Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

PowerPower: what does this word mean to you? The word keeps on coming up, often from the pack of Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards when I am working with people in coaching sessions.

It seems that the theme of all my explorations this year, for myself and with others, has been just this: Power. How do we unleash it, unfurl it, stand true in our own power within? Is your first reaction to reject this word? Many of us associate power with domination, control, fear, misuse, harm to others, violence.

No wonder we feel we don’t want this thing – power. In conversations, over and over, often with women, and with men too – this has come up. We need another word for the way we want to be powerful. Full of power. Power that will support ourselves and others in love; power that will ‘em-power’ rather than ‘dis-empower’ others. Power that will be used for good in the world; to bring joy, laughter, progress, good things.

Often, we deal with this by adding a descriptive word: soft power, gentle power, tranquil power, loving power. Coherent power was one I found for myself in combination with other personal development work I am doing. Meaning: to integrate all the parts of myself, to pull together and provide that strong base for me to stand firm in my power.

What does power mean for you? Why not join one of my events – workshops in Glastonbury and Cornwall, plus a global on-line group – or contact me direct to explore how you can bring your personal, unique power into the world. In the way that only you can, daring to blossom into your authentic and powerful self.