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It seems strange not to have written a December newsletter, as you may know I was travelling at the time I would normally have sent that out to you. So here we are looking ahead to 2020, as well as celebrating all that has happened over the last year.


Reflections: Standing in the Doorway
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Reflections: Standing in the Doorway

Welcome to the first missive of 2020, all being well you will be reading this just before New Year. Sitting to reflect over the last few days, it has taken me a while to find a focus for this piece. So much has happened this year. So much has happened since I last wrote to you, before my magical journey to New Zealand began at the end of November. I feel as if I am literally standing in the doorway between the old year and the new, watching the stars wheel overhead as the year turns. Standing in that liminal space in between, taking a moment to pause, to reflect.

I returned from New Zealand on 6th December, having been away from home for less than three weeks, and in that time having travelled thousands of miles around the globe and back. Some of you joined me in the "Aotearoa Quest" group - it was a huge honour to have the company of a big group of travellers in spirit with me, thank you, thank you.

There were so many levels to my experience of journeying: the physical travel, and the excitement of seeing new places and revisiting familiar ones; the joy of being reunited with my sister and all her wonderfully large family of three daughters, their husbands and the seven children. Not to mention a new group of animal friends: cats, dogs, horses.

This picture, taken from the plane as we flew over the Southern Alps as we arrived, is one of my favourites. Each time I see it I am brought again to that place of wonder and anticipation.

Underpinning all those precious aspects, there is a deeper  journey, my own quest of reconnection with the land of New Zealand, of Aotearoa. A land where I have only lived briefly, the longest period being for about nine months, and yet a land for which  I feel a deep, deep love. It is so different in some ways to my home part of the planet, here in Cornwall, and yet we are all connected through the oceans and our sharing of this precious home world. Much more is emerging as I reflect and write, this piece contains just a few snippets about my journey.


The initial catalyst for my visit was an invitation to speak at the HerStory conference in Wellington. The whole experience of the event was one of ups and downs. The high points for me were meeting so many online friends and making new friends in person at the event. Sandy B Simmons, one of those online friends, from Melbourne, filmed this on my phone for me while I was giving my talk.  As I prepare to send this out to you all, I am hesitating over including the link to the video. I am - as many people are - very critical of myself. I know that another time I would have spoken differently, maybe more slowly, maybe using different words. Watching it with my sister (who I know will read this too) - was a prompt for conversation. I now know that she too likes quiet time to recharge. It is interesting that throughout my growing-up years I saw her, my 'big sister', as confident, glamorous and out-going, and assumed as I spoke in this talk, that she would see herself as an extrovert. Of course, as I said, we are all different, each of us on a scale, not easily  categorised, not fitting neatly into a box. 


Before and after those few days in Wellington my family and I went on many trips together. It was moving and poignant to visit the beautiful city of Christchurch - so changed by the devastating earthquakes.



Here are the ruins of the cathedral, and below the 'transition' cathedral, also known as the cardboard cathedral as it is literally made of huge cardboard tubes.



The resilience of the people of Christchurch brings me back to reflecting on the doorway that we are all about to step through. None of us can know what the future holds. When we step forward with a smile and with the confidence that we too have the resilience brought by knowing that we can get through each day as it comes, we can overcome the fear that we may feel. . And knowing that we can ask for help when we need to, and know that it will arrive. Memories of a tragic time, yet one it is important to remember, and to celebrate those who were lost, and those who came through and are still rebuilding their lives.


This photo was taken on our whale watching trip out from Kaikoura. Many of you will know that I received a powerful message from a whale in the spirit realm while I was in hospital in August under-going a lumbar puncture. I saw that whale as a humpback. We did not see one of those whales on this trip, yet the boat we travelled on, one of five in the fleet, 'just happened' to be the one named Paikea, the Maori name for the humpback whale. I loved the thought that I was metaphorically riding on a whale as we journeyed out to sea.

The whale in the photo above, which I think was taken by my sister, one of many pictures we took between us, is a sperm whale. They dive for up to an hour, deep, deep down into the ocean. Then they surface and spend around 15 minutes re-oxygenating: breathing in, and spouting out, with just a tiny part of their huge body showing above the waves. If you click on the link above it will take you to the Whale Watch company website where there is information, and an illustration of the real size of the sperm whales. I was lucky enough to catch a very brief video as this whale dived
Later we found a huge pod of dusky dolphins and everyone on board rejoiced with them as they played around the boat in our bow wave.


Such joyful memories to step into 2020 with, at the same time allowing for the unknown to be present and welcoming the new that will be arriving. Looking back as I do so, reflecting on how much has happened during 2019, that I could not possibly have predicted. I wonder what this new year will bring?


For you, suggestions for your journal reflections or meditations:

  • What are the gifts of 2019 for you? 
  • Visualise the doorway connecting 2019 and 2020, how does it appear to you right now?
  • Imagine yourself stepping through. Who is there to help you? Who would you like to invite to be with you?
  • What is the scene spread in front of you?
  • Do you create a Vision Board each year? These suggestions may add perfectly to that ritual, or you could doodle, flow-write, draw or collage a vision of the year ahead. Simply play and have fun.


New Year Coaching Special Offer

One to One Coaching:For January, I have a special offer for you:  the chance to experience the six session 'Compass Rose' programme at half the regular price. You can choose thirty minute or one hour calls on Zoom video-conferencing. Take a look here, and contact me for a complimentary consultation if you would like to explore if this is for you. Remember you will pay just 50% of the prices on the website (either for the package or 'pay as you go)'  - as long as you are one of the first six people to contact me. Simply reply to this email to book or to discuss if this may be your opportunity to follow. You need to contact me before the end of January, and have your first session (or have it booked) during that month, after that you can allow the process to unfold at the speed that is right for you. Some people go right around the Compass Rose in six weeks, others take six months, or a year.


Alternatively,you can join the group coaching programme that begins on 31st January - for you as regular readers here, the price is £80 per month. If it would help you, contact me to discuss paying by instalments. Or, to be sure of your place right through the year, you may like to book the full programme. More details below, and on the website.


Events and ways to Dare to Blossom


Cornwall Workshops: The first event of 2020 is on Saturday 25th January, from 10 am to 1 pm, at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre as usual. We open the new cycle around the year, around the Compass Rose, with 'Centre Point - Peace: Grounding, Balancing'.  


2020 Programmes: "The Power of Your Compass Rose"The new programmes are on the website and the Global Online Circle  begins on 31 January for the February group. Book now if you are keen to reserve your place. As always, if you have any questions, simply email or contact me here.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

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