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Happy New Year - may 2018 be an amazing year for you. 

Reflections: Simply Reflections
2018 Dare to Blossom Mastermind programme: Stepping into Your Power
Workshops in London and Cornwall

New Year wishes to you

Reflections: Simply Reflections

Usually, the 'Reflections' piece here has a title, a subject, a theme. This time it is simply.... reflections.

One of the suggested 'words for the year' with the My Word Goddess Reading that I receive from Amy Palko each year is 'Orientation'. I have been trying that on for size and it hasn't quite felt the perfect fit.

Then my mind went to 'Flow' and someone in a group I belong to, where we were discussing our words, said this: ""Mary, I have this picture of you swimming in a vast ocean with goggles on and a compass in your hand trying to orient yourself to land." and then asked me if I felt adrift.

My reply was, not so much adrift as sitting with the feeling that things are about to become crystal clear next year, and maybe in unexpected ways. So, that is where I am just now. And, then I was drawn to look back on the ten years of writing these newsletters - I began in March 2007.

So, my first ever reflections for a New Year were in January 2008. Reading again I see a snapshot of my life then, linking in with my memories of that time. What was happening then? In my business I had workshops planned for 2008 in Cornwall, Covent Garden in London, and in York. 

I did not know that the following year I was to be made redundant from the part time job at a local college I had been in for six, nearly seven years. But, that was all in the future when I wrote these words:

Reflections: Endings, continuations and new beginnings
Reflecting on the end of 2007 and the New Year about to start is a time to pause, take stock, and look forward to the coming twelve months.
I have just worked through the ‘New Inspiration’ sheet I sent to you all with Christmas wishes.  It is an interesting experience reflecting on a whole year, such a lot has happened.  Some things have changed considerably over that time, some not at all.  Some are still significant, some I can hardly remember why they seemed such a ‘big thing’ at the time.
I don’t feel it is just ‘hindsight’ – in other words being able to see what I could have done differently after an event.  I think it is also about perspective, about being able to take a different view, perhaps a number of views, by looking back at something instead of forwards.  By metaphorically walking all round it, considering various angles and viewpoints, I am able to see things differently. 
Overall, for me, it has been an immensely satisfying and fulfilling year.  I have met many wonderful people, in person and via online networking sites.  I have almost finished my latest book (‘Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity) and it will be available very soon.  I have two workshops coming up in February (and more planned later in 2008). 
For you:
As well as using the ‘New Inspiration’ worksheet, you might like to reflect and write about these questions:
What has ended over the last year? 
Have I recognised and marked these endings?  (There may be a celebration, or a memorial ceremony that would feel appropriate to mark them.)  Are they happy or sad?  Is there anything that should have ended but is dragging on?  Should it be ‘laid to rest’?
What began afresh this year?
Where have/are these new beginnings taking me?  Are they continuing into 2008?  Do I want them to continue?
What new beginnings to you want to make happen for yourself?  What actions can you take to achieve this?

So, you may like to sit with these questions, with your journal or in meditation. I have checked that I still have the "New Inspirations" worksheet - if you would like a copy please contact me and I will send it over to you.

My personal thoughts now are that I am in the perfect place to begin a new 'trip around the sun', a new cycle, a new turn of the spiral of my life. I have some plans, dates for workshops and events, as you will see below. And, I love that I have lots of space for the new to arrive without me placing too many expections just now on what that 'new' might look like.

As some of you may know, I am, as I was in 2007, working on a book. It is not as far advanced as that title was - and that is fine too. I know it will emerge and evolve as the year continues on, as the seasons turn, as my work takes me to new places and ideas.

2018 Dare to Blossom Mastermind Circle programme

What does this bring for you? The thought of stepping into your power? All this last twelve months I have been exploring the concept of 'power'. Seeing where I, and others, resist the thought of the sort of power that controls, dominates, has 'power over' others. I have spoken to so many people, men as well as women, who feel strongly in their hearts that there is another way. A way of bringing forward gentle power, maybe a feminine power to balance the masculine within each of us.

