Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Welcome to some reflections on a walking meditation on the cliffs

Recently I have been working with several of my professional 'support team' - coaches and specialists of various sorts. My aim is to become more clear about the offerings I put out in the world, to enable people like you to understand what they could do for you, the difference Dare to Blossom can make to your life. And, if not of interest to you, to enable you to suggest them to people you know.

As is often the case, my coaches remind me of things I already know. This principle - which I often explain to others, is that it is impossible to see what is right under your nose. Physically - (try it) - and metaphorically, it is necessary to use a mirror. My mirror is the people I choose to work with, who, like the expert coaches they are, reflect back to me the things I cannot see, and provide a sounding board.So, last night I drew up a Point of Focus Report for myself (click the link to find out more). This begins with three Rediscovery Cards, here are mine:

Thinking through my plans to restructure the coaching service I offer, under the working title 'Stepping into Your Power', these words  make perfect sense, and made me laugh.


Adventure: part of the new programme will be a full or half day quest, taking place outdoors on the cliffs and beaches I know and love so well. Literally stepping through a journey together with me as your companion and guide. This will be the top level of the service, a very special one-to-one opportunity.

Emerging: my ideas are emerging, and so too am I - emerging more into the world with confidence, daring to blossom indeed. The well-known quote from Lao Tzu "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." is inspiring me in this.

Beauty: the beauty of the natural world around me is a central part of my life and my work.

Today, I took a walk on those cliffs I love so much, a place I often go to reflect, re-centre and gain inspiration. It was cloudy but very warm. Here is a photographic record of the things I saw along my way.


This is the view where I park my car and change into my walking shoes. The barley in the field is just turning golden, the skylarks are singing. Today the sky is shades of slate blue and silver grey. The island in the background is called Gulland.As I walk down the track towards the cliffs, alongside another ripening field of barley, this is the view, across Harlyn Bay to Trevose Head.

As I get to the gate onto the coastal path I look across to Tregudda Gorge and the rock stack in the distance. Today I decided to frame it with the old gateposts - a metaphor for entering in, passing through the gateway into stepping into power.

Then I turn left and walk along the clifftop, down to the rugged point where I always stop, the rocks covered with orange lichen. On the way I admire the view across Trevone Bay with the surf rolling in. The dark slash in the turf of the field is the huge 'Round Hole', caused by the undermining of the ground by the sea eroding the rocks beneath


The first place I stop has the view back up the coast, towards Tregudda Gorge again, with the rock arches known as Porthmissen Bridge in the foreground. There are rock ledges here where many species of seabirds nest - herring gulls, fulmars, kittiwakes - these last with their haunting call of 'kitty-wake, kitty-wake.' The swell is crashing on the rocks below and up the cliffs in the distance in a spray of white foam


As I sit here, I hear a noise very close by and look up to see a gull right in front of me. He or she is looking at me and making a chattering noise - not the loud cry but almost a chirp - sounding as if s/he is talking to me.

I climb around the front of the rocks to see the view towards the west.

Then I walk back around the rocks to the grassy spot where I used to sit with my mother, and where my brother and I  would play as young children when we lived nearby. I look up at the sky - the sun is beginning to emerge from the clouds


With my new phone I am finally able to take selfies (though not entirely sure if that is a good thing...) I hope to use Facebook Live from the cliffs but there is no service here, so for now here is a simple photo


I sit a while there and think about the stepping into power process and how I can use the Power Flower and the words - Peace, Purpose, Passion, Power and Progress - to form the steps that people will take in their quest - whether online or in person, here on the cliffs. I had set off that morning having drawn my card of the day - Belief, a soft blue shade echoing the shades in the sea. Exploring my belief that this can work, it can help those who are drawn to the process to take real steps, to make real progress forward in their lives


(It was only when I got home that I found that in my haste earlier, I had posted the wrong photo - Peace, also a blue colour. I laughed at that as Peace is the centre point, and the starting point in the Power Flower. A process of grounding and establishing firm roots - and Peace was exactly what I had been experiencing in my walking meditation.)

So I turn back, up the cliff, towards my starting point. The view from the top is always one I stop and enjoy.

Then, I pass the gateway I showed you earlier and walk round to my other favourite place, the other side of Porthmissen Bridge, where I find my seat on the fragrant turf. The smell of the wind on the cliffs is hard to describe - a mix of hay, flowers, sea air.....

Here is the view below my feet, the archway with two caves going right through the rocks, where the tide rushes in and out when it is high. The patterns in the rock look like the bones of an ancient animal to me, or the ribs of the land herself.

Slightly to the right I can see the waves breaking on the rocks below me. Then I notice this tiny burrow in the grass - I wonder what little creature made this, a vole maybe?

Further to my right again I look out across the sea to Gulland Island....

