Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Reflections: Settling

When being prompted for a title for this newsletter for November the word 'Settling' came to mind, I am not sure why - and that is what I will explore in a moment through some flow writing. 

First, I went to the dictionary, as I often do - and I find it is a fascinating word, with many meanings. Some of these are: to agree, to make comfortable, to live, to move lower, to pay, to become quiet and calm. One of the suggested origins of the word is "Old English setlan ‘to seat, place’, from settle."

The suggestion I tuned into is "to relax into a comfortable position....." This feels perfect for today, and for the act of writing this to you. Not to see it as simply an item on my to-do list, or a chore - but rather a relaxation. A settling in as if in a comfortable chair, sitting opposite you - my dear friend. Opening a conversation - and many of you do write back to me with your thoughts and comments and I so treasure those exchanges.

'Settling' also chimes, for me, with this time of year - tonight, 28th October, here in the UK, British Summer Time ends, and we return to GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. Signaling the beginning of darker evenings and mornings, cooler weather, a drawing inwards. 

Last Saturday a group of women shared a beautiful day, the Mellow October Workshop - a one-day retreat that Melanie and I collaborated on together. On the day it was anything but mellow outside, with a severe gale raging, the trees thrashing around, heavy showers passing by and lashing down with rain. Every so often the clouds cleared and we saw a glimpse of sunshine.

Inside we were warm and cosy, tucked up - settled into a safe cocoon together. We are planning more events in the future, it was a joy to work together in this way. Here are some photos of the day:

Here are the cards laid out and the fire lit before everyone arrived....

Part way through...

Wonderfully messy creative play....

My corner of our 'altar' laid out around the carpet, at the end....

During the day we shared meditations, healing circles, conversation, insights, laughter and a few tears. Plus the delicious lunch that Melanie prepared for us - not to mention the lemon drizzle cake.

Such a beautiful way to spend a day, thank you so much to everyone who joined us.
So, settling - what does this word bring for you?

For you, to reflect upon in your journal, your meditations, your art work:
- What are you settling for?
- What would you like to settle into?
- Do you need to 'settle up' with someone? With yourself?
- How would you like to settle into a comfortable position?
- What is 'comfortable' for you?

Events: Summary and links
There is a lot in my calendar this month, and I am aware that giving full details of a big list of events is not helpful for everyone.

So, this month I will simply list each event and link them to my website, or to an external page if that is relevant (as in my talk on 6th November). I will be interested to hear whether you prefer this format, do let me know please. If you would like to know more and would like to talk, just book a twenty-minute complimentary consultation call through my calendar here, and we can chat over a cuppa, wherever you are in the world. As always, my one-to-one coaching programmes are available at any time.

November Online Mastermind Circle: Point Of Focus - Our relationship with money - from lack to abundance. From 1st November for four weeks. A trial circle for an in-depth exploration of many other aspects of daring to blossom during 2018.
"What's age got to do with it? Insights from a lifetime in business": 6th November 12-2, free event, talk for the Plymouth Women in Business group.
8th November, Holsworthy : Dare to Blossom, stepping into your power, an introduction, 10-2.30 - a full programme will run in 2018 if there is interest here.
18 November Scorrier, Cornwall: A Magic Carpet Ride, Unleash Your Power Within. Progress - Harvesting, 10-1, the last event of the year in our series.
Stepping into Your Power 2018 Programme Scorrier Cornwall: The first workshop, is on 20th January, usual time 10-1, with a big discount for 'frequent flyers' who would like to book the year-long programme of six.
London 24th February Stepping into your power: following on the success of the event in August.