You may like to watch this TED Talk where a man, Justin Baldoni, gives his perspective on this. This reminds me to mention that men are welcome in my groups as well as women - I know a number of men who would fit in perfectly to our circles, whether in person or online. As Justin Baldoni says in his TED talk, we need to get everyone involved, men and women, in order for society to change.

During 2017 the workshops and groups I have led have explored the unfurling of this power, using the format of the 'Dare to Blossom Power Flower' with which many of you are familiar. Now it is time for me, and for you if you care to join me, to step firmly into our power.

In November, four people joined me to work through a trial run of a Dare to Blossom Mastermind Circle. The five of us worked together on weekly prompts and topics, shared in a private Facebook group and met once a week for a live meeting on Zoom video-conferencing. As it was a small group, I was able to take part in the same way as everyone else, as well as holding a quiet safe space for everyone to be heard and witnessed, and to hear themselves think.

The others present will be sharing some thoughts when the festive season is over and they have had time to reflect. In the mean time I think I can speak for all of us when I  say that none of us had imagined how powerful the Circle would be. Usiing my tried and tested processes, working with the Rediscovery Cards and the Magic Carpet Ride Guided Visualisations, brought forth inspiration, insights, new ideas, realisations. Each person was supported by the others in the group in a non-judgemental, peaceful way. And the laughter was often full-bellied and boisterous; the occasional tears were healing and honoured by us all.

We followed the ups and downs of each other's lives and the most common comment at the end of the month was 'I don't want this to end!' And it hasn't, we are meeting again for a reuniion call soon, and maybe some of those people wll join one or more of the new Circles in 2018. Each will be different, with a mix of people, backgrounds and locations. (In November we circled the globe with three of us at different spots in the UK, one in the USA, and one in Australia.)

The groups will be kept small as I know that is how the trust is built and the strength of the group lies in that firm grounding. If you are a Point of Focus Membership subscriber, you will be eligible for a 10% discount, make sure you contact me as soon as possible to secure your place.

There is an outline of the whole programme, which begins in February on the website under
'Workshops and Events.' Along with full details of the February Circle 'Peace'. We are following the flow that has worked so well through the year in 2017 in the workshops at the Blue Lotus at Scorrier, (see below for the 2018 proramme there), using the unfurling of the Dare to Blossom Power Flower. 

As you will see on the website, there are two free Zoom video-conferencing calls scheduled for you to experience a little of the process for yourself and to ask any questions you may have before deciding if the Mastermind programme is for you. You do not need to be on Facebook to attend these, nor to take part in the Mastermind Circles - though you would miss much of the interaction that takes place there. If you would like to discuss with me in private, just book a complimentary twenty minute consultation. If you don't like on line groups you may find that one to one coaching suits you, all those details are here on the Rediscovery Coaching pages.


Stepping into Your Power 2018 Programme Scorrier Cornwall The first workshop is on 20th January, at the usual time 10-1, with a big discount (one third reduction) for 'frequent flyers' who would like to book the year-long programme of six.

London 24th February Stepping into Your Power Following on the success of the event last August, another full day to dive in and explore together in a small group.

I am still looking out for other venues in Cornwall and Devon, so if you know anywhere or would like to host a workshop in your home or invite me to speak to a group you are involved with, please do get in touch.

New Year wishes to you

Finally, th
ank you so much to each of you reading this, I am so grateful for your support, often over many years. If you feel you no longer wish to receive these emails, please feel free to unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the page, although I would be sad to see you go, you won't offend me - I know very well the need to 'declutter' my in-box at regular intervals.

I hope this won't be the case though, and that we'll be in touch throughout the new year ahead. Who knows where the year wiill take us? Maybe I will meet more of you in person, that is such a joy when itis possible. Coffee, cake and conversation; walk and talk - is always such a deep pleasure. Each of you feels like an old friend even though we may not yet have met in person.

Here is a photo I took a while ago at the Eden Project here in Cornwall, with love and gratitude from me to you - oh, and a Happy New Year too.

If you would like to own a set of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the 
dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,