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9780955685422Now available -  my latest book, (my fifth) which has 'arrived' rather unexpectedly. Written originally as part of the bigger work that has been in progress for two years now, a self-guide to the Compass Rose coaching process.

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*Here I want to thank Poppy Jakes, of Poppy Jakes Photography, for permission to use her photo, taken at the final gala evening of the Venus Awards back in March. She has such a talent as you see. If you are in the UK do contact her if you are looking for a professional photographer.*

My recent journey to New Zealand brought insights and the impulse to make this a standalone book. Part of that was being asked to write a chapter for the HerStory Anthology of the Wellington Conference, where I gave a talk on the same theme. So this is an expansion of the words I wrote there which will be included in that book along with the stories of four other speakers at the event.

Also, the bigger book, provisional title "The Power of Your Compass Rose", that has been a work in progress for about two years, as some of you know, feels much more clear with the 'memoir' sections taken out and given their own place in this little book. Paving the way for me to get back to completing when the time is right.

I have also produced an ebook (pdf) - which has the added advantage of some of the photographs being in colour. Use the PayPal button below, or contact me to pay by bank transfer. Once you have purchased I will send it by email or Messenger.

Thank you Santina, for the beautiful photo review below, and to Suzi, Dawn, Patricia, Hilary and Trish for your words.

116417801 217893199565116 4971212012068821739 n"Mary’s book “The Powerful Voice of the Quiet Ones” arrived at my New Zealand home address. It was delightful to read of places, also dear to my heart, but the message truly significant for me was feeling I was riding the waves with Mary – navigating the peaks and troughs of life experience and being invited to discover my unique powerful voice, as an introvert “ A quiet power… A practical power that helps us be true to ourselves and to operate from that place – at work, in our businesses, in relationships of all sorts “ ( page 38)" Trish Beauchamp

“Oh Mary, I picked up your book at 10 pm last night, and couldn’t put it down until I finished at 1.30 am. I loved it, I went through every experience with you. I adore your writing style, just sweet and lovely, and so quintessentially English. I haven’t been reading for a long while now, and I am so pleased that I finally picked up a book, and enjoyed it so thoroughly. I need a novel from you next please!” Dawn, Lowestoft

"A beautifully written journey through the life of a ‘quiet one’. But quiet only in her measured approach to life, not in hiding away from adventure! So lovely to see the world through her eyes. Showing us that tuning in to our intuition is crucial and that life’s waves keep taking us to new levels of insight, if we let them." Hilary

"An enjoyable insight into life growing up in the mid twentieth century. Travelling, University, career, marriage and serious illness for Mary was a way to learning. A good example of how we can see life as an exciting journey, and the benefits of maturity and Eldership.

On a personal level my take away from this book is that contrary to being an extrovert, as I have always thought I was, I am basically an introvert. I read it during the COVID19 pandemic and most of the planet had been in social isolation for two months.

Something that had always puzzled me was that if I was an extrovert, how come I did not enjoy being in groups or partying. At groups and meetings I would find myself alone, and dislike having to make small talk. I had also been newly widowed and where I had previously dreaded the idea of being alone, I found now that I was happy and content to be indoors with no pressure to socialise. Yet at the same time in normal situations I would make sure that I would be out and about and not spend too much time on my own.

But Mary explains that we can take strength and inspiration by being alone, charging our batteries as it were, and being quiet so that we can then go out and be ready to use our personal power. I have a set of Mary’s cards and take a card every day with a little prayer of intention for my day ahead. And it is interesting how often they synchronise with my plans for the day. And add to setting a theme for day ahead. The Powerful Voice of the Quiet Ones, is inspiring with a simple message about how powerful it can be just be quiet." Patricia Cherry

“Seeing the small size of Mary’s book, I thought to myself "Oh, I'll crack through this in an hour." How wrong I was. Although slight in size, I was nudged by resonance at a number of levels. Mary tells of her life journey, the abuse of power at home and school that left her, as a child, silent and suppressed. I, too, was that child. Mary refers to her life as that of an introvert, the subtext to the title. She may be a "quiet one" but the way she describes battling through life, overcoming cancer, redundancies, travel adventures and a series of learning experiences, it is clear that Mary is a survivor. So many of the experiences she relates in her own quiet, calm way, have touched me. Above all, she invites the reader to step into their own "quiet power. A power that can move mountains and change lives, one step at a time."

Picture2I joined Mary online for a "magic carpet ride" this summer, and experienced profound visualisation as a result. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I am an extrovert, thanks to my own optimistic nature arising once I had escaped the suppression of aspects of my upbringing. But I cherish the voice of the "quiet ones" such as Mary. This was a lesson learned at Chicken Shed Theatre, and this book makes the same point.

Like Mary's walks along the beautiful coast of Cornwall beside her beloved seas, it's a calming and very special read.” Suzi Clark, author of Butterflies and Baked Beans.

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You can buy a signed copy here.  The book is £7.99. Shipping within the UK is £2.20, for Europe £4.75, and the rest of the world £5.75. Just use the arrow to open the drop-down menu.

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