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Reflections: Shifting Seasons
Silver Tent Radio Interview with Joni Advent Maher
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News on my new book "The Pathway to Power"

Reflections: Shifting Seasons

October, here in Cornwall, is harvest time. Wherever you are in the world there is a feeling of change. The seasons are stifting. From summer to autumn, or from winter to spring. Both shifts are equinoxes, the time when the hours of day and the hours of the light are (approximately) equal.

At these times, whether spring or autumn, the weather often becomes wild and stormy. That has certainly been the case here in Cornwall this autumn. We have experienced several days of vigorous winds, heavy rain, and pounding seas on the coast.

Today, that has all cleared, the weather fronts have passed away as the atmosphere of this magical planet swirls around us.

Out on the cliffs today the air feels different; the grass is already greener, regrowing after the dry summer. The sea is calmer, yet full of movement and energy. 

Writing now, sitting in my garden on a mellow September day, I feel into what is shifting for me. Some of these shifts are consolidations, the coming together of all my ways of working into a coherent whole, each part supporting the other. Together the whole being 'greater than the sum of the parts'.

Other shifts are letting go, moving on from things that once served me well, yet now have come to the end of their time for me. I am honouring those things, and those people, I am leaving behind, thnaking them for the part they have played for me. Knowing we may meet again in different circumstances.

Looking forwards now as I step through the doorway of the Equinox, into a new seaon in my life, as well as the next season of this year.

For you, in your journal or meditation:

  • What is shifting for you just now?
  • What are you leaving behind, and what is staying with you?
  • How will you choose to step through the doorway?

Silver Tent Radio Interview with Joni Advent Maher

It was a joy recently to interview my friend and wonderful wise woman Joni Advent Maher for my Silver Tent Radio Show. (listen in here)

Joni describes herself as a mystic and spiritual midwife. She also hosts a regular podcast: Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow: Conversations on Money, Transformation and Feminine Sovereignty.  

Ways to connect and Dare to Blossom

Once again, a summary this month, follow the links for more details on anything you are drawn to explore.

Root and Branch Listenings are available at any time as a one-off, or as a quarterly subscription, you will receive your personal Listening four times a year. I have recently sent out the September Equinox.Listenings, if you order before the end of October you can receive your own. After that the next issue will be in December.

The next workshop here in Cornwall is on 17th November, at the Blue Lotus at Scorrier. Last time all the spaces were taken so if you are interested contact me soon. We are coming back full cycle to the centre point of the Power Flower, so the title is 'Full Cycle - Being You - Return to Peace'. Click the link for full details.

News on my new book "The Pathway to Power"

The news is..... writing is proceeding, very slowly. Yet, just today, as I was writing in the garden, the shape suddenly became much more clear. Who knows how this will pan out in terms of squeezing in writing into a busy working life, and who knows what shape this book finally will be - the book itself may 'know', but I certainly do not just yet. I am grateful for your support in tall the various ways you each offer that, which are many and various. Just reading this is support in itself.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,