could work. If you have any thoughts, reflections or suggestions, please do get in touch, simply reply to this email.

Events and ways to Dare to Blossom

Joanne's Healing Within TV Show I am very excited to be appearing live on Joanne’s (Jab Barry) TV show this Sunday, 1st March. The time is 8 pm in the UK, 3 pm EST, please do tune in to support me if you are free at that time.
You can watch on Facebook on the link above (I think a recording will be available there too), or if you are a subscriber to Roku on demand at Strong Island Entertainment.

Cornwall Workshops: The next event of 2020 is on Saturday 14th March, from 10 am to 1 pm, at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre as usual. This time we will be looking North - to your Guiding Star, your Purpose. This month I have reduced the price from £33 to £22.

The special spring offer on the Compass Rose Coaching Programme has just two places not yet taken. Six sessions, of either one hour or thirty minutes, on Zoom, at half price - if this feels of interest to you, have a look before they go.

Dare to Blossom at Home: if you would like to host a workshop for you and your guests in your home, have a look at the link and contact me for a chat if you would discuss how it might work for you. I normally keep this to Cornwall and West Devon, but I can always consider other invitations.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

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