Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Point of FocusOn Monday afternoon I posted this on the Dare to Blossom Facebook page, I will add to this as the week unfolds:

A Point of Focus report for you: the process anyway. During this week, I will draw and post a card on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - as I will be doing for the group who join me in the "Global Magic Carpet Ride: Unfurl your inner wisdom" in May.

At the end of the week, again - as I will in the five weeks of our journey together - I will compile a pdf report of the cards, with prompts and suggestions. This process, on an individual basis, will be part of the Magic Carpet Ride package too - at the end of the Circle each member will be offered an individual report, plus a 30 minute one-to-one video conversation together. If you are interested in knowing more, do sign up for the free group call on 25th April - even if you are not able to be there in person, you will then get access to the recording.Join here on Facebook, or contact me if you do not use that platform as you can still access the live call, and the recording without joining Facebook.

Full details of the Point of Focus membership are here.

Monday's card for this Point of Focus sample report is: Power, purple colour.


What is your first response to the word? To the colour? What else is there? And, what else?

Wednesday's card is Joy, deep pink colour. What  is your first response? To the word? To 

Joythe colour? What else is there? And, what else about the two words together - Power, and Joy? The two colours - purple and deep pink?

Friday's card is Serenity, soft, mid-blue colour.Ask yourself the same questions. What is your first response to the word? To the colour? What else is there? And, what else? The three words: Power, Joy, Serenity? The three colours?

The full Report is below.  Follow your own wisdom first, before reading more.






Dare to Blossom Life Coaching – Sample Point of Focus Report.

During the week beginning 10 April 2017, I drew up this report, in the same way as we will be doing during the “Global Online Magic Carpet Ride: Unfurl your power within”, which opens on 22 May.

For this process, a card is drawn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – and those of us in the online circle will be bringing those cards – the word, the colour, the questions – into our daily lives and letting them work their magic. This can take many forms – insights, inspiration, whispers of your intuition, your inner wisdom.

The cards used are the Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards. During the circle I will then do, as I am now – pull together some resources and my own thoughts into this document. When the circle is ‘live’ I will be able to incorporate some of the interactions we will have shared within the group that week.

If you choose to subscribe to the Point of Focus membership service, you will receive a monthly Report like this. The process will be slightly different: I will set aside a time for you: I will tune in and focus and see which three cards appear from the pack – seemingly a random process, but as I am sure you will have experienced – one that can offer great gifts. At the first level of membership you will receive email support if you wish to discuss.

Or, you can choose to take up a thirty or sixty minute one to one call, with a recording so you can refer back later to the wisdom that arises for you.

So, dear ones, on to the words that emerged this week.

For each card, ask yourself:

What is my first response? To the word? To the colour? And, what else is there? And, what else?

And then – what do Power and Joy combined offer you? Purple and deep pink?

And then – add Serenity, soft blue. What does that word, that colour offer in addition?

I encourage you to take time over this, to pause here and record your first impressions in your journal before continuing to read. No one else can tell you about your own inner wisdom, you can trust your own responses. Practicing this process, gives you the confidence to trust more and delve more deeply for yourself.

I do not offer interpretations, I do offer to walk with you as a companion  - as in the title of the book I somewhat reluctantly published to accompany the cards. The principle is for you to access your own deep, authentic source of wisdom and your power within, not for me or anyone else to tell you what to think.

So – some further thoughts and questions – in no particular order. I have found the process can be a circle in itself, or maybe a spiral. Circling from one card to another, one colour to the next. And back, in multiple combinations and thought streams.

As well as journaling, and flow-writing about the words and colours, you may like to collage, paint, doodle with coloured pens. Collet words or photos. Walk in nature, dance, choose music to accompany your words.

For this week:

Power: It is so interesting, and supremely appropriate, that this word came out for us. The theme of all my explorations this year, for myself and with others, has been just this: Power. How do we unleash it, unfurl it, stand true in our own power within? Was your first reaction to reject this word? Many of us associate power with domination, control, fear, misuse, harm to others, violence.

No wonder we feel we don’t want this thing – power. In conversations, over and over, often with women, and with men too – this has come up. We need another word for the way we want to be powerful. Full of power. Power that will support ourselves and others in love; power that will ‘em-power’ rather than ‘dis-empower’ others. Power that will be used for good in the world; to bring joy, laughter, progress, good things.

Often, we deal with this by adding a descriptive word: soft power, gentle power, tranquil power, loving power. Coherent power was one I found for myself in combination with other personal development work I am doing. Meaning to integrate all the parts of myself, to pull together and provide that strong base for me to stand firm in my power.

I have a whole essay I am feeling inspired to write about this…..it may, or may not make its way into this Report – one that is growing longer by the minute.

Purple – the colour, what are the associations for you? Again, it is historically linked with power – imperial, regal. Personally, I connect it with healing and it is the colour I see in deep meditation and when practising reiki, whether for myself or others.

Joy: Ah, quite a contrast? Maybe ‘joyful power’ is something that chimes for you? What brings you joy? What does the deep pink say to you? Connections with your heart? So often we deny ourselves joy, the chance to ‘en-joy’ ourselves. Do we feel we don’t deserve it? Do we feel guilty? As if we are not allowed to feel joy?

Remember how babies and small children react to the world. Before they learn to be fearful it is mostly with joy and true awe at the wonder of what is around them. When do you allow yourself to feel this way? Maybe watching a glorious stupendously beautiful sunset or sunrise? The majesty – and power – of watching a stormy sea? Anytime that our response is ‘wow’ we are often tapping into that childlike joy and awe at the gifts of the natural world.

Can you allow yourself to feel joyful for no reason? To be ‘unreasonably’ happy? What activities help you do this? Playing with your children, walking in nature, dancing round the living room to a favourite song?

Serenity: Our final card is like a deep breath. That moment when you may realise that you have been holding your body tight, in tension. When you remember to take a huge, great inward breath that reaches right down to your toes and out to your fingertips, refreshing every cell in your body as it goes. Maybe you stretch upwards too, and then that delicious deep out breath, taking the stress and tightness of your muscles with it, releasing. 

I encourage you to do this, now, several times. And then return to the card – the word, the colour. What does it say to you now, what do you see? I feel, rather than see, an internal source, a point I can return to, and draw on – where my natural state of being is serene. Like a calm blue summer sea, deep and soothing. A place where I can rest, and breath, and then take that feeling with me, back into my day.

Here we are, at the end of this Report. What have you gained? What are your insights? For this sample – and for any other whether in the Global Magic Carpet Ride circle or the individual Point of Focus membership – please feel free to comment, ask questions.