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There is a lot in this issue - new ideas, thoughts, and some notices and details, so do look through first and see if any of the offers that expire on 1st September are of interest to you, I am sending this out before the end of the month to give you a little more time.

Reflections: A Quest, and an invitation to join me
Events: Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride, plus workshops in Cornwall and London

Notices: price changes

Reflections: A Quest, and an invitation to join me

This autumn, I am embarking on a quest, a journey to the edge of the land, where new horizons are visible - or maybe hidden just beyond the curvature of the earth. The literal edge, for me is exemplified by the place I sit so often, on the cliffs near my home here in north Cornwall.

Out there, beyond the horizon, is Wales, and Ireland. Looking in another direction, beyond Trevose Head, is the Atlantic Ocean, and North America.

As you, know, if you are a regular reader, I wrote about this last month. Since then something has shifted for me. In some ways plans have become more clear. In other ways the emergence of this new focus has slowed down. Ha! The phrase 'to a walking pace' appeared in my mind - yes, of course.

A quest is at walking pace. The joy, the journey, the learning - is in those paces: one foot in front of the other; one step at a time, whether this is literal or metaphorical. My quest is towards a new version of what I do, what I have always done. In some ways I already feel I have made huge leaps forward, maybe this process is, for me, a means of grounding those leaps into reality.

Over the last year so much has changed for me, and at the same time some things have been constant: the
Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, developed over five years ago,  have been working their powerful magic with more and more people around the world. The Magic Carpet Ride workshops, which I began running under that title in 2015 (building on work I have been doing for about 15 years) - have continued with various different themes. The unfurling of the Dare to Blossom 'Power Flower', has evolved to guide people into deeper and deeper work for themselves and to take that out into the world.

All these are tools I use for myself almost daily: and with people one-to-one in coaching, as well as in groups. Finally, the 
'Point of Focus' membership is proving, as I hoped, to be literally that - a monthly point for you to check in with yourself with the help of three cards and some thoughts and prompts. Plus the option to upgrade to one-to-one time with me to support you.

As you will see below under 'Events' - some plans have already emerged: for the new Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride - an on-line circle, which will be both similar, and quite different, to previous ones. The workshops in Cornwall are continuing - completing the year-long unfurling our Power Flower.together with the final two petals - Power on 9th September, and Progress on 18th November.

The invitation mentioned earlier is for those events of course - and for the next phase. The stepping up, the emergence into a more powerful (even more powerful) stage - for me, and for you. I already know - for myself, and because those of you I work directly with tell me - that this process is transformational.

And there is more to come, a deeper, bigger, grander level  to be unleashed and explored - of me, and of You. So, my friends, are you ready to step up, to raise your hand to accept this invitation? 

A quest of your own?
First - here in Cornwall. If you would love to spend a day on your own quest on the magical cliffs and beaches of Cornwall, I have three places for brave and willing explorers of potential. This will be for a pre-launch trial - there will be a cost, and this will be a fraction of the price when the premium 'VIP day experience" is launched in 2018.  We will walk and talk and unfurl your personal Power Flower as we go.(stopping of course at magical places along the way, and for coffee and lunch). Contact me if you'd like to know more.

Second - three places on a deep-dive day where we connect several times throughout one day via Zoom video-conferencing. In between those conversations you will undertake your own Quest activities. These may be meditations, writing, painting, collaging, walking, photography - whatever we put together for your individually tailored day.

For both the in-person day, and the on-line one there will be an initial conversation and a follow-up call so you are well-supported on your explorations. If you would like to raise your hand for either of these, contact me
and we will arrange to talk. We need to be sure it will work for each of us, so it is the delicious, challenging, and magical experience that I know is potentially there for you.

I think those of you prepared to dive in will already have experienced how I work - and if you have not you can book a complimentary consultation call, a one-off Rediscovery 'Power Boost' Session, or the new "Unleash. You." coaching programme

Back to my reflections....... I am reading "Crossing the Unknown Sea" by David Whyte, sub-titled "Work and the Shaping of Identity.". So much there is triggering thoughts for me, and connecting dots.

I remember writing about energy in my 2008 book  "Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity" and discovering that the root of the word is in the Greek for 'work'. I wrote then:

"It is interesting that the word “energy” derives from the word for “work”. We tend to think of work as “using” energy, not as “being" energy. Perhaps if we look at it this way it can change our perception of work as something difficult, hard, dull, and as using up energy. The most satisfying types of work are those that do energise us, help us feel full of life and enthusiasm and the joy of living. Those activities that help us grow and evolve and develop to our highest potential."

This, this is what I intend to achieve, for myself, and for you through the "Quest to Unleash You" - finding those activities - the ones that help us grow and evolve and develop to our highest potential.

Maybe the edge, the horizon, holds those gifts for us? David Whyte says: "...I looked out, feeling a kind of magnetism to that far windswept ocean, as if aware of the forces in my future that would draw me into my work, whatever form it would take, over the horizons and unknown seas...." I have spent time on those cliffs at Trevone, many times over the years, beginning as a small girl of around seven - feeling that magnetism, feeling that pull that still draws me on. Knowing I have more to share, more to offer.

Will you join me to explore? Whether literally or figuratively, we can cross unknown seas together, maybe I can be a companion for a part of your journey?

For you: in your meditation or journal:
- what horizons are opening up for you?
- if you cannot 'see' them, as often we can't - explore if there is a way of clearing the mist, raising your vantage point, obtaining a telescope..... whichever metaphor resonated for you - to help you.
- try a visualisation you can journey (maybe on a magic carpet) - to discover what may lie beyond those unknown seas?

