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Reflections: Appreciation
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Reflections: Appreciation

For me, appreciation seems to add even more depth to gratitude. Listing the things I am grateful for is a beautiful practice. When I add exactly why I am grateful for those things, it encourages me to think more deeply. To think about exactly what it is that I appreciate about them.

I appreciate the beauty of these extraordinary flowers. I took the photo at the Eden Project a year or so ago. When I shared it on my Facebook page people told me what they were known as (spider lilies), and some friends have them growing in their gardens in Australia. Knowing these facts and sharing with others, helped me to appreciate them even more deeply.

Appreciating the wonders of nature all around is extremely important to me. In the past, there have been times when I was working in stressful situations, with lots of other pressures in my personal life, not to mention living with chronic pain. I can remember eventually realising that I had stopped even being truly aware of what was around me, let alone appreciating the beauty of what I was seeing. This pattern recurred several times, in different jobs, before I eventually fully received the message and made changes.

Now I am fortunate to be able to choose how I spend my time, and I walk on the cliffs near my home as often as I am able, even if just for ten minutes. The fresh sea air, the sound of the waves, the calling of the sea birds nesting on the cliff ledges, the colours of the different flowers throughout the year, the feel of the rocky ground, and then the springy turf, beneath my feet - I appreciate every moment.

Appreciation is even more powerful when applied to our interactions with people. "Thank you for doing (or being)...." ..has more impact than simply "Thank you". And thanking someone for the particular way in which they did something, even more so. Being precise is of course a well-recognised way of giving feedback, whether in personal or professional situations. 

Finally, how often do you appreciate yourself? I was asked this question by a wise friend recently, who suggested I write myself a card and post it to myself. I have written it - I did that straight away - and I decided to leave it a while so I would forget the words of the message to myself. Maybe I will simply hide it amongst my stash of beautiful cards I keep to write for others. Then I will come across it at some time in the future and see it is for me. Or maybe I will post it when I decide the time is right.

For you, suggestions for your journal reflections or meditations:

  • What does 'appreciation' mean to you? 
  • Choose to appreciate everyone and everything around you. Write about what things come to your appreciative attention right now. What can you see right under your nose?
  • Write cards for friends and family telling them what you appreciate about them.
  • Write one for a work colleague or your boss.
  • Write one for yourself.

Dare to Blossom Art Summer Sale

Many of you are familiar with the encaustic art (wax painting) that I enjoy creating. I have just announced a summer sale, which runs until 28th August. The offer is 20% reduction on the original mounted or framed paintings. If anything catches your eye, contact me before buying to receive the discount as I have not changed the prices on the website. Also, if you are outside the UK, I will need to check postage costs for you. Click on the image below to view the gallery.

Events and ways to Dare to Blossom

Dare to Blossom Taster Circle On 9th August at 10.00 am UK time there is a chance to experience the magic of a live Zoom call with a small group. The link takes you to the Facebook event, if you prefer not to use that, simply reply to this email and ask me to send you the link.
Dare to Blossom September Mastermind Circle: Progress. During September we are unfurling the 'Progress; petal of the power flower, following the west-pointing arm of the Compass Rose: "West is the land of the setting sun, progressing forward into the night, anticipating the promise of a new day."

It makes no difference at what point you join the process, some people in the group have been here all year (and some for a second year), others have entered in more recently. Each part is connected back through the centre point, through Peace, to every other part.

Contact me if you would like to join us in September, there will be a discount for newsletter subscribers in gratitude for your support.

One-to-one coaching : I currently have spaces for two new clients. Whether you have worked with me before or not, you are very welcome to book a complimentary consultation to chat about what your aim would be for enrolling in one of my coaching programmes and how we can make it work for you. Please ask if the regular price is not within your budget right now. I am well aware that just when people would most benefit from coaching may be when they can least afford it. And, it is also true that unless people are committed to investing in themselves: in time, and in money, then maybe that true change they desire may never happen.

Three Card Listenings These are continuing to be popular with people who want a snapshot of insight for themselves. 

Cornwall Workshops: The next event is on Saturday 14th September, from 10 am to 1 pm. This time we will be exploring Progress, this time in person in a beautiful room together at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre.in Scorrier. September is a beautiful time of year to visit Cornwall, so you could combine joining us at this event with a short break exploring the coastline, beaches, moors, and gardens of this wonderful place. Let me know if I can help suggest where to visit or to stay. You could also combine this with your personal one-to-one Quest Experience with me as your companion and guide.

The Dare to Blossom Quest Experience: this is the in-depth VIP programme for you to truly step into your power within. The journey begins with a free consultation, where you can find out is this is for you, and book a date. Next we share a one hour video coaching session to explore exactly what you would like to achieve when you join me here in Cornwall on the majestic cliffs to connect with your Compass Rose, your inner guidance system, your wisdom within. On the day itself I will have planned various options according to your wishes and to allow us to adapt to whatever the weather has in store for us. We will travel through the landscape, considering each of the five parts of the Compass Rose. (Read more here, where you can also watch a video by someone who has experienced this for themselves) After your Quest there is another one hour video session to follow up and look at what next for you.

Root and Branch Listenings are available at any time as a one-off, or as a quarterly 'Four Seasons' subscription. If you choose to subscribe,  you will receive your personal Listening four times a year. The next issue will be in September for the Autumn Equinox (or Spring if you are south of the equator).. 

Point of Focus Membership: if you prefer a monthly timescale with Dare to Blossom Cards drawn for you to reflect upon, with the option of adding on one-to-one coaching calls with me, the Point of Focus subscription may be for you. Some people find subscribing to these and the 'Root and Branch Listenings' together a valuable source of support.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,