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Reflections: Growth
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Reflections: Growth

This month I have left writing this until the very last minute, so, although I should get this out on 28th February, by the time you read this it may already be March. Here in the UK, even in normally mild Cornwall, we are just entering a very cold spell. This often happens in March, though not for a few years now. Some years back it was below freezing for about ten days. The fountain in our pond, which we left on to aerate the water for the fish, created an amazing ice sculpture as the water gushing from the top froze around it and a frozen cascade grew and grew. It must have been a while ago as it was before I had a digital camera, so I have no photos at hand to show you.

The subject for these reflections - growth - will, I hope, be a chance to reflect on green shoots, rather than ice accumulating. It is also the theme for the last week of the 'Peace' Mastermind group (in the Stepping into Your Power programme) that has been running through the month of February. This has been the first of five in-depth months as we journey through the year together. In April we unfurl the 'Purpose' petal together. 

The chance for you to apply to join the Mastermind group will be opening soon, just as soon, in fact, as I can get the information ready. February has been a wonderfully busy month, culminating in a trip to Surrey to exhibit at the Holistic and Mystic Show at Dorking. I was also invited to be a speaker on the talks programme there, and I was delighted to share a little of the Dare to Blossom story with those who joined me, along with offering each person their own Rediscovery Card to take away with them. For those of you not able to visit, here is the interview I did for their blog.

I was lucky enough to be taken to some scenic spots - we had lunch in the village of Forest Row, I loved this building - it was actually a pizza restaurant, but I think I managed to get a shot without any signs to distract you from the beautiful architecture.

So, back to 'Growth'. In spite of the occasional cold spell, I love this time of year. The first signs of spring are well-evident now: my miniature daffodils in the pots outside my office in the garden are in full bloom, the first starry white flowers of blackthorn are out in the hedgerows, and the blush of swelling buds is misting the trees with a touch of colour.

For me, it feels as if nature is pausing to take a deep breath, maybe even welcoming the pause of the cold setting back the pace of growth just a little. And once this has passed, then the buds will burst and the green leaves appear; more and more flowers will blossom, the birds will be nesting and spring will truly be here.

In personal terms, where is growth taking place for you? It may not be showing itself yet. Maybe you are experiencing 'growing pains' as you work through a process of change. Or perhaps, the time is not quite right yet - like those buds pausing in the cold weather and suspending their opening until the temperature rises again.

For you, for your journal, meditations or artwork:

What does growth mean for you?
Do you feel that your are frozen into inaction just now?
Where is the potential for you in this pause?
When the thaw comes, how will you choose to grow and blossom?

Events, workshops, and your individual Dare to Blossom Quest Experience

The next workshop here in Cornwall, on 17th March, is on the theme of 'Purpose - Reaching'. What do you want to achieve, what is your gift to share with the world?

While I am preparing the details for the April 'Stepping into Your Power' Mastermind group,
here is the general information. Before anyone joins the group I offer you a complimentary consultation so you can ask any questions you may have, and we can get to know each other a little. 

Booking is open now for your Dare to Blossom Quest Experience. Will you choose a specific focus? Maybe Peace, Purpose, Passion, Power or Progress, or maybe a theme personal to you. The first step is a complimentary consultation, then once you book there is another hour call to start the process - though in reality, that begins as soon as you make that commitment to yourself, as Sheryl describes so eloquently in her video reflections.

When would you like to come to the magical land of Cornwall? Maybe you would like to plan a very special visit around your Quest Experience? I can help with suggestions for places to visit and to stay. Maybe you are coming anyway on a family holiday and will be able to negotiate with them to take a day out just for you? Maybe, like me, you live here and will simply need to find a convenient date. 

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,