Events: Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride, plus workshops in Cornwall and advance notice for 2018 London & Cornwall

Unleash Your Power Within
As mentioned earlier, there are two final dates this year here in Cornwall. This has been a programme continuing steadily throughout this year, unfurling one petal of the Power Flower each time - and they also will bring great insights for you as a stand-alone event if you have not attended one before.

Power: ripening - Saturday 9th September
Progress - harvesting - Saturday 18th November

Both are at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre in Scorrier, and will run from 10 am - 1pm, The price is rising from 1st September, so you will need to be quick to book - though if you are a regular already I am freezing the price for these last two events of 2017 for you.

In addition, with thanks for your support through subscribing to this newsletter, I am happy to offer you the current price of £25, even if you have not had an opportunity to join us before - if you find the link shows the price as £45, just contact me direct by replying to this email.

Global Autumn Magic Carpet Ride

Join us on a Magic Carpet Ride, as summer ripens into autumn, as the children go back to school. Here in Cornwall, I can almost feel the land herself breathing as the weight, the literal, physical weight, of thousands of tourists and their cars and caravans is lifted.

Join us for a sweet and simple journey together over 21 days, a chance to catch your breath, a time to hear yourself think. All the practical details are below, if you have any questions, just ask.

There is a free group call on Zoom on Tuesday 5th September at 7.30 pm, UK time, where you can ask questions and experience a little of how the process will work. Here is a link to Facebook to book to join that call, or contact me for the direct link to the Zoom meeting

One query that often arises I can answer now - if your location around the globe means that the coming season is not autumn for you (or even fall, as in N America) - the process will still work for you. If it is spring you will connect with the unfolding of that time of year.

We begin on Monday 18th September and share 21 days together with a daily email prompt containing a Dare to Blossom Card drawn for us as a group. There will be weekly calls on Zoom video-conferencing, three during the 21 days and a closing call after the circle has ended. The calls are on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm UK time, and will be recorded in case you are not able to join us. Once our circle has gathered we can discuss if other times would work better for you.

This programme will be self-contained if you prefer not to connect on Facebook, the daily emails and weekly calls will provide you with a rich experience. On Facebook, there will be a private group, which will open on 11th September for us to start connecting and settle in.

Advance notice of 2018 dates:
I am hoping to add more dates and maybe locations to this list, if you would like to host a workshop in your home or invite me to talk to a group you are involved with - please contact me for a discussion.

For now this is what is in my diary, maybe you would like to pencil them into yours too? Full details to follow.

Half day workshops at the Blue Lotus Therapy Centre, Scorrier - all Saturdays, 10 am - 1pm:
20th January, 17th March, 19th May, 7th July, 15th September, 17th November

Full day workshop in Greenford, NW London: Saturday 24th February.

Talks and shows
Saturday 2nd September:
Health, Beauty and Wellbeing Fair, St Austell Arts Centre, 11-3. I will be exhibiting and giving a short talk.
Monday 6th November:
Plymouth Women in Business Networking Group The Treasury, Royal Parade, Plymouth. I attend most months, in November I will be the guest speaker - working title: "What's age got to do with it? Insights from a life in business." (with apologies to Tina Turner.) Free to attend, book tickets via Eventbrite.

And finally, for events:  another special workshop hosted by my friend Anna: 
Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Join alchemical chocolate practitioner, and shaman, Amanda Waring, in this workshop using  ceremonial cacao and unique shamanic practices to open your heart and ground your gifts. Feel empowered and welcomed as a woman. During this workshop we will initiate with the power of raw cacao, absorbing it in sacred ceremony together to allow the alchemy of the cacao deva as a spiritual ally to guide us.

Sacred Chocolate helps us integrate our dark and light side so that we can embody and share all of our gifts in this lifetime, to live your passion and let your passion live. The workshop will include cacao meditations, sacred drumming and the drinking of ceremonial chocolate. There will be moments for deep rest and reflection. Sacred cacao is needed right here, right now, to help us grow and evolve and to shift humanity into greater depths of compassion and awareness and Love. 

When we transform ourselves, we transform the world. 
Date: Sunday, 10th September 2017
Time: 10am - 4pm. Arrival from 9.30am, for tea
Venue: 77 Elton Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 0PP
Catering: A variety of hot drinks and snacks will be provided, but bring anything specific you need to enable you to be comfortable (such as a specific tea or type of milk). Lunch will be 'bring and share' - 'breaking bread' together is an integral part of the day. Please let me know it you have special dietary requirements.
Price: £60 per person
Booking: As space will be limited, please contact me by email, or telephone (0208 422 8306 or 07783 366904) to confirm your place. Payment will be made directly to AMANDA, and I will give you her bank details for BACS payment, OR you may pay her cash on the day.
There is more information about Amanda and her work on her website: 

Notices: price changes from 1st September

The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards
will be £15 per pack, plus packing and postage to where you live. Each will contain a personal note from me. If you are a coach or a therapist and would like to purchase six or more packs as gifts or to sell to your clients - contact me to discuss discounts. The packages with the books will change also.

Dare to Blossom Workshops:
the half day events in Cornwall will be £45 per person. If you are a regular 'magic carpet rider' the last two events this year are at the previous price for you (and of course if you are joining us for the first time, just book before 1st to save £20.)

If you would like to own a set of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards to explore their power for yourself please visit the dedicated page.

Thank you dear friends for visiting with me again this month and sharing my musings.

Until next time,

with love,