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Reflections: Flow
The Midsummer 1:1 Coaching Programme, Events, and TalksReflections: Flow

My first thought for this month is about how cyclic my experiences are. Does this happen for you? Over the last few weeks I found myself struggling, maybe trying to fight against the flow of a metaphorical river. Busy, busy - promoting the workshop in Devizes on 16th June, worrying that no one had booked. Writing new material for the fourth annual June Global Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride Circle that opens on 18th June.... and worrying if anyone would be interested.

Those of you in business will know how your work, and your income, ebbs and flows. Smiling at myself sharing those words, and how vulnerable it feels.Choosing to change my focus to how much I am enjoying the flow of the regular Dare to Blossom into Joy Mastermind group:

In April we focused on 'Purpose': in June we move on to 'Passion' (in the Dare to Blossom Power Flower that you will have seen here). During May we have simply been spending time together, occasionally in our private Facebook group, and regularly every Friday morning at 9.00 am.Each week, I draw three cards for each of us, and lead a Magic Carpet visualisation.

Last time my three cards were:


A timely reminder to take a pause in the 'doing' - to simply be for a while, to return to meditation and the magic carpet visualisations. People in the groups I work with receive extraordinary insights and practical prompts for action - and recently I have not allowed myself the time to do this myself.

And to surrender - to surrender to the flow. To allow myself to enjoy the beautiful early summer weather here. To sit on the rocks on the headland and watch the waves breaking below. To allow my eyes to feast on the amazing show of wildflowers on the cliffs this year: the cold spring seems to have brought them all into flower together. To hear the cries of the kittiwakes nesting on the rock ledges by the imposing arch of 'Porthmissen Bridge'. To watch the fulmars wheeling in the thermal currents.

For you, for your journal, meditations or artwork, start with the prompts mentioned above, and repeated here for you:

What does 'flow' mean for you?

What else is there?

And, what else?

Midsummer Coaching Programme and June Events

The Dare to Blossom Magic Carpet Ride 1:1 Coaching Programme

Have you tried coaching yet?

Are you wondering what it is all about? Maybe you are a little concerned about an on-going commitment (financial and in time)? Maybe you are not sure what the 'point' of coaching is?  (if so read words from people who have worked with me here...)

Launching on 1st June at a special price for subscribers here, and members of the Dare to Blossom into Joy private Facebook Group, this is your chance to try out a structured programme that at the same time has plenty of room within it for you to do things your way. A new three month program me that you can start at any time that is right for you. This package is a personal one-to-one version of the workshops and on-line groups I run. Read more and book a time to chat about whether this might be for you...

Events and Talks

From 18th June: the Global Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride Circle
A five week version of the full year Mastermind group. This was my very first online offering back in 2015, so this is the fourth year now that the Global Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride has been evolving. It is different each time and yet contains many of the same elements. This year we are flowing around the Power Flower unfolding each petal, one week at a time. Full details here.

12th June: 'Self-care is not Self-indulgence' Talk with Jane Hicks
This talk is hosted by the Truro Professional Women's Network, and this time is at the beautiful Rose in Vale Country House Hotel at Mithian, near St Agnes on the north coast.

22nd June: talk at the "Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women" Conference

Hosted by the Tavi Women networking group, this is a packed day of inspiring speakers =and panel discussions with plenty of time to meet people and make new contacts. My talk is on 'Stepping into Your Power'.

Further ahead - the next of the regular workshops at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre here in Cornwall is on 7 July, the petal we are unfolding this time is Passion: Expansion, Potential Read more here