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Reflections: Adventure

Right now I am in the middle of finalising arrangements for a big adventure, my first visit to New Zealand since 2006, and the first travelling by myself since 1976. A chance to spend time with all the people in my family who live there.

Lots of arrangements to make and decisions to take. The array of choices on-line can be totally discombobulating for me. (ha! I love that word 'discombobulating', and so rarely get to use it!). Luckily I recently met a travel expert at a local networking event where she was the guest speaker, so I have been working with her to simplify it for me and get the best deal possible. The flights are now booked, with just a few details to slot into place later.

Now I can relax and enjoy the anticipation of my adventure, which will begin in November, just after the last workshop of the year here in Cornwall, on 17th. 

What does adventure mean to you? New places, new people, new sights and sounds? New experiences? 

All of those for me. At the same time, I experience many adventures much closer to home, walking on the cliffs and beaches, in the woods, by the streams, here in Cornwall. I always return with many photographs, and sometimes with treasures, such as this flight feather from a large buzzard, probably a female.

There is something about the soaring buzzard that always calls to me. Flying high above the landscape, with extraordinary eyesight. Gaining that higher perspective. Apparently they usually only travel around 100 km, but some are known to migrate.

For me, travel is always an opportunity to see with new eyes. Whether it is a short journey here at home, or a trip to the other side of the world, that opportunity is ripe with gifts and new experiences.

Truly an adventure.

For you, suggestions for your journal reflections or meditations:

  • What does 'adventure' mean to you? You could explore with some lists, adventures in your own home itself. Adventures close by. Adventures in travelling further afield. Pick one adventure to embark on today.
  • Choose to look at the world around you with new eyes. What do you see? Flow-write, doodle or paint what it brings for you.

Events and ways to Dare to Blossom

As well as the Dare to Blossom Circle for July that features above, here are other ways to connect and dare to blossom for yourself. One-to-one coaching : I currently have spaces for two new clients. Whether you have worked with me before or not, you are very welcome to book a complimentary consultation to chat about what your aim would be for enrolling in one of my coaching programmes and how we can make it work for you. Please ask if the regular price is not within your budget right now. I am well aware that just when people would most benefit from coaching may be when they can least afford it. And, it is also true that unless people are committed to investing in themselves: in time, and in money, then maybe that true change they desire may never happen.

Three Card Listenings These are continuing to be popular with people who want a snapshot of insight for themselves. 

Cornwall Workshops: The next event is on Saturday 6th July, from 10 am to 1 pm. This time we will be exploring Power.

Root and Branch Listenings are available at any time as a one-off, or as a quarterly 'Four Seasons' subscription. If you choose to subscribe,  you will receive your personal Listening four times a year. The next issue will be in September for the Autumn Equinox (or Spring if you are south of the equator).. 

Point of Focus Membership: if you prefer a monthly timescale with Dare to Blossom Cards drawn for you to reflect upon, with the option of adding on one-to-one coaching calls with me, the Point of Focus subscription may be for you. Some people find subscribing to these and the 'Root and Branch Listenings' together a valuable source of support.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,

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