Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

My first book, inspired by my own experiences. Since this was published in 1998, medical research has moved on and new treatments developed, I am pleased to say. The comments in the book on these are therefore now out of date. However, the stories of the women who contributed out of their wish to help others are as powerful and moving as ever. 

The words below are from the original publicity material:

Flying in the Face of Fear

‘It can happen to anyone’: 15 women tell of how they survived cervical cancer.

For anyone diagnosed with cancer, one of the first questions is: ‘Who can I talk to?’ When this happened to Mary Lunnen, she could find no one who had been through the same thing.

Now clear of cancer, Mary has compiled the stories of 14 other women with her own in this book, in which you can hear the voices of people going through treatment, as if talking with friends.

The stories will have different meanings for every reader, there are sad and difficult moments, but also inspiring and encouraging ones. Not everyone may wish to take up wing-walking like Delia, but her photograph on the cover dramatically illustrates that we can all achieve our ambitions. The aim of this book is to help everyone going through the experience, women themselves. families, and friends, to show how life goes on, and even improves, after cancer."

I now have just one copy left, please contact me if to purchase, they are £7.95 plus £2.00 post and packing within the UK. Please contact me before buying for shipping overseas.