Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen
A new month, a fresh start.
Sending out beautiful pdf reports to the Point of Focus members as a companion for the unfolding of the month ahead. So delicious to be invited to do that for people. (You can sign up to join us through the link above - any time before the 8th August you will receive your report for August. After that your subscription will begin in September)
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And, so, I drew some cards for myself too. Light. Patience, Understanding. There will be a photo here - my patience is being sorely tested by technical and broadband issues as I try to write this.
Maybe an abstract or a photo will work.....? No. Ah, 'Understanding' found a away around it.
This has caused my focus to stray, and I need to let go of the irritation and frustation before I sit with my cards and write in my journal and maybe share with you.
The joy is that these cards are for the month, and whatever their meaning for me today, that will change and deepen as the time passes.