Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Welcome, welcome dear friends, welcome to the first newsletter for 2019, wishing you a wonderful year ahead

Reflections: Cycles and Changes

As the old year ends, and the new begins, I notice that some things repeat each year. Some cycles begin again: the seasons, the months, even some of the events I plan, such as the workshops at the Blue Lotus, here in Cornwall.

Other things change, for each of us is a year older than we were at the beginning of 2018. In truth, everything changes. Even as some things may seem to remain the same, they are subtly different each time around the wheel of the year.

As I pause to reflect on how to continue my thoughts here, I remember that December's 'Reflections' were entitled 'Full Cycle'. How interesting, though maybe not surprising, that in the closing month of the old year, and the opening month of the new, my mind is drawn to similar themes. (A note here: I have been experimenting with the layout - and I find that this looks good on my iPad, but not on the laptop, so my apologies if that is your experience too.)

This image was taken on a visit one year to Trewidden, one of the great gardens of Cornwall,. A sculpture, made of bronze I think, with no title or words of explanation. The next time we visited, it had gone.

For me this illustrates the concept of circles, cycles, a continuum of life. The bronze shape is not even or balanced, or even particularly circular. Yet it is powerful and moving.

The fact that a year or so later it was gone, when I think I expected it to be there forever, is about change.

Sometimes I expect things to remain the same, year after year. Maybe I celebrate Christmas in the same way, see the same people, spend time with my family as always. And yet, things are different. Maybe some people are missing who I somehow imagined would 'always' be there.

This can be sad to reflect upon in some ways, and yet, the cycles of life go on. Young people grow up, maybe have children of their own, even as the older members leave this life and are no longer physically present.

There are changes all around. As I prepare to begin a new year, some things I plan - to remain the same (or relatively so) or to change. Others will be different through forces I cannot control, and I will sit with those and allow them to unfold.

For you, in your journal or meditation. If you read last month's newsletter, you will recognise some of these questions, I have found them useful to revisit, I hope you will also:, 

  • What is reaching full cycle for you?
  • Will that cycle continue as the cycles of nature do? Or will something new come in to replace it? What would you like that to be?
  • What changes have you planned?
  • What changes do you know are on the way that you have no control over?
  • What help would you like to ask for, and where can you go to receive this?

January Circle "Take off into 2019 on your Magic Carpet"

The January Dare to Blossom Mastermind Circle opens on 1st January with an open group call at 2 pm (UK time) for those of you who have already enrolled and for anyone keen to find out more before joining us. To join us via the Facebook event, click here, or to receive the Zoom video-conferencing link by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

At the same time I will be setting up the private Facebook group and will invite you to join us there when you book, in advance of the official start with the group circle on Zoom on Friday 4th January at 9 am UK time. We will be getting away from the tyranny of 'New Year resolutions', and seeing where the insights offered by the Magic Carpet process take us. Click this link for full details and to claim your place at the gift price of £50.

Following that Circle we will begin the full year of unfurling the Power Flower once again in a Mastermind group, starting with 'Peace' in February. Details of that are available here if you would like an advance look at what awaits you if you join us. Places are limited so it is worthwhile beginning to consider if this may be for you now.

Events and ways to Dare to Blossom

Festive Season Three Card Listenings These have been very popular at the gift price of £10. This ends today, 31st December, and the price increases to £14. If you are a newsletter subscriber, just contact me direct, and I will be happy to extend the special price for you to the end of January.

Cornwall Workshops: The cycle begins again at the Blue Lotus on Saturday morning, 19th January, beginning with Peace

Root and Branch Listenings are available at any time as a one-off, or as a quarterly subscription. If you choose to subscribe,  you will receive your personal Listening four times a year. The next issue will be in December for the Winter Solstice. I will be starting work on those very soon, so if you would like to be sure of receiving yours in time for the Solstice, buy yours now.

Point of Focus Membership: if you prefer a monthly timescale with Dare to Blossom Cards drawn for you to reflect upon, with the option of adding on one-to-one coaching calls with me, the Point of Focus subscription may be for you. Some people find subscribing to these and the 'Root and Branch Listenings' together a valuable source of support.

A request for help for a friend

During this time of year we are often drawn to reflection and dreaming.

That’s why my friend Lee Munch wants to use this very important time to speak with you for just 15 minutes, when it comes to the money in your business.

Lee is putting together a programme that will help business owners gain consistency and growth in their cash flow -without overwhelm.

Your voice matters for this market research project. In fact, Lee is on a mission to speak to 100 business owners to ensure the program fulfill on its promise.

I have already spent a little time helping Lee, and I found that thinking about her questions helped me reflect on where my business is now. Here is Lee's photo so you can see who you will be speaking to before you book your spot.

Please click here, or on the photo to book an appointment in Lee's calendar.