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Reflections: Purpose

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Reflections: Purpose

This was the theme of the last workshop here in Cornwall, and we will be exploring 'Purpose' in the April Dare to Blossom into Joy Mastermind group, just about to begin on April 2nd (more about that below, and there is still time to join us if you wish).

So, 'Purpose', what does that word, that concept mean to you?

What is your first response to the word?

To the colour?

What else is there?

And, what else?

For me, as I continue to work with more and more people, in different ways, my view of 'purpose' seems to fluctuate. At times it seems very clear. At others it seems almost as if it is still there, over there in the distance, but maybe a sea fog has blown in - as it does here on the coast on a sunny summer's day - and is obscuring that view for a while.

Those times are when I feel I need to stay connected. To continue the metaphor, to feel the ground beneath my feet, knowing that I am still on the path, even when I cannot see the destination.

And what happens when I lose even that, lose contact with the path? What if I do not know my purpose? Or, what if that purpose changes? I have experienced all of these circumstances, numerous times over the years.

What I would say now, and what I wish I could have told my younger self, is that ..... it is all OK. The searching, the feeling lost, is all part of a human existence. What I have learned to do now is to return to my breath. To simply breathe deeply. For that truly is a purpose in itself: simply to breathe, to be here, now, in this physical body. 

Knowing that the way is always there - multiple ways, perhaps, many choices. Knowing that the sun is always there - that the light will return as the earth turns and night becomes day. As the clouds clear and the sun shines. I also recognise, and have experienced myself, the depth of the seemingly impenetrable blackness that seems to have no end, no possible chink to let the light in, no hope of coming home to myself.

If that is where you are, or where you find yourself at any time (as you probably won't be reading this if you are there right now) - please ask for help, from professionals and from those around you. My work is not in therapy or counseling: I have enough professional training and experience to know where the boundaries lie, when the person I am talking to needs a different type of support than I can offer. 

Hmmm.... interesting where my musings on 'Purpose' have taken me this morning. And that is just it, the prompt of a single word, on a coloured background, can take the thoughts off on different paths. When I am working with people one to one or in groups with the Dare to Blossom Power Flower - and we reach the 'Purpose' petal to unfurl, as we will be during April - then we have plenty of opportunity to reflect in different ways, on different days. Each of our reflections will be unique, and each will have nuggets of gold within to be harvested.

So, if I draw a card for 'Purpose' - what else is there? When I did this for myself, out on the cliffs near Trevone, here is what I received: Aspiration. My first response is to smile: having just written about breathing, the Latin root of this word 'Aspire' is to do with breathing.

And there is the the other dictionary definition of the word: 'the hope or ambition of achieving something'. Or maybe something else is arising for you? There are no right or wrong answers, simply different views at different times.

For you, for your journal, meditations or artwork:

What does Purpose mean for you?
Can you see clearly?
Or do you need to return to your breath and wait for the fog to clear?
What tools can you use to enjoy exploring what might be coming next on the path?

One-to-one Coaching
There are lots of opportunities listed below to join groups, in person and on-line, or to visit Cornwall on a Quest Experience Day. 

The simplest way to access your own inner wisdom is through your own reflections and meditation. If you would like a companion at your side for a while, then I can offer one-to-one sessions on video conferencing.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from someone I worked with very recently:

"Hello Mary,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for your guidance over the last couple of months. You have helped me through a period of transition and taught me that cutting back - or drawing on your insight: “pruning” - is not the end but the start, allowing time and the capability to blossom; to continue to evolve. I am amazed how impactful and insightful just half an hour with you can be – which I wasn’t expecting, but loved. All our sessions have been an incredibly positive experience; setting me up on the right tracks to move forward again. Thank you for helping me to find that the clarity and balance again."

Jocelyn shared these two images to illustrate how she experienced this:


Events and workshops

The April 'Stepping into Your Power' Mastermind group, is about to open, on Monday 2nd April. There are just three spaces left, so if you are called to join us now - be quick and contact me to find out if this is for you. Before anyone joins the group I offer you a complimentary consultation so you can ask any questions you may have, and we can get to know each other a little. 

The next workshop here in Cornwall, on 12th May, is on the theme of 'Passion - Expanding'. We will focus on the expansion that passion brings. Using that power, that motivation, that joyful feeling to expand without effort, without struggle. To simply open and expand as the flower does as it blossoms.

Stepping into Your Power one day workshop in Devizes: 16th June

This is a new location, hosted in a private house in an easily accessible location with good public transport and road links. The full details and booking link
are here. We will share a day of exploring as we unfurl each petal of the Power Flower, in a relaxed and supportive environment with plenty of laughter.

Time: 10.00 to 16.00
Price: £65 per person, including refreshments and lunch.

Booking is open now for your Dare to Blossom Quest Experience. Will you choose a specific focus? Maybe Peace, Purpose, Passion, Power or Progress, or maybe a theme personal to you. The first step is a complimentary consultation, then once you book there is another hour call to start the process - though in reality, that begins as soon as you make that commitment to yourself, as Sheryl describes so eloquently in her video reflections.

When would you like to come to the magical land of Cornwall? Maybe you would like to plan a very special visit around your Quest Experience? I can help with suggestions for places to visit and to stay. Maybe you are coming anyway on a family holiday and will be able to negotiate with them to take a day out just for you? Maybe, like me, you live here and will simply need to find a convenient date.