Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Creativity is the central point of a fulfilling life. People who feel they are 'not creative' are not seeing their true talents and potential: whether it is in fine art or creating a home; making a chair or mending a car; writing a book or listening deeply to a child; creating an efficient filing system or cooking a meal - creativity is life.

This is my first book specifically about coaching - and it took a while (and a lot of encouragement and cheer-leading from my own life coach) before I took the step to believing my words would have any relevance for someone else out there in the world.

Published in 2008, it is available via Lulu.com, in print or as an e-book.

Let me know if you would like a signed copy,  and a dedication if you wish tor yourself or as a gift. The price is £8.95 (postage and packing £2.20 in the UK, please ask for cost to ship elsewhere). image303

You can also purchase either the e-book version, or a printed copy via Lulu.com.

The book draws on my experience of using life coaching myself and with clients. I have combined this with exercises to encourage the reader to think creatively about how they would like their life to be – and then plan how to make this happen.

Jacky Pratt, a fellow life coach, was kind enough to read the manuscript for me and has written these comments: “Mary’s book is a fine balance between guidance and useful coaching exercises, with some lovely story-telling thrown in. She focuses on topics which are favourites of mine, like the value of gratitude and developing creativity, and she quotes many of my favourite authors. There is an inspirational section reflecting on her own personal journey from cancer to coaching. This is much more than just a ‘how to’ coaching book – it is a very readable story, benefiting greatly from the inclusion of her own personal learning from her coaching experience.”

Post publication reviews:

"This is a genuinely wonderful and practical book to help guide us all. What I love about it is the fact that it is packed with the personal experiences of the author and not a whole load of theory. What is also invaluable are the so many actions to each section of this book that help us move on and up. A brilliant book Mary - Thank you"
Richard Wilkins, UK Minister of Inspiration

"Mary writes with a simplicity and clarity that belies the wealth of wisdom her book contains. She shares generously from her own experience, and writes with a nurturing style without losing focus on pushing the reader to take practical action. Dare To Blossom can't fail to move you on."
Fraser Dyer, work consultant and author of Why Do I Do This Every Day?

“Thank you very much for posting your book. It arrived safely on Friday and I read it in one sitting on Friday night! I really enjoyed the simplicity of it. It was extremely readable, the exercises seemed straightforward and very manageable. I loved the way it was organised into bite-sized chunks around different themes and key-words. All in all it felt do-able and not at all overwhelming (like some of the life coaching books I've read in the past). It was a comforting and inspiring read.”
Jo Cartwright, (no previous experience of life coaching)

“Dare to Blossom is a delightful book which is well worth reading. Mary Lunnen’s gentle approach to personal development is sent out from the heart of Cornwall. Every so often it is so beneficial to step back and indulge in a little ‘Me’ time by dipping into this book. I have returned to it again and again as the practical exercises and examples are so useful. If there are conundrums you are facing or you are tired and dispirited give yourself a boost. This great value little book offers guidance to explore and reach your potential whilst finding contentment.”
Di Baker, MentOrg

“This is a beautifully written, inspiring and really useful self-coaching book. I found the exercises, especially ‘my ideal day’ to be illuminating and insightful. Mary’s gentle and encouraging style left me feeling like she was there with me, guiding me towards my answers like a guardian angel by my side. I loved the stories and experiences that Mary shared too. It made her words come to life and helped me to connect with the book even more. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in developing a relationship with their inner selves and learning more about coaching and it’s tools. It is also packed full of resources and further reading recommendations. A truly delightful read. “
Sarah Crossley

"Being busy, like so many of us, I have little time to enjoy reading. I recently made an exception and could not put down Mary's book. It is so easy to read, in a style that I felt as if Mary was reading it aloud. I was amazed that it encouraged me to think about all sorts of events in my life, both positive and negative, that I had not thought about in years. The reflection was positive and affirming. I will re-visit the book again and attempt the exercises - clearly detailed and straight forward. I feel I have more to get from it yet. I would heartily recommend to women of all ages, I shall encourage my eldest daughter to read it..................dare to blossom!"
Helena Oliver

"Thank you Mary for the Dare to Blossom book and Dare to Blossom Rediscovery cards.

Well I just read your book, and I want to start reading it again straight away! So much wisdom, so much life experience, sometimes moving me to tears. It made me realize, combined with the 'Magic Carpet Ride' taster that I have reached a stage of complacency where I feel I have nothing more to achieve or strive for, and after reading this book, I am getting restless!

Dreams of travelling, yearning for more mental stimulation, writing more, are resurfacing. Maybe even a move! Daring to think of these things is progress for me. Is it possible to see the Medusa artwork you mention? I do identify with feeling frozen. It's almost as if every time I have dared to blossom, something has happened to make me close up tightly in bud again. Maybe now I am ready to blossom again, however slowly. What card did I draw shortly after reading this, why 'courage' of course! One action I have taken is to throw the TV out in my room and get outside more. I have certainly been motivated to dream more and do more." Dawn