I sit here for a long time, not really thinking. Meditating, asking for guidance for how to explore and develop a way of offering this to you. I don't write anything, even though my little notebook is in my bag as always. Absorbing, being part of nature and the land.When I finally set off home I stop to look back at Porthmissen Bridge from another angle and take these two photos:

Turning, I say my goodbyes for today, and walk back along the track to my car.


The walking meditation described above took place last week. A few days later, on another walk in the same spot I took some of my 'tools' with me. To help me in developing my work, to reach more people, to be clear about how what I can offer helps, to ....... 'Dare to Blosssom' more myself.I have been seeing this work as a quest, an inner journey to find my next steps, new purpose. Undertaking some of this work out on the cliffs has been truly wonderful - and I appreciate more and more how lucky I am. And - that I can share this with you. Part of the development is ways of doing that - ideally with you joining me here in Cornwall - and, if you are unable to do that, through my photography as part of my online groups and 1:1 programmes.



Yesterday I noticed this cloud formation.... for me, it conveys the birth of ideas, inspiration. When I reached one of my favourite rock seats, and found a spot out of the strong wind that was blowing, I began drawing cards for myself for each stage of the Power Flower. I am not ready to share them all yet - but here is the one that came out for Purpose - Aspiration. Another word, like inspiration, associated with the breath......

As you see, I have 'dismantled' the Power Flower graphic. I drew a card for each part, starting with the centre, Peace, then Purpose (as shown above), Passion, Power, and Progress. I am still working with exploring the insights of the cards that emerged for all those and may share with you another time.And so my quest continues.....maybe you will join me to embark on your own journey in September? There will be several ways to do this, through the magic of the Internet we can be half a world away and still work closely together. I am seeing each of those words as a prompt. And they could be the heart of a seven step programme, for example: 

  • Where are you now? 
  • Peace – where is your sweet quiet centre point?
  • Purpose – what do you want to achieve, what is your gift to share with the world?
  • Passion – why? Why do you do what you do? Why do people respond to you and your work?
  • Power – how will you ‘power’ this, what is your essential and guiding light within?
  • Progress – when? When you will do this and how will you make it happen – the next small step.
  • Review and celebration – how far have you travelled? Where next?

This unfurling of the power flower could be done in a single day together, in person. It can be in the 1:1 coaching sessions on Zoom video-conferencing (probably an hour at start and finish and five half hours for the steps in between). It will be the seed from which I will develop the next online group Magic Carpet Ride Circle programme to start in October. And will continue to be the basis of the evolving workshops.As you see through me sharing the workings of my own process with you here, this is all very new and still germinating. Putting it out publicly feels a little like putting a delicate seedling outside in the air, exposed to the sunlight, the wind, the rain for the first time to 'harden off'. By the time I write the September newsletter for you the plant will be strong and sturdy, ready to bloom, bear fruit and support others.

For you, in your meditation or journal:

- What does 'Purpose' mean for you?
- Where do you feel resistance to the word, the idea?
- If you do, why do you think that is arising, now?
- How can you feel more comfortable with that?
- And, what else is there?Use any medium that feels good to you - flow-writing, collage, art (including doodling...), and/or simply sitting and asking and then receiving answers.


In September, as part of this review and growth, my prices will be changing. One of the challenges for any of us in pricing our own work, especially when that is a service, is to truly value what we do. As mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter, I have been investing in my own support team over the past few months. They have helped me - along with many of you here - to recognise how much I have been actually devaluing my work by not pricing it fairly for the effort and energy I put into it.

Whatever I decide to do, I appreciate more than I can say all the support you give me. Some of you have been reading this newsletter for years, and many of you comment regularly and send me feedback. So whatever I decide to do on pricing, there will always be special offers to show my gratitude for your friendship and loyalty. And, as I have always done, I will continue to offer special rates in particular circumstances too.

For now though, nothing has changed. There are still some places on the special offer of two sessions for the price of one, just visit the Welcome page and scroll down to purchase 'while stocks last', or until the end of August, whichever comes first. Speaking of stocks, the same applies to the packs of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards - the repackaging is taking much longer than I expected so the price is still the same at the moment (£12 plus p&p), as it has been for around five years. You will also find there special offers on buy the cards with the Companion guide.


London: "Unfurl your power within" - 12th August, 9.30 to 4.30 - £65 - there are still just a few places left, if you are one of those not leaving London in August for holidays in Cornwall (or elsewhere - it just seems to those of us who live here that everyone from the rest of the UK comes here on holiday.....) - why not join me for a very special day. Book here.

Cornwall: "Power: Ripening" - our year-long unfurling of the Power Flower continues at the Blue Lotus at Scorrier on 9 September (with the final petal, "Progress: Harvesting"  the topic for the final workshop on 18 November). Please note: from the 1 September the price for these two workshops (a half day, from 10-1 each time) will rise from £25 to £45. If you are a regular, the price will be fixed for you at £25 for each of these two events. And, if you have been meaning to join us - well here is your chance to book before the price rise.