Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Today our word is Being. Deep purple colour.

My first response is..... to take a deep breath in...... and exhale deeply too. Yes, being, simply being. Being me, being the true me. Being wise, being brave - those words came up for me recently with one of my coaches.

BeingRecently I have felt a little like a plant could feel when it is growing rapidly in warm, wet, summer weather.

Shooting up towards the light, being nourished - and, as is happening here, maybe finding itself suddenly exposed to strong winds and driving rain. Being buffeted by the elements.

If the plant has strong roots, and maybe some supports to climb up - like our runner beans - then flowers continue to blossom, the tiny beans form, and grow into a good harvest.

All the plant is doing is being itself, fulfilling the potential it was created with.


And, so, I find this card, this little word has taken me off into a flow of thoughts.

Where will it take you today? What is your first responso? To the word? To the colour? What else is there?

with love


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