Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

The Powerful Voice cover imageThis is my latest book, (my fifth) which has 'arrived' rather unexpectedly. Written originally as part of the bigger work that has been in progress for two years now, a self-guide to the Compass Rose coaching process.

*Here I want to thank Poppy Jakes, of Poppy Jakes Photography, for permission to use her photo, taken at the final gala evening of the Venus Awards back in March. She has such a talent as you see. If you are in the UK do contact her if you are looking for a professional photographer.*

My recent journey to New Zealand brought insights and the impulse to make this a standalone book. Part of that was being asked to write a chapter for the HerStory Anthology of the Wellington Conference, where I gave a talk on the same theme. So this is an expansion of the words I wrote there which will be included in that book along with the stories of four other speakers at the event.

Also, the bigger book, provisional title "The Power of Your Compass Rose", that has been a work in progress for about two years, as some of you know, feels much more clear with the 'memoir' sections taken out and given their own place in this little book. Paving the way for me to get back to completing when the time is right.

So, a complicated evolution - as with most writing in my experience. Advance pre-publication orders for signed copies are now open.  The book is £7.99. Shipping within the UK is £2, for Europe £4.50, and the rest of the world £5.50. (If you are in Australia or New Zealand you are getting a good deal as it is actually a little more to ship there,.)

When you are ready to order, please click 'Read more' if necessary and then select the option for where you are in the world from the drop-down menu. **The first twenty people to order will receive a 'Three-card Listening' as a gift from me. (I will do those as soon as possible after receiving your order, and send by email or Messenger.) If you prefer not to order via PayPal, simply reply to this email and I will arrange to send you the direct bank transfer details.

** These have all been taken now, thank you to everyone who has ordered. If you are interested, I will offer others who order pre-publication a Three Card Listening at half price, £7 instead of £14. Contact me for details of how to order this.

I am so looking forward to signing and packing the copies for those of you who will choose to order direct from me, writing a personal note, addressing it to you wherever you are, and sending it on the way with love and gratitude.

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If you prefer to wait before ordering (it could be up to two months before publication, although I hope it will not take that long) simply pop back here when you are ready, or keep in touch through one of the methods above.

Later I will plan a bigger launch when the book is available through my store on Lulu.com, and on all the usual booksellers. If you prefer to wait, ordering this way may mean you pay a lower price, but you will not receive the signed copy and a personal note from me.

Thank you.

PS When you come to pay using the PayPal button, if you are not in the UK, click the down arrow to show the drop-down menu, where you can choose Europe, or Rest of the World.

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