Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

GlorybushbudReflecting today on why people choose to work with a life coach, and how they select the person they wish to help them.

My style, developed over the last 15 years, is not for everyone. If you want someone lively and talkative, you may prefer a coach who is more 'directive'; one who gives you homework; who challenges you robustly.

This piece, which I unearthed in a journal from 2015, may describe a little of what you might find if you do choose to talk to me. And, you can do that for a "get to know each other" chat at no cost other than your time and attention. Details of that to follow.

"Mary is gentle yet tough, patient yet persistent. She has called on my help often: in times of illness, bereavement, fear. She has learned that she really does have the wisdim within to deal with anything.

As a teacher, her quiet way does not hit the spot for those who like a high-energy dynamic performance. As a teacher she connects with those on the edge of blossoming, needing some tender loving care to enable the delicate freen shoots to survive, the buds to grow, and eventually open into glorious blooms.

As a coach, she creates a quiet, safe place for you to hear yourself, to truly be heard by yourself; and be witnessed, by you and by Mary. In a non-judgmental and supportinve way she encourages you to take the steps needed, one at a time, to achieve the seemingly impossble.

As a friend, Mary is loyal and loving, always staying connected, tending the threads of the tapestry that link her with all those she loves, whether you have met in the physical environment or on-line. As she grows into her power as a wise woman, Mary is becoming more sure, more firm, more able to be confident in sharing who she really is. She is truly daring to blossom."

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