Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Last year I wrote some thoughts on 'curiosity' in a blog piece. These are the words I began with:

"Are you curious? Do you wonder about the world around you? Do you wonder about the world within you? Do you still ask those questions as the three-year old you did - why? Why? Why?


Or, have you lost that sense of awe, that inner explorer, that curiosity? Have you been told too often that 'curiosity killed the cat'? Or that it is safer to keep your head down, not ask questions, look at the ground as you walk? To let your dreams go and stick to the daily humdrum?"

Twice in the last two days, by two different people, I have been reminded of the joy of curiosity, and of the gifts it can bring. Using the phrase, the thought: 'I wonder what it would be like if.......' is a gentle way for me to rekindle my curiosity, and - in business terms - to revive my love of what I do. I wrote about this for my newsletter subscribers, and those words aren't relevant here on my blog. And, I am applying that question 'I wonder what it would be like if.......' in a number of different ways to explore ideas.

Returning to curiosity - what is out there on the horizon? Do I choose to navigate directly to the distant island (Lundy in this picture)? Or shall I turn left or right, west or east? Or set off directly across the ocean into the unseen distance of potential?

For you, for your journal or meditation practice:
- if any phrase or word resonates with you from this piece, choose to flow write or meditate on those words
- what emerges for you?
- what gifts can you find within?
- do you wish to paint, draw, collage - express this visually in some way?