Dare to Blossom Life Coaching with Mary Lunnen

Stepping into you power caption pictureWelcome, welcome. This page contains details of the 2018 On-line Mastermind Circle, "Stepping into Your Power". If you are looking for the workshops, make sure you click on the main 'Workshops and Events' tab, and then simply scroll down to see all the details of where you can join an event in person.

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If you are reading this before the 1st February you may like to jump in quick to take advantage of an introductory offer. Try out the first Stepping into Your Power Mastermind Circle of 2018 for the same price as if you signed up for the whole year, £100.

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So, the trial Mastermind Circle in November 2017 brought so many gifts to those of us involved, I could not have imagined the magic that would be created when I set out the programme for our month together.There will be some testimonials here once people have had time to reflect as we move into the early weeks of 2018.

The most frequent comment was "Oh, I don't want this to end!". The live group meetings on Zoom videoconferencing, connected us, literally scattered around the globe from Australia, the USA, to the UK, and enabled us to feel as if we were in the room together, and we all agree that the real magical transformations happened in those calls.

And so, if you wish, this programme needn't end. During 2018 there will be five circles, each lasting four weeks. You will be able to sign up for all five, or for one at a time. There will be a substantial discount for advance booking the whole programme. And, if you simply wish to dip your toe in, you can try out the February Circle. If you then know for sure that you wish to continue for the other four, taking place every other month, then I can adjust the price for you. Or, you can pick and choose which to attend to suit your inclination and your schedule. Intrigued? Click this link to read more about the February Circle "Peace - where is your sweet, quiet centre point?"

So, the details: as with all my work, we will be using some tried and tested processes. The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, the Magic Carpet Ride Guided Visualisations, and the Dare to Blossom Power Flower. Each Mastermind Circle will focus on one of the points of the flower; each will have exercises and suggestions for explorations for you.

For each Circle there will be a common flow through each day of the four weeks:

Monday: setting intentions for the week

Tuesday: A group card.

Wednesday: Giving and receiving help

Thursday: A group card

Friday: Celebrations and the live group call at 9.00 am GMT.

There will be at least one live group call each week, maybe two depending on where people are in the world, recorded for you to listen again.

flower with words

February: Peace - where is your sweet quiet centre point? Full details and to book this Circle click here.

April: Purpose – what do you want to achieve, what is your gift to share with the world?

June: Passion – why? Why do you do what you do? Why do people respond to you and your work?

September: Power – how will you ‘power’ this, what is your essential and guiding light within?

November: Progress – when? When you will do this and how will you make it happen – the next small step.

If you have questions please do book a complimentary one to one call with me - we can have a chat over a cuppa in Zoom videoconferencing.  Just pop back to the Welcome page here and click the 'Book Now' Passionflower.

If you have read this far and you are anything like me, you may be getting impatient to know the price by now. Places will be limited as the groups need to be small to develop the deep trust and sharing that we experienced in the trial Mastermind Circle.

So - to sign up now for the whole programme, taking you right through 2018, the investment is £500. If you know already that you can't wait to join us, book now here. If you would like to commit to the full year, and instalments would be helpful, please contact me to arrange. The same if you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer. If you are already a Point of Focus subscriber, contact me for details of how to claim your 10% discount.

Are you wondering if this is for you or not? Maybe you'd like to try out the February Mastermind Circle first? Here is where you can read more details and book if you are keen to claim a place. I will be adding full details of each of the other four Circles very soon. Booked individually each is £150.