Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

In this Issue:
Reflections: Coherence and Integration
Announcement: Point of Focus Membership
Events: workshops in Cornwall and Glastonbury, and the Global Magic Carpet Ride
Inspirational links: the Stoneprint Press

Reflections: Coherence and Integration

Coherence: the situation when the parts of something fit together in a natural or reasonable way
Integration: the process of combining two or more things into one
(definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary on-line)

I began writing this piece a few days ago, sitting in my garden, as a flow-writing exercise. I love to write outdoors, away from the computer, and this year - with a cold damp spring, this was the first time.The first three months of 2017, the first quarter, are coming to an end. Is it spring where you are? Or autumn? Or maybe you are in the tropics where your seasons are ore about wet and dry?

The two words in the title of my reflections this month - coherence and integration - have proved central to me this year. If you are a regular reader, you will know I recently developed a deeper way of using the Rediscovery Cards, through the 'Power Flower' symbolism. The explorations people have already made using this, in combination with the cards, has been proving a source of even greater insights, focus and clarity. 

I am beginning to see how all the many parts of my work are, this year, coming together. Becoming integrated as parts of a whole. On my afternoon in the garden I paused here, and wrote:

"Closing my eyes to enjoy the warm sun on my face. Listening to the birds, I hear: seagulls, crows, a wood pigeon, a buzzard calling as she soars high overhead. And the smaller birds: blackbird, thrush, robin, blue-tits, sparrows - and others too, whose calls I cannot recognise without seeing the birds who are singing."

Alongside the growth and new life of spring, the jigsaw of all the methods, tools, techniques I use, are - this year - slotting together, naturally becoming a coherent whole.

Those of you who have taken part in the Magic Carpet Workshops already know how these ways of working, that I have been fine-tuning over a number of years, come together in those gatherings. At the recent workshop here in Cornwall we used the Rediscovery Cards in our introductions; we flow-wrote about one of my greetings cards - a randomly assigned photograph or piece of art. We talked, shared, witnessed, cried, laughed. We each went on a magic carpet ride journey in a guided visualisation following (or not) the words I was given to speak in that moment, for that particular group of people, on that one day. 

People also made a gift for themselves to take away, simply the result of playing with coloured pens, stickers, feathers, glue, and the natural 'paper' from the sheaths of the new shoots of the bamboo that grows in my garden. At the close of the morning, we stood in a circle, holding hands as I gave thanks for what each person had brought to the workshop; the gifts each had contributed - at that moment I truly felt the magic as my work for the day was done. The magic of connection, of real conversations heart to heart, of the links that require no words. 

For me, the integration is also the alchemy of all my past experience - coming together and transforming from 'good' or 'bad' to simple being - being a part of who I am today.

"Thank you Mary for gently leading and guiding us in wonderful, inspirational, empowering, enjoyable morning. Like all those who have mastered their crafts you made it flow seemingly effortlessly but have put in hard work to make it so.I really do feel full of a peaceful calm energy. Much to reflect upon. I'm going to start on your books now. New beginnings, new hope, new growth, new future." (one of the participants wrote this before I had even reached home afterwards).

Together, we explore, share, discuss, and experience openings and breakthroughs.

For you, for your journal or meditation practice:
- what will you choose to bring into coherence and to integrate this month? 
- what emerges for you?
- are there any barriers? What are they? How can you remove, or navigate around them
- what gifts can you find in this process?
- do you wish to paint, draw, collage - express this visually in some way?


Announcement: Point of Focus Membership

For some time now, people have asked about how to stay involved with Dare to Blossom when they are not at a place when they wish to take up regular coaching sessions every week or every fortnight. And in a way that feels more active, and more personal than simply subscribing to a newsletter - though I hope you continue to enjoy this as well.

So, after a long process of deliberation, here is an offering for you.The Point of Focus Membership with three levels - and you can choose to stay with one or move between them as things change in your life and circumstances.

In the process of deliberation, I went through all sorts of complexities of names and pricing structures. In the end I came back to the underlying principle of a point of focus - using the simplicity of the Rediscovery Cards and Dare to Blossom coaching as a means to achieving clarity and progress. Read more here.

Forthcoming Events


Saturday 6th May - Glastonbury 
Saturday 13th May - Cornwall
Vist 'Wotkshops and Events' for full details

Global Online Magic Carpet Ride: Unfurl Your Power Within

For those of you who are not in reach of the workshops this new interactive programme begins on Monday 22nd May. for five weeks ending on Friday 23rd June. It will include weekly group calls (which will be recorded in case you can't be there in person), a private Facebook group (though you can take part without joining that if you prefer), and resources for you to keep. Full details here.

Inspirational Links

This month I am sharing the website of the Stoneprint Press in New Zealand. I discovered their work - books and some beautiful Wisdom Cards at the end of last year.

Here is the introduction from the site by Barry Brailsford:
"In my 
Stoneprint books I share the histories and ancient lore of the Pacific peoples and my recent research. Placing the latest scientific studies alongside ancestral wisdom creates exciting pathways into the future."

I am very fortunate to have received a pack of the cards for Christmas (on a special request to my family there - thank you) - and they are magical with wonderful artwork. I have read one of the books that I managed to obtain from the public library here in the UK,
"In Search of the Southern Serpent", co-authored by Hamish Miller, who lived here in Cornwall for many years.