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Reflections: Journeys
An invitation: Your Aotearoa Quest
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Reflections: Journeys

It is intriguing that this title for my reflections came to me, this month. I am not leaving on my journey to New Zealand until November, so it may have been logical to for this subject to appear for the next newsletter.

However, appear it has, so I will follow where it takes me today. I have made many journeys in my life, literal and metaphorical. One of those was my 'journey' with cancer as many of you know - which began in 1994. My great good fortune was that the surgery removed the cancer and it has not returned. My experience has been one of coping with chronic pain, and that is lessening and changing as the years pass.

A memory pops up of a funny, and very moving talk at a conference for people affected by cancer I attended regularly for many years in Manchester. The speaker queried that metaphor of a 'cancer journey'. As he said, who chooses to set out on that sort of journey? And what type of journey has no known destination, no way of following your route on a map, no stops, no stations or airports along the way, no discernible means of travel. A one-way journey, one from which you may 'return' yet not as the same person whatever the outcome. A journey you have to travel alone, no one can truly be with you, however much family and friends, and professional supporters try to be with you.

My memories of that conference, and all the others, are - and this can be surprising to people who have not experienced this sort of 'journey' - that they were times of so much laughter. Laughter, and tears, and above all hugs. Everyone hugged, with unconditional love for each other (and asking permission first). I remember it being really quite hard not to hug people in the street when we left the sheltered bubble of the university campus. The conference always ended with a song about hugs (sadly I can't find a recording of it just now), which saw 300 people hugging as many people as they could before we all went our separate ways.

Many of us travel through our lives encountering health challenges of one sort or another. They seem to be part of being in a human body on this earth. Other sorts of journeys come to mind: that of growing up, from a child into a teenager and then the various phases of adulthood. One where we often wish we could go back in time and give our younger selves some encouragement. Although, as I read somewhere recently, our younger selves would most likely have ignored the advice from a strange person claiming to be themselves visiting from the future.

Then there are those regular roads we travel that become a habit: to school, to work, to the shops. How often do we fail to notice the sights and sounds along our way? They become so familiar as to be invisible to us. The photo below always make me look twice, even though I took it.... the eye is deceived by the stark blackness of the shadow. Can you see what it is?

For me that is one of the gifts of going away from home travelling. When I return I will see my familiar surroundings with fresh eyes, with a new perspective. When I am walking my favourite path on the cliffs a few miles drive from my home, I make it a practice to truly look around and notice everything, and yet even then, I am sure that much will seem new upon my return.

(Oh yes, the photo is a rock passage cut through a small rock promontory. The story is that the reason was to let the tide and waves flow more easily to protect the boats that used to berth in the cove beyond unloading pilchards.)

For you, suggestions for your journal reflections or meditations:

  • Flow-write about significant journeys in your life.
  • Draw a timeline of your life on a large roll of paper, or several sheets that you can lay out on the floor. Use symbols, drawings, colours.
  • What do you see when you step back and look at your timeline from a different angle?
  • Take an inner journey using meditation, or a guided visualisation. (Here is a link to an introductory Magic Carpet Ride visualisation*).
  • Journal about your experiences. 

*I notice that I recorded this version three years ago. It has changed considerably since then, into a the one I use regularly now. I may record a new one at some stage. For now, this reminder of how many times I have spoken a version of these words, one that in truth, changes every time, feels perfect.

An invitation: Your Aotearoa Quest

Your Aotearoa Quest: Travel in spirit with me around the Compass Rose to New Zealand and back.

On 18th November I will be leaving England to travel to New Zealand. First I will fly East to Singapore. Then South to Christchurch. I leave there on 5th December, first North to Singapore again and then West to England (and further west still from Heathrow Airport to Cornwall).

So, yes, this description of the compass directions is wildly approximate as a means of navigating the surface of the earth – and yet for me it is significant as a metaphor for the journey I will be embarking upon.

So many people have said how much they would love to come with me: “Can I stow away in your suitcase?!” And then: “I’ll be with you in spirit.” – that those comments sparked an idea for a special offering for those of you who love following the metaphor of the Compass Rose. (If you are unfamiliar with my meditation poem, you can read or listen here).

For each person who books their place on the Quest I will scribe your name on a card. That card will represent you, and yes, you will travel in my suitcase around to the opposite side of the world. I do not yet know exactly where my journey within New Zealand will take me, mostly in the South Island around Christchurch where my sister and her family all live.

Definitely over the mountains to the wild West coast. Maybe up the East coast and out to sea on a whale-watching trip. Maybe to Wellington at the southern tip of the North Island where I hope to be speaking at the HerStory conference.

Your card, the representation of you in spirit, will travel with me. You will be present as I write in my journal (a beautiful new one bought especially for the journey). You, your card, will share in the things I experience.

Click here to find out more and book your place. You can also contact me with any questions, and we can always chat on Zoom.

I do not know yet how much Wi-Fi access I will have to share with you during my travels, I hope I will be able to share some photos with everyone as I usually do at home.

For anyone who is feeling the call to join in, to accept that this invitation is to enter the unknown of a new journey with me, I cannot right now tell you exactly what you will receive on my return.

I know that you will one day find an envelope in the post. It will contain your card, the one with your time scribed upon it. The one that has travelled with my on the Quest to Aotearoa. The card that will hold a special magic for you. I will also draw four Rediscovery cards for you on my return, one for each point of the compass. I will also send those.

West Coast 2

In addition, I will compile a pdf document that you will receive electronically with messages that are for us all, and maybe some nuggets for you personally.

Are you with me? Are you happy to book your place, pay the fee of £22, and allow the process to unfold without knowing what it may bring?

I will be closing bookings on 3rd November, which, by coincidence is my birthday, so I will have two weeks before I pack and leave Cornwall. Two weeks to prepare your card and all the others to travel with me. Two weeks to allow the magic that will connect us all to begin working.

This will therefore be a slow process, one that I know will be deep and rich for each of us. I cannot yet say when you will receive your card in the post, or your pdf. I do not know how long it will be upon my return before I accomplish those things. I know that they will all be achieved in perfect timing, sometime around the turn of the year. Maybe before Christmas, maybe afterwards, maybe the travelling card and your for cards for the points of the compass via real mail first, followed by your electronic document.

You may wish to share a conversation with me to dive into the magic more deeply, to book a one to one on Zoom. You can sign up for that now if you wish by using the drop-down menu on the PayPal button on the website. Alternatively, you can wait and see how you feel, that additional offer will be open into 2020.

Compass Rose Speaks'

I am your Compass Rose. My centre point is Peace. Balancing, grounding.

Look up! Look North, to your Guiding Star. Your Purpose.

From the East comes the rising sun. Passion, potential.

South is the source of nature's powers. The flowing rivers, the rising tides, the ever-changing oceans. The wind that shapes the land. The power that is arising in you.

West is the land of the setting sun. Progressing forwards into the night. Anticipating the promise of a new day. Return your attention to your centre point, Peace. Balanced, grounded.

I am your Compass Rose. 

© Mary Lunnen 2018

Events and ways to Dare to Blossom

This month I have simplified this list as I am focusing on m trip away from mid-November.
All the usual one-to-one offerings are available, fitting around that time, so if you are interested  click here for details and contact me to book your complimentary consultation. Here are the key events before I leave:

Dare to Blossom October Mastermind Circle: Return to Peace. During October we return to the centre point of the Compass Rose, the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next.

As I often say, it makes no difference at what point you join the process, some people in the group have been here all year (and some for a second year), others have entered in more recently. Each part is connected back through the centre point, through Peace, to every other part.

Contact me if you would like to join us in October, there are three spaces left, or maybe two when you read this, and there will be a discount for newsletter subscribers in gratitude for your support.

Cornwall Workshops: The next event is on Saturday 16th November, from 10 am to 1 pm. The theme is 'Return to Peace', the same as the on-line Circle. If you are able to join us in person here in Cornwall, we meet in a beautiful room at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.in Scorrier. 